1. @lgperez19

    Story Analysis


    For this assignment I decided to look at some of my favorite episodes from the Golden Girls. First, a little background on the Golden Girls for those who haven’t watched the sitcom. The show follows four older women living together in Miami. It is one of the funniest shows of …

  2. @sincerelysterls

    Memory of the Future


    Title inspired by a more modern song by 80s legends Pet Shop Boys.

    The 80s is a true cultural phenomenon that shines its neon lights forty years into the future. Science fiction, such as my blog’s current theme – John Carpenter’s film They Live (1988) thrived. This decade was about …

  3. @lgperez19

    What do the 80s mean?


    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the 80s is my sweet and totally rocking mother. She was born in ’68 so the 80s were and still are her jam…eyeshadow and all.

    MY MOTHER IN ’84

    For this post I decided to interview her about the 80s …

  4. @cpsc106

    Week 1 – 80’s theme suggestions


    I submitted a suggestion that we can watch The Goonies, a movie from 1985 about a group of friends. Today, I think shows like Stranger Things try to replicate that feeling of growing up in the 1980s but it isn’t the same as watching something that came out during that …

  5. @rachelds106

    What the 80’s mean to me


    When I think of the 80s, I think of a setting/environment in which some of my favorite shows take place. (Stranger Things and Carrie Diaries [which deserves way more seasons that it got, by the way]). I love everything about the 80s, from the music, to the aesthetic of the …

  6. @radicalaurenn

    ‘Cause she’s still preoccupied with 1985


    When I think about the 80s and theme, it brings to mind a decade home to many notable things, in entertainment, sports, politically, and in my family. During the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. men’s ice hockey team beat the USSR, and in the following game won the gold medal. …

  7. @lizlynnkondzel

    80s pop culture things


    80’s pop culture in general, at least when I think about it, is very big and loud and over-the-top, but upon consideration, this is a very stereotypical, 2020-type view of things.

    essentially what i think of when imagining the 80’s

    As the gif suggests, this portrait of the 80’s is …

  8. @VhudschNor2

    “What do the 80s mean to today?” Question Answer


    Culture is irrelevant, especially pop culture. in the grand scheme of human history. We in the United States of America had two great Presidents that decade, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, who were able to win the cold war and defeat the Soviet Union. The victory of the cold …

  9. @Becca82037979



    This was an INCREDIBLE time in American history. So many revolutionary events occured especially in technology. The portable phone was created as we know today as the Cell phone. Although these phones do not resemble ours today. Boy have we come far since then. The phone looked like a big …

  10. @BegaKayla

    The 80’s!!


    When I think of the 80’s the first thing that I think of are the different types of music, dance, movies, and fashion styles. All throughout the 80’s we saw Michael Jackson single handedly work to rewrite the music industry. My parents used to always listen to him in the …

  11. @HidalgoUmwd

    Hey MTV, Welcome To My Blog.


    Ds106 Things: Hey MTV, welcome to my crib!

    Personally I love this theme! My parents basically grew in the 80s as teens/young adults so I have been listening to the music and intrigued to the style for as long as I can remember. I love the electrifying feeling the 80s …

  12. @EmilyHo81494168

    The 80s


    What first comes to mind when I think about the 80s and more importantly when I think about the music, TV and films that came out in the 80s, I think about my dad and his love for 80s rock bands. Growing up whenever I was in the car with …

  13. @jollykyles

    The 80s


    A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon an HBO original showcasing the horrific incident that occurred at Chernobyl. The uranium accident took place on April 26, 1986. The show ran through the events that took place on that day and the months that followed. The 1980s series showed the …

  14. @V20Kai

    Preliminary Thoughts on the 80s


    Having little knowledge of 80s pop culture, I had to read through what TV Tropes and Wikipedia had to say about it. Now, some of you, especially those who are big fans of 80s pop culture and know it like the back of their hand–or even casual fans of 80s …

  15. @CRLunn

    The 80’s and Today


    Maybe it’s because I am a product of the 80’s but I think it is one of the best generations in terms of films, music, television and fashion! Fashion was often unisex, and the line of gender was beginning to blur (Grace Jones, David Bowie and Prince are just a …

  16. @kmaproductionss

    Blog #1


    Hey whats up, my name is Kelli Marie. I am a freshman planning on majoring in computer science and minoring in practical ethics. I also play for the softball team here at UMW (get dirty, go wash). I am very new to all this but super stoked to learn new …

  17. @IngrahamAllison

    WEEK 1


    What were the 80s like?

    While I do not watch many shows or movies from the 80s now; I did watch a few growing up. One of my all-time favorite shows, when I was a little girl, was Full House. I thought it was so funny and love that they …

  18. @eamds106

    The 80’s ?


    When I think of 80’s pop culture, I automatically think of my mom and my aunt. They LOVE the 80’s. Every year at Christmas, this music video is played on repeat (literally) because 1. it’s Wham! and 2. it’s cheesy.

    I think that this theme does have a lot of …

  19. @missgoofyxx

    What a Feeling…


    Hello #ds106 classmates! Looking forward to such an interesting course.

    — Maddie (@missgoofyxx) January 11, 2020

    Twitter Intro

    There once was a point in time when I could pick up an electronic device and figure it out within minutes. I could sit at a computer and edit the HTML to …

  20. @samprice_ds106

    What Do the 80’s Mean to Us Today?


    When I heard that our theme for the class was going to be 80s themed, I got very excited. I love the 80s (I have been someone from the 80s for as many Halloweens as I can remember). My mom grew up in the 80s and she always tell my …

  21. @kvawterds106

    80’s Theme Recommendation Review


    The 80’s Pop culture scene was a very prominent and influential era that changed all mediums of art. Music, fashion, art, and even politics were shaped from the 80’s pop period. The article that I chose was very inspirational article that is already creating all these ideas in my head …

  22. @1215007705141780482

    The Good Ol’ 80s


    The 80s was a very prominent decade. This decade brought many new innovations and culture within America that is still relevant to this day. We still adopt the 80s pop culture into our own culture. However, not all of the 80s were pleasant. During the 80s the AIDS epidemic became …

  23. @camowalker22

    What the 80’s were like: Blog Thoughts


    I think the 80’s theme for this course is great because the 80’s was a time when people really started to express themselves with clothing, hairstyle and body image. I personally like the part about expressing themselves more with clothing and body image because I love the gym so seeing …

  24. @MentalWalkabout

    Thoughts on 80’s Pop Culture


    I have very strong feelings toward the 80’s and the impact that 80’s pop culture had on our present. So many things from that time period seem so iconic, retro, or classic. It really set up a space for being a creative individual and spreading those ideas to the populace. …

  25. @danielleerika4

    DS 106 Things


    What do you think of the theme?

    This introduction to the theme for this semester has me on edge as to how were going to dive into it and utilize it to guide our learning experience.

    Are there examples of it that you particularly like?

    I loved all the examples …

  26. @DenaliRoberts

    “What does the 80s mean to you”


    The 80s is my childhood my mother made us listen to every single 70s and 80s, one-hit- wonders, soundtracks and singles from 8 hour car rides or something to listen to while we clean. We listened to it all. And in her mind “we are better for it!”

    The 80s …

  27. @MonicaG71488057

    “What do the 80’s mean to us today?”


    When I hear the phrase “The 80s,” the most current thing that pops into my head is the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. This amazing series is set in the time frame of the 80s and presents tons of 80’s pop culture and trends. After watching the show I felt …

  28. @megds106

    On The 80s


    Like most eras, the 80s are painted to be a blast. Fun fashion, rockin’ music, brand new amazing movies, and care-free teens. We romanticize the 80s and compress it into a modern aesthetic. I mean, look at all of the things from the 80s that are coming back! There are …

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