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    final project summary


    Hey guys, we’re almost done with this class, I can’t believe it! 

    I got the inspiration for my final project from the movie “I Am Legend”, starring Will Smith. In short, the basis of the movie follows Will Smith as he tries to survive a “zombie” apocalypse and searches for …

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    final project plan!


    Idea: “I am Legend” approach but 80’s style

    Hey everyone, so one of my favorite post-pandemic/apocalyptic movies ever is “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. For my final project, I decided to take this movie and put a couple of twists on it. 

    First, I’m going to try my best …

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    week twelve


    This week was a lot easier than the past two weeks, which I’m super thankful for. I’ll start by talking about my mashups!

    So for the first mashup, I combined an audio I created weeks ago and added video clips to it to make a sort of music video/video …

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    remixed poetry art


    I sort of kept to the 80’s theme by including a poet who was around in the 80’s! Charles Bukowski is a German-American writer. I’ve seen a lot of his poems and short quotes on Pinterest and I love his writing. It’s very raw and straight forward, and he talks …

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    aesthetic audio/video mashup


    Hey everyone! So I created my own mashup assignment (maybe I didn’t but when I was looking I didn’t find one like this) but I’m sure there’s something similar to it out there. Basically I just combined my audio from this assignment a couple of weeks back, and some video …

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    you’re a mean one!


    For this remix assignment, I decided to remix one of my old poster designs and add a Dr. Suess character to it. The original assignment I created was a Body Dysmorphia poster. I spent some time looking up Dr. Suess characters, trying to figure out which one would fit the …

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    emoji comparison


    (I’m rating it a 2 personally)

    Hey guys! So this assignment was very simple and easy to do. I just had to take a picture of a friend doing something in the moment that looks like one of the emojis on a phone. My sister was with me doing her …

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    80’s movie scene mashup




    For this assignment, I chose to combine two famous 80’s movie scenes into one picture. I’ve seen this picture of the scene many times, just in pictures and references on blog posts, etc., but I’ve actually never seen the movie itself (Say Anything). Maybe it’ll be the next …

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    week ten


          So I was really looking forward to this week. I thought it would go a lot smoother than last week but since I had a lot more going in my other classes this past week, it ended up being a lot harder than usual. I was able to create more …

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    pineapple on pizza?


    4 Stars

    This is one of my favorite videos I’ve made in this class so far! It even tops last week’s “All About the 80s”. For this video, the assignment was to ask people their opinion on something. The first idea that popped into my head was: “pineapple on pizza!”.  …

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    my dream life


    The first video assignment I did this week was a trailer for my dream life. The assignment was rated as 2.5 stars, but personally I believe it’s worth 4 stars! I think the rating is lower because it’s only supposed to be a 30-second video, but mine ended up being …

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    week ten


    In short — this week was a lot of work, but it felt the most rewarding to me and it has been my favorite week so far, and I’m actually really looking forward to this coming week.

    Let’s start off with sharing my daily creates:

    #tdc2994 #ds106 grabbed this picture …

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    Karate Kid Video Essay


    I have a much better appreciation and respect for those who decided to take on careers (or even just a hobby) in cinematography. I thought the Youtube videos that we were recommended to watch were full of amazing information. My favorite video was the one about the chairs. Who knew …

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    the hunting party


    The second video project I decided to do was to create a book trailer. It was much harder than anticipated for a few reasons…Unlike my first project, Youtube failed when it came to providing the types of clips I needed for this, so I resorted to Videvo and Pexels, and …

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    all about the 80’s


    Hi! So I chose option 2 for this week (do 10 stars worth of video assignments) and I chose to create a mash-up trailer. At first this task seemed super daunting, and I admit it was a bit challenging at first because I’ve never done something like it before, BUT…..it …

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    week 9


    This week was pretty relaxed, at least for this class. I’m still adjusting to the online courses, I’m sure everyone is. Despite the situation we’re dealing with, I’m hoping to adjust and get on a new schedule soon that suits me for the rest of the semester.

    I had the …

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    future project ideas


    So it’s time to start thinking about our final projects, which is scary yet exciting to me because that means this semester is coming to a close! Here are a couple of general ideas I’ve come up with so far:

    1.) Some sort of show (video/audio/podcast) that goes through the …

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    What’s Their Damage?


    Hey everyone, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe! I’m really excited about the radio show my group put together. After meeting in person the week before spring break, we came up with a plan about how we were going to tackle the show. Most of our work was done …

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    week seven


    Happy Spring Break everyone! This week feels like the calm before the storm because I know when we get back from spring break everything is going to start picking up speed, not even just in this class but my other classes as well. 

    This week consisted of making progress with …

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    audio for our show!



    Hey everyone! So I chose to create a radio bumper, a commercial and a mixtape for this week’s audio assignments. Both the bumper and commercial were created through Audacity. I used music from Youtube’s Free Sound and I wrote the script for what I said in each audio on a …

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    radio show poster


    Here’s the poster I made for our radio show: “What’s Their Damage?”, where we’ll be talking about 80’s Crime! I originally was going to try and make a poster that had footprints on it, but I didn’t find a sticker I liked on Canva, so I decided to go with …

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    radio show progress


    Hey everyone! So here’s a bit of progress update on my group’s radio show. We met in the HCC on Wednesday to discuss who would be doing what for the show. Everyone is making their own bumper, Connor is in charge of the commercials for the show and the rest …

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    week six


    I swear the weeks just keep going by faster and faster! I had a lot of fun with this week. Canva was my best friend, and I had a lot of fun with the assignments. I was easily able to connect our 80’s theme to this week; I felt like …

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    design blitz


    Color doesn’t always have to be bright, which is what I realized during this design blitz. These colors are neutral and dark, yet they still work together to create a beautiful map (I wish my iphone quality was better than it appears in all my photos). 

    I bought this candle …

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    “Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that appears minor or can’t be seen by others. But you may feel so embarrassed, ashamed and anxious that you may avoid …

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    Grapes of Wrath


    I’ve honestly never read the Grapes of Wrath, but I have read “The Road” by McCarthy, (didn’t like it at all), and that’s what drew me to check out this assignment. I took the title of this book and decided to design it literally after looking up some of the …

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