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    Why I believe a mystery is a myster-yes!


    Ever since I could read I have been drawn to mystery novels and other stories. 7 year old Carly was gobbling up Nancy Drew and Goosebump’s books faster than my mom could purchase them.






    I was a child with an over active imagination that …

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    Welcome! I am Carly. I am a Junior at UMW majoring in Communications and Digital Studies. I am a first generation, non-traditional student who is juggling a busy schedule. I work full-time at Germanna Community College and I live on a farm in the Northern Neck of Virginia with my …

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    Old Lady Bloggin’


    On the eve of my 30th birthday I am posting my first, official blog post gasp I guess it’s true, you can teach an old dog (lady) new tricks! I usually see myself as a hip, technologically savvy women, the set up of this website/blog determined that was a lie.…

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