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  1. rowan_peter (Rowan Peter)

    AI106, DS106 & GITS – it’s about friendship and love

    Discovering AI106 (DS106) was running again in 2024 gave me pause for thought. My pause wasn’t just on its theme of artificial intelligence or the Week 1 assignment of getting some inspiration by watching AI related films or reading AI-themed fiction, but also Paul Bond’s Ghosts of future past blog post. You had me at … Continue reading AI106, DS106 & GITS – it’s about friendship and love ?
  2. paul bond

    Poeta ex machina

    A question that’s always interested me, and perhaps only interested me, is “What do we mean by digital storytelling?” I don’t buy the storytelling with digital tools definition because that encompasses pretty much all storytelling these days. I’ve long thought … Continue reading ?
  3. pramodk

    Future is AI

    Recently OpenAI has made Chat GPT public and it is already shaking the tech world. Students are using chat GPT for their assignments, digital marketers are using it for content creation and so on. Lets look at how AI could possibly impact the world in ...
  4. amiddlet50

    Being smarter than AI – rethinking our assessment design?

    The discussion channels used by educational developers have been dominated by the topic of ChatGPT since the New Year. There are two dimensions to this: concerns over academic integrity and the opportunity ChatGPT and other AI tools bring to assessment. … Continue reading ?
  5. emilysmayy

    Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Online Education


    This project was part of my coursework in my Information and Learning Technology master’s program at the University of Colorado Denver and focused on research in learning design and technology. I split my time between analyzing and evaluating methods for observing instruction, assessing learning and collecting reports to improve instruction with researching limitations and affordances of AI in online education.… Read more →

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