1. paul bond

    Keep on walking


    So I made a few more Walk of Life edits:

    That worked nicely, I think. It almost seems appropriate, so I figured I should try a different track:

    That’s probably longer than it needs to be, or maybe it just seems that way. I think it would have been a …

  2. paul bond



    Back in the day, friend of ds106 John Johnston made some awesome supercuts using Videogrep:

    I always wanted to try it, but I could never get it to work. I have a hard time finding appropriate directions for doing any kind of command-line work. They all seem to assume that …

  3. paul bond

    [email protected]


    The oddest thing I found in a 7-11 store was a job. I worked the 11-7 shift in the summer when I was in college. What was odd, to me, was the way I got the job.

    A friend came back from a cigarette run and said the manager at …

  4. paul bond

    Video smackdown


    All I wanted to do was a quick analysis of one little scene. And it got blocked. Immediately. Maybe I should experiment a bit to see what adjustments I need to make to get it through. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re extra aggressive with some content. I’ve also …

  5. paul bond

    The Anti-Bob


    I thought I would give filming my painting process a try again. I was trying something different, as in working on a much smaller scale than usual. I was also working with absolutely no plan, which probably shows in the results. I heard about the artfully SQUARED exhibition, which …

  6. paul bond

    Storytelling through design


    I spotted this in a show on Tubi TV

    It’s one of those interrogation scenes. The thing to notice here is how the actor’s shirt matches the color of the wall. It is a subtle message to the viewer that this guy belongs here. He fits right in. It is …

  7. paul bond

    One book over the line


    A few days ago, a new alleged reading promotion poster from the Chicago Public Library came to my attention.

    I shared it with some colleagues, and one responded with this graphic.

    Weeding is librarian talk for the process of removing outdated and unused books from the collection. But when I …

  8. paul bond

    Tuesday’s happy trees


    From Tree to Shining Tree

    For our second night of #ds106radio listening, we heard the Radiolab episode From Tree to Shining Tree. Instead of drama, this was more pop science. But it made the topic fascinating and kept the story moving through a creative use of background music and sounds …

  9. paul bond

    I’m versed in metal


    The 11th anniversary of ds106radio has me waxing nostalgic, I guess. There was some discussion of playing songs we listened to when we were 11. This idea was abandoned as potentially too embarrassing, but I may still have to go for it. Earlier this week one of my FB people …

  10. paul bond

    Theming theme little themes


    The question has come a few times in ds106: What is our theme? We are using The Joy of Painting as theme this semester. What that means as a theme depends on how we decide to interpret it. We may at times take it very superficially and focus on the …

  11. paul bond

    Going off script


    For today’s Daily Create, I pretty much immediately decided I wanted to make a word cloud of the Joy of Painting. So I went to a random episode and opened up the transcript on Youtube and copied it. The TDC prompt linked to an archived version of the original …

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