1. @CRLunn

    Spilling the Tea on Body Shaming (DGST 395)


    How it all started:
    First we began by finding an area we both had an interest in which was exploring and promoting body positivity online. As this project required an element of coding we were unsure how to start originally. Eventually, Mary came up with the idea of programming a …

  2. @CRLunn

    Say Anything but Without the Trespassing


    For my final project, I am putting a modern spin on one of my favorite scenes in 80’s cinematic history. While I love the iconic boombox scene in “Say Anything” it is admittedly dated and a little trespass-ey So I have recreated the scene and brought it up to the …

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    Final Project Progress Resport

    This final project is dedicated to ‘MERICA!

    Carly Lunn reporting for duty! We have nearly reached the end of the semester so we all know what that means, FINAL PROJECT! The final project calls for us to use different forms of media to tell one cohesive story and demonstrate all …

  4. @CRLunn

    Week 12 Summary


    Holy homestretch Batman! If my calculation are right we only have 2 weeks left in the semester.
    Well, for week 12 we revisited some of previous work but we played with it some and did some remixes and mashups. The idea was to explore the difference in the two concepts …

  5. @CRLunn

    Haiku About You


    Technically, I already did this assignment but it was on January 31st so I thought in addition to remixing the prompt I would also try my hand at my second haiku poem in roughly 22 years The orginial writing prompt was pretty simple, write a haiku about yourself. By definition …

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    You In Collage Form but Remixed


    I’m pretty sure I did this assignment originally but according to my Control Panel I have 54 posts and I don’t think I have the energy to go through them all to check. So the original assignment prompted the blogger to create a collage that represents them self using words …

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    Mashup Friends and Emojis


    I actually laughed out loud when I saw this prompt and knew right away what I wanted to do. My friend Ash does the most amazing impression of the “what the hell” emoji. You know, the eyes bugged out, rosy cheek, expressionless mouth emoji. When we are out and someone …

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    Oh, to be me – Mashup


    I decided to do a 5 star mashup with two of my previous assignments. I began by revisiting my audio-assignments until I found one I thought would fit the best with a visual-assignment. I decided it would be best to use an audio-assignment with minimal dialog- this left me with …

  9. @CRLunn

    Week 11 Summary


    This week we did more visual assignments and I continued with last weeks work of doing 10 stars worth of assignment bank assignments. The difference this week was that they needed to be edited to tell a story not just raw footage. We were also allowed to design our own …

  10. @CRLunn

    Oh, to be me


    I decided for my final 5 stars I would create my own video assignment. I am calling it “Oh, to be me” and I created it by taking some of the clips of footage I already had on my phone and editing them together to tell a short 1 minute …

  11. @CRLunn

    Make a Workout Video


    For this Video Assignment I was prompted to make a workout video and I thought this would be a good opportunity to put a fun Coronavirus take on the assignment. I love working out so I also used this project to make light of the fact that I miss the …

  12. @CRLunn

    Week 10 Summary


    What. A. Week. On a professional note I had to get my entire office online and ready to work remotely this week and Thursday was my first official day of teleworking. On a lighter, less stressful note, I really, really enjoyed the videos we watched for this week. I love …

  13. @CRLunn

    Sardonic Tour


    To wrap up my 10 stars worth of Video Assignments I decided to have some fun with the “Sardonic Tour” assignment. Due to being quarantined I thought it would be funny to do it MTV “Cribs” style. I’m older so if you haven’t seen an episode you can find one …

  14. @CRLunn

    Stop Motion Video


    One of my favorite childhood memories was when my dad would surprise my brother and I with homemade stop motion videos that he had made when we were sleeping. For me it was interviews with my Barbie’s and my brother got stop motion dinosaur movies. I now have a deep …

  15. @CRLunn



    Admittedly, I cheated a little here but for good reason! I made this documentary a few semesters ago when I took Jesse Stommel’s Digital Documentary course. Frankly, I worked my ass off on it an I am very proud of the final work so I thought I would share it …

  16. @CRLunn

    Week 9 Summary


    Its the 9th week of the semester and the 2nd week of COVID-19 craziness. I hope you all are social distancing and taking care of yourself. I am so thankful this week was a lighter one because I am struggling to be productive under all of this stress but as …

  17. @CRLunn

    Project Reworks


    This week we took our previous assignments and reworked them. I knew I wanted to take my 80’s cover band flyer and rework that but I only have the Adobe software on my computer at work so I had to get creative with the free stuff I have on my …

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    Project Ideas


    One of my favorite things to do is watch movies or T.V. shows from decades gone by and assess how they would be different if they had modern day technology. For example, a number of years ago I was watching Stephen King’s Cujo at Halloween when my 9 year old …

  19. @CRLunn

    Radio Show Listen


    This week was the big reveal of our Radio Shows and we got the pleasure of listening to our classmates projects as well. I cannot even begin to explain how floored I was by what everyone created. This class always brightens my day because every one of you is so …

  20. @CRLunn

    Daily Create Story


    Alright, this week we were asked to complete 3 Daily Create’s on Twitter and find a way to connect them  into a cohesive story. I tried to be selective about which DC’s I did but that was difficult given the fact that this virus has turned my life upside down, …

  21. @CRLunn

    Week 8 Summary


    What. A. Week.
    Amid the COVID-19 craziness we somehow manged to create a Radio Shows (although at the time of writing this that is not completely true but you know what I mean). This week we focused on creating the content for our Radio Show and if you want to …

  22. @CRLunn

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    Coronavirus, Cancellations and Radio shows. What a week this has been.
    Luckily, my group was able to work on our own segments individually without physically coming together, so even with the madness of COVID-19 we managed to get our parts together.

    As of the time I am writing this, I …

  23. @CRLunn

    Week 7 Summary


    PHEW! What a busy week, so busy in fact I had to take today off from work to get my ducks in a row (quack quack). This week we got the ball rolling on our Radio Show and you can see the progress here. I also created a logo; …

  24. @CRLunn

    Radio Show Progress


    Maybe my groups feels different but I think we got off to a pretty good start this week. We created a Google Doc to start with a divided up the Radio Bumpers and Commercials and discussed a few ideas for themes before deciding it may be best to meet in …

  25. @CRLunn

    Radio Show Logo


    Without giving too much away I will be focusing on exploring the show Stranger Things for my segment of our radio show so rather than make a poster or bumper sticker laden with copy right infringement I decided to create a simple logo for our radio show.
    Our theme (and …

  26. @CRLunn

    Create A Place


    This assignment was just for me (no dual purpose here). I just really like the beach and I wanted to play with Audacity a little more and see if I could use sounds I found on freesound.org and create my version of heaven. To create this minute long clip I …

  27. @CRLunn

    80’s Product Commercial


    I decided to again have this Audio Assignment perform dual duty and not only encourage me to play with audio editing software but to also prepare for our upcoming Radio Show.
    For this commercial I picked one of my favorite 80’s product (CareBears) and really pushed myself to try new …

  28. @CRLunn

    DS 106 Radio Show Bumper


    For this weeks Audio Assignments we were encouraged to use this opportunity to create content that could be used for the Radio Show Project so I decided to make the most of my time and energy and create a Radio Bumper that would work for both.
    I pushed my beyond …

  29. @CRLunn

    Week 6 Summary


    As we reach the conclusion of week 6 all I can say is HALLELUJAH! We are almost to the half way mark for the semester (No offense Professor Bond, I’m just ready to graduate!).
    This week we focused on Design Assignments from the assignment bank and damn was I relieved …

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    For the DesignBlitz we needed to take photos during the week to better familiarize ourselves with several different design concepts. We need to find four of the ten concepts (color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism & use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity). I decided the best way to …

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