1. @lgperez19

    How is it over? Final Project


    This week my super awesome team and I finished our final project this week which came out in two forms, an audio format fit for a podcast episode, and a video with images related to the topic of discussion. We created a piece that discussed two things. 1) Current songs …

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    Week 13 Summary


    This week, I posted my group’s final project progress. I’m excited to be working with them one last time. This week I submitted a new daily create, and responded to one daily create on Twitter.…

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    Daily Creates


    I submitted a new daily create titled, “There’s no place like…” Instructions include, “close your eyes, taps your heels together three times, and share a photo, GIF, or even Photoshop yourself somewhere you want to be.” I added a photo of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.…

  4. @lgperez19

    Final Project Progress


    For the final project, I will once again be working with James, Kyle, Lewis and Hayden. Truly the best group. Seriously, of all the group projects I’ve been a part of, no other group compares to this one. I’m glad we hit it off that during that first group assignment. …

  5. @lgperez19

    Week 12 Summary


    Well, things are still pretty boring around here. I’m over it. This week I created 8.5 stars worth of Mashups which ended up being only two. They didn’t take all that long to create, but the apps crashed on me a whole bunch. I really should invest in Photoshop, and …

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    DS Reacts Remix – I’m crying


    I decided to remix my DS106 Reacts assignment. The theme of the original gif was a sense of “what did I get myself into?” I mean, I was shocked at the amount of work we had that first week. I didn’t think I would be able to learn all that …

  7. @lgperez19

    Stranger Things feat. E.T.


    This Movie Mashup (4.5 stars) asks you to find a movie you like, find one that it is compared to, and then create a poster that includes the two. Well, Stranger Things isn’t a movie, but it does have so many 80s references, so I chose that. We know Stranger …

  8. @lgperez19

    Did you just sneeze on me?


    You mean I can include my dog? Done. I’ll take any opportunity that allows me to video or take pictures of my pups, so when I saw the Talking Dog Mashup (4 stars), I knew I had to do it. My frenchie, Frankie, doesn’t really bark, so I had to …

  9. @lgperez19

    Week 11 Summary


    This was a rough week for me. Our cat passed away unexpectedly, and I’m absolutely devasted. This class helped get my mind off of it even if only for a few hours, and for that I am grateful. This week my group and I completed our video project. I posted …

  10. @lgperez19

    Ideas Part 2


    I think I’m going to stick with the same ideas I posted a couple of weeks ago. I would like to work in a group, but if this is a solo project that’s ok, too. I suggested making sort Top Hits radio or video show. The songs would be current …

  11. @lgperez19

    Post Coronavirus Documentary – Progress Final


    This week our group worked on putting together our video. As I mentioned last week, we chose to a documentary style video about life during and post COVID-19. We topics we chose to discuss were the effect on the stock market, quarantine experiences, and the lack of toilet paper during …

  12. @lgperez19

    Week 10 Summary


    This week we started working on video assignments. I got back together with my podcast group. We decided to create a documentary style fictional video on life after COVID-19. We each created trailers for our video. The video show plan and my trailer are in the post below. I also …

  13. @lgperez19

    Video Show Plan – Post COVID-19


    The group I worked with for the podcast project decided to reassemble to work a video project together. I’m excited to be working with them again. Honestly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of group projects, but this group I can get behind. We got together this week to brainstorm …

  14. @lgperez19

    Video Essay – Death Vader Death Scene


    This week we learned how great or not so great a film can turn out based on final editing. The concept of editing and film making that stood to me the most is timing. I learned that to cutting away to soon maybe not give you the full concept of …

  15. @lgperez19

    Week 9 Summary


    This week has been rough on my end. I’m still working through adjusting to all the new schedules, but I’m getting there. DS 106 has been the only constant thing in my life this semester and for that I am extremely grateful. This week I created 3 daily creates, and …

  16. @lgperez19

    What to do? Project Ideas


    An idea I have would be to do an episode like Total Request Live which was an MTV show that played top music videos. We could take current top music and remix/mash-up songs to sound like they are from the 80s. I found this video where someone remixed the song …

  17. @lgperez19

    TDC Story


    Stories of COVID-19 have infiltrated daily lives, and even our daily creates. They come in the form of news articles, videos, memes, and tweets, and if that weren’t enough, we’ve even starting singing about out. We’re making up pop songs in reference to cornoavirus, as reported by the L.A. Times. …

  18. @lgperez19

    Radio Bumper Rework


    I decided to edit the first radio bumper I created for the class during week 5. I realized how awful it actually soundss when I worked on one of the bumpers for our podcast. I really liked how that one came out, so I decided I need to rework that …

  19. @lgperez19

    Radio Listen


    Everyone did such a great job with their podcasts. I like that they were all pretty different from each other, and the methods in which they composed their episode were also different. It such goes to show that you really can put in quality work even when you cannot meet …

  20. @lgperez19

    Week 8 Summary


    With the cancellation of classes, moving solely online for the next three weeks, and preparing for isolation things have been a little crazy to say the least. Our class is fortunate to have been working online since the beginning of the semester, so for me this class has been the …

  21. @lgperez19

    Social Media: 80s Rewrite Progess


    Our group remained in contact over the break. We ironed out the details regading what we wanted our show to sound like. We decided we wanted it to come off as a traditional podcast with a host and guest callers. We all agreed Lewis Geter was the best choice for …

  22. @lgperez19

    Week 7 Summary


    This week was hectic, but overall the most exciting week so far. My team and I figured out what we want our radio show to be about, and we were able to complete 3 bumpers for our show, and 2 promos.…

  23. @lgperez19

    Radio Show Progress


    For week one of our radio show, we got into our groups. I am partnered with James Fendley, Lewis Geter, Kyle Ortiz, and Hayden Webb. We immediately started a Google doc to start sharing ideas on what we wanted the theme of our show to be. We decided on taking …

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