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    Reflection:?Node 3?


    Hey guys! This one’s gonna be a bit of a short one (sorry). The unit was a bit shorter since we were working on our projects, and I was only able to spend a limited amount of time on it. Though maybe it’s for the best since all my posts …

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    Reflection:?Node 2?


    This was supposed to be posted on October 8th, but I didn’t want to change the narrative so as to encompass my thoughts and feelings at the time. My apologies for any confusion!

    Howdy folk! Hope y’all have been well. It is almost Fall Break, and I could not be …

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    Reflection:?Node 1?


    Howdy y’all! Welcome back to my blog. This week’s topic is a reflection on Node 1, part of which I explored through my last post.

    Node 1 encompassed a fair amount of ground, including basic coding with dictionaries and the nature of algorithms. I was surprised at how broad …

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    Return + The Soft Truth


    Howdy folk! Welcome to my blog. I see that I have been getting some traffic here in the past few days, which is a really nice surprise. I hope some of y’all will stick around for my upcoming content for DGST 395: Applied Digital Studies.

    It will be a different …

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    Dungeon of Venom?Final?


    Welcome, traveler, to the Dungeon of Venom. Will you enter, and will you escape?

    All right guys! This is Sterling with my final project. This is based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am playing with my friends wherein my party is tasked with stopping and investigating a pandemic. …

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    86,400 Seconds In A Day


    ‘Ello folk! This is Sterling. Hope you’re doing well. I’m sure you’ve heard of an app called 1SE, or ‘One Second Everyday’ where you record one second everyday. My friends have been doing it and they hooked me in November 2019. I’ve been doing my best to keep up …

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    Update:?Week 9?+ Revisions


    Featured image is a gif I took, sitting in a gazebo during my walk.

    Wow. What an absolute roller coaster of the week this has been. I started off quite productive, though as one can tell, ended up getting crunched for time yet again. Old habits die hard, though this …

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    Video Killed the Radio Star


    Hello! This is Sterling, back with another post. In this post, I thought I would share my project ideas, my thoughts on a COVID-19 theme, and my Daily Create story since I think it mostly revolves around our current situation. I do not own the featured image. Here is some …

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    Update:?Week 8?


    As one can tell from other weekly summaries, this week has been quite an adventure. I went from completely dismissing the coronavirus to having school closed for a few weeks. I’ve been in the dark this whole week – classes and all – since I was out with the flu. …

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    Week 6


    Insert more positive and technical prelude…

    This week’s challenge was time and energy: I had to take the “L.” Being in two plays and involved in several clubs and projects has been eating my time. I’m getting exhausted thinking about my 9 AM – 11:30 PM day tomorrow with practically …

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    Menu and Valentine’s Placeholder


    Here is my menu so far, scroll down for an original spin. Decided I would start off by listing my favorite foods: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z3_9rcDU8jqq4_AGPnykK08ZH_ojOyCTdwayj3apGBM/edit?usp=sharing

    Excited to edit this in the near future!

    Planning on making some meme Valentine’s and 80s ones, too.…

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    Ride Along Computer Cowboy


    Title inspired by Neil Young’s “Computer Cowboy” (1983).

    One of the assignments I chose to do was Laptop Lingo by Lauren Brumfield. The description is as follows: “I know some of us (myself included) are a bit particular about the looks/cleanliness of our technology. But if that didn’t matter, and …

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