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    Final Summary


    For my final project, I present Golden Obsidian, a heavily Dungeons & Dragons inspired fantasy story. D&D was first truly popularized during the 80s, so that’s where my main influence is from. I don’t have much experience writing fantasy stories, but I do have experience reading them. I have also …

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    Golden Obsidian Part 3


    Act 3


    The sky seemed bluer the closer Cecilia and Ephraim traveled to Lake Ferina. They could see the grandeur of the ancient tree from miles away. There was a paved path towards the mystic lake where friendly fairies and benevolent magical creatures milled about. Cecilia couldn’t keep her …

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    Golden Obsidian Part 2


    Act 2

    Lapis Lazuli

    Cecilia adjusted her quiver and touched her circlet. The two headed west towards the dipping sun, but Ephraim and Cecilia weren’t afraid of moving in the dark. Ephraim had his light magic and Cecilia was a deadly shot even in the night. Cecilia breathed in the …

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    Golden Obsidian Part 1

    Map of Feridela

    Act 1


    Beginning Scene…

    “Ephraim?” Cecilia called throughout her quiet home. “I’m busy,” was the usual reply, but it didn’t come. 

    “Are you there?” She asked again, peering into his library. She figured he might be trapped in some new book he bought. The only sound …

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    Final Project Progress


    I thought long and hard about what kind of project I want to make, and I decided on a short story. I specifically want to write a story that is inspired by D&D. I want to make a fantasy adventure story since I don’t have too much experience writing fantasy. …

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    Weekly Summary 11/15


    This week was super fun! My remixes were especially interesting! I had trouble incorporating the theme this week. I might be a little sick of the 80’s now. I tried to squeeze it in but my assignments just didn’t align with the theme too much this week.

    Mash-ups were funny. …

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    Storytelling Through Text…


    Here I present my 5 star text story! My actual suite mate Melody helped me form this silly horror story filled with twists. I WAS SO SELF-CONSCIOUS OF HOW BAD I WAS AT TYPING. Thank goodness we have spell-check. All I did was write a script and then screen record …

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    Create Your Own Character INFOMERCIAL REMIX 2


    So this is my second remix assignment. The original is a fanfic assignment where you have to design an original character! However, my remix was to make it sound like an infomercial! I thought this was an interesting e challenge so here we go:

    Are you tired of boring, good …

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    Another Hideous Day REMIX 1


    For my first remix assignment, I clicked on writing prompts. In the original assignment, you are supposed to go outside and let yourself be inspired by nature and write about the beautiful world around you. I got the perfect remix to that. Make it emo. I wanted to write about …

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    Sadcat Superimposition

    When you finish a really good video game and you don’t know what to do with yourself

    This is a 4.5 star mashup assignment where you have to superimpose images over another one. Personally, I can’t take superimposed photos seriously. They all look like memes. So I made a meme.…

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    Logo Switch Up


    This is a two star mashup assignment! My task was to edit a brand onto a different product (that would not be related) I thought it would be a funny idea to take a company and product that had nothing to do with each other.

    I hunted for red logos …

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    Weekly Summary 11/8


    This was our video week 2! I chose the group route, so I spent the last 2 weeks filming our mini movie that we call “Misplaced”. It was an interesting week because it was different kind of work that I would normally do. Instead of working on my computer, I …

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    “Misplaced” The Mini Movie


    Behold! The mini movie, “Misplaced” made by myself, Kuri, Tala, and Will!

    This took a ton of time to film, and I am super proud how it turned out. We worked really hard and learned a lot! Shooting always took much longer than we thought it would. I earned some …

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    Filming Day 2 and 3


    We didn’t finish filming on day one, so we picked up over the next two days! There were lots of laughs as we tried to get through it. We all collaboratively thought of new interesting shots and ways to make our movie more interesting or understandable.

    My favorite scene to …

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    Filming Day 1


    Our group met over the weekend to begin officially filming our 80s themed mini movie. Kuri brought her own camera, so she was behind the camera majority of the time, along with Will when she had to be in scenes.

    It was pretty embarrassing to be filmed! I’ve never been …

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    Weekly Summary 11/1


    I had a lot of fun with video week. My group and I worked to plan a video story and we got super inspired. Video editing is actually simpler than I thought it would be since I had some problems with audio in the past weeks.

    I would be open …

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    Mini Movie Trailer


    As I said in a previous post, most of “80s Braincells You Forgot About” has come together again to make our video story. This time it will be a narrative mini movie. We met and planned out everything, but we have not yet met up for filming as of the …

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    Beetlejuice! Short Shot Analysis


    For my video essay, I decided to take a look at a scene from Beetlejuice. I saw it for the first time this week for Halloween. Since the movie is from 1988, it worked perfectly for our theme.

    I utilized iMovie to edit together some footage from the movie with …

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    Mini Movie Planning


    My radio show group mostly reunited this week to launch our 80s inspired video story idea! We met up and planned everything we wanted the story to be. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it is about a college girl from 1989 who is sent to 2019!

    We …

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    Weekly Summary 10/25


    This week was an exciting opportunity to look at all of things I’ve made over the past 9 weeks. I decided to go for one rework and one remix. We also got to listen to radio shows on ds106radio.

    I thought my reworks went really well. I think both of …

  21. @megds106

    Alone, but Content


    For this rework/remix, I’ve decided to expand upon an audio piece I completed. I used free sound to make an atmospheric beach scene complete with seagulls a few weeks ago, but I wanted to add a story-like element to it. I created a short piece of writing to go with …

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    I’m a Writer, Not a Designer


    For my first rework, I decided to re-do my club poster.

    This time, I went for a completely different feel. The first time I did this design assignment, I went for a minimalist look. The end result looked a little crammed and I wasn’t thrilled with the colors. A …

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    Potential Project Idea…


    I am a creative writing major, so I definitely want to do a writing project in some form. My idea is to create a short story with digital media incorporated into it. It would be a standard written story set during the 80s, but I would like to incorporate music, …

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    Radio Listen


    The past two nights I took to Twitter to listen to the radio shows created by other groups as well as my own. I listened to Tubular Tunes last night as well as some of 80s Television Power Hour.

    It was fun to hear how other groups organized their shows. …

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    Weekly Summary 10/18


    This was an exciting and nerve-wracking week for me! I had never recorded my voice before for a radio show/podcast, and I was kind of nervous to not have a script. Once I sat down to do it, I instantly became more comfortable since it felt more like just a …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    The first week, our group put all of your ideas together and made a plan…This week, we executed it!

    We knew we wanted to focus on two movies per the two genres we chose, so we decided to record our show in four separate segments connected by our commercials and …

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    Radio Show Kool-Aid Commercial


    Here is a commercial I created for my group’s radio show, 80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About! My boyfriend helped record this with me.

    I always thought these Kool-Aid commercials were pretty silly, so I wanted to do a bit of parody of one for this 5 star assignment.

    I …

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    Weekly Summary 10/11


    This week kicked off our planning for our radio show groups! I met up with my group and they all are kind, helpful, and very creative. I’m excited to see how our podcast turns out. In a way, I kind of got my wish for the show, which was to …

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