1. amiddlet50

    Being smarter than AI – rethinking our assessment design?


    The discussion channels used by educational developers have been dominated by the topic of ChatGPT since the New Year. There are two dimensions to this: concerns over academic integrity and the opportunity ChatGPT and other AI tools bring to assessment.

    Addressing anxieties over concerns about academic integrity is more urgent. …

  2. amiddlet50

    The importance of creating ambiguous space


    In addition to being an educationalist, I am a photographer. Indeed I identify as a creative in general. I am a printmaker, musician, and painter. I don’t usually list these separately – these things connect and make me who I am. As an educator this connects to the concept of …

  3. amiddlet50

    Community of Enhancement

    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

    I keep returning to the phrase Community of Enhancement to describe my philosophy behind my staff development role. It is not astounding but, significantly for me, it is a better than Community of Practice.

    It reflects and models the ethos of student-centred active learning …

  4. amiddlet50

    Education as a liminal state

    Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

    I have been reading Thomassen’s (2014) ‘Liminality and the modern: living through the in-between’. Liminality comes up in my work on a daily basis, whether I am thinking about the connections we make through models of hybrid learning, interdisciplinary learning, or learning spaces – …

  5. amiddlet50

    Photopedagogy and photovoice

    Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

    Loopmans et al. (2012) observe that photographs incite public debate about place and community. When that public context is the university course and where there is a desire for learning engagement and community building, how can photography empower the learner?

    A useful baseline for …

  6. amiddlet50

    Vertical and horizontal learning networks: implications for #active learning

    Understanding Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Networks from Daniel Bassill Slideshare presentation on Horizontal and Vertical networks

    This presentation is useful for thinking about the difference between collaborative and co-operative learning. My interest in social media for learning, studio-based learning, and hybrid learning centres on how people work and learn …

  7. amiddlet50

    Learning with consequence #activelearning

    Evening walk following the campfire session

    It’s the Global Festival of Active Learning this week. Our secret question in the organising group is ‘so how do we make this a festival and not a conference?’ It’s got to be about people and attitude. Just feeling good with each other!

    It’s …

  8. amiddlet50

    Learning Spaces Iceberg


    This infographic represents the complexity of learning space discourse and points to the experiential value of the ‘hidden depths’ where the space is least understood because it is least represented and least visible – who are the advocates for the non-formal experience in which the agency and spatial literacy of …

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