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    Game Over!


    Final Project: coverage of 1980’s video games!

    Sadly the semester in the 1980’s has come to a close, but working on the final with Karsen was totally RADICAL!

    For our final project, we decided to cover video game of the decade because it just felt right and we were both …

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    Video Game Crash of 1983


    The video game crash of 1983, also known as Atari Shock in Japan, was an industry-wide recession. Revenues for video game makers dropped almost 97% in only two years. The crash almost destroyed the then-growing industry. 

    Too many companies were too optimistic about gaming and tried to jump into the …

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    Final Project Progress Report


    Karsen and I are doing our final project together and we plan to use the video games from the 80’s, as our subject. I have always been super into arcade games, so I’m really excited and have really enjoyed the process so far. We have have talked about the media …

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    Holiday Mash!


    My favorite holidays are the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Halloween! I know technically halloween isn’t a holiday, but I think it counts as a cultural celebration? Enjoy!…

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    I spent a lot of time on my other two assignments so I did a quick fun one for my last video assignment for the week! This time-lapse is my niece and I burying my older brother in the sand! Enjoy! …

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    Impactful Movie Scenes


    I went way over board on this assignment and it took me hours to finish it so I didn’t want to cut the time down, but I had so much fun making this! The assignment was to select scenes from 3-5 movies that changed your life or made some sort …

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    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn!


    So I changed this assignment up a little bit because I love Margot Robbie and she’s great in all her movies, but the other scenes I wanted to use were kind of inappropriate. Originally the assignment was to create a 30 to 60 second highlight reel of your favorite Actor/Actress …

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    What. A. Week. 10.


    I felt like I did really well on my assignments this week and I actually enjoyed them, until my computer decided to hate me… Overall I enjoyed the week though and the reading by Ebert showed me that the placement of a character on the screen helps the audience develop …

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    Video Essay


    Unfortantely I had some technical difficulties, my computer spazzed out and my assignment got deleted and then my microphone would not work… So this is the best I could do sadly.

    I chose to use the baptism scene from the movie the Godfather and I have the scene without sound …

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    Welcome to my Humble Abode!


    This is kind of a play on the Your Room Video Assignment. For that assignment, the boomerang app is supposed to be used, BUT I really like my room and I can’t show the whole thing in one boomerang! …

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    Highlight Reel


    I decided to do this assignment because I am a big hockey fan! Andre Burakovsky is my favorite player, sadly he got traded from the Capitals… But without further adieu! …

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    What. A. Week. 9.


    This week has been a long one, that is for sure! I am struggling getting used to all my classes being online and not seeing anyone, besides my parents, their dog, and Ruby, for days. Time management has been a huge issue for me this week and I’m hoping to …

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    Acrostic Pictures- Rework!


    I decided to rework this post because I wanted to show more of myself in the pictures and only use pictures I have. Also, I completely forgot to include my pup the first time, which is wild!

    Law for L: A picture of me at the first Pre-Law interest meeting …

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    What’s in a name? Rework


    Recently, I stumbled onto a random facebook post that talked about the etymology and historical origin of names, so I looked for Lauren. It’s always interesting to see what different people say about names and how different it is. Anyways, I wish I would’ve found this when I was doing …

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    Project Brainstorm!


    I’m not sure if this is exactly what the assignment means but, my idea is to do 80s what-ifs. Basically, I think it would be cool to talk about the what-if of historical events.

    For example, what if in 1980, John Lennon wasn’t killed? What would be different? Would the …

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    Tuning into the 80s


    All the radio shows made by this class were so awesome. It was hard for me to decide which one to reflect on because I loved all of the shows. I decided to talk about the show “The Breakfast Club” which broadcasted on Monday. I think I liked this one …

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    Daily Create a Story


    In this time of crisis, there was a girl and she was a social butterfly but with the virus becoming so widespread she decided she would need to adopt a new way to live and interact with the world. She knew if she wanted a future, she would need to …

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    Radio Show


    Last week for the 80s crime radio show, our group had some difficulties with UMW closing but also personal issues, which I am sure everyone has been dealing with. Originally, we reserved a room to record everything together but instead we each recorded segments. All of us put it our …

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    What’s Their Damage? Bumper


    This is a radio bumper I tried out for my groups show, I’m not sure how I like it though! The other beginning and end voice is the Joker from The Dark Knight, played by Heath Ledger. It’s one of my favorite lines and the Joker is my favorite super …

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    What’s Their Damage? Promo


    The theme of the radio show my group is doing is 1980’s crime and are going to be discussing different crimes serial killers active in the 80s. The idea behind this logo was supposed to relate it to crime and anytime I think of crime and serial killers, my mind …

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    What. A. Week. 6.


    Week six has been a rough one and I was sick so it took me a bit longer to get my assignments done, but I finally did and throughout the week I explored many more of the photoshop tools. I have been using the Adobe Photoshop software for a bit …

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    Advertisement Using Cartoon Characters


    The reason I chose to use the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is because my older brother, born in 1987, loved TMNT. The cartoon was very popular in the 80s and in the cartoon they turtles love pizza so that is how I came up with the idea!…

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    Favorite Movie Quote


    “- Judge: The word ‘woman’ does not appear even once in the US Constitution.
    – Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Nor does the word ‘freedom’, Your Honor.”

    This quote and image is from the movie “On the Basis of Sex.” I chose to use this image because this part of the movie …

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    Missing Poster


    During the week of design assignments, I chose to make a missing poster for myself. Originally, I felt weird making one for myself and I was going to make one for my dog but it made me too sad. The reason I chose to design the assignment the way I …

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    What. A. Week. 5.


    This week was really long but I’m glad I explored and figured out Audacity, even though it took me quite awhile. The sound effect story was a lot of fun to make and I worked really hard on it, trying to find the perfect sounds. Since I live in the …

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