1. @BriannaDAlbis

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are a few ideas I have for the upcoming radio show project. Let me know if you are interested in working together!

    Idea 1: Exploring the recent revival of Minecraft content on YouTube

    Just a few of the popular Minecrafters on the platform

    Idea 2: Discussing the successes and …

  2. @StarTaytu

    Radio Show Ideas

    Some ideas I have for the radio show project is: 1. Feminism in The Taming of the Shrew 2. Analyzing a poem in honor of black hstory month 3. Analyzing a poem in honor of womens month 4. Commentary on the titanic 5. Conspiracy theory: Tupac is still alive 6.…
  3. @nalujoprojects

    What to say, what to say….


    Radio Show Ideas

    Tell a story: Act out a story the group writes or adapts from another medium. Interview each other either as ourselves or as characters, maybe ones we’ve come up with for this class Roundtable talks: Video games we played growing up-nostalgia trip for us and the audience…
  4. @Tillysisland

    A Future in Radio


    I’ve always been fascinated by radio and podcasts, noting that it takes a lot more talent and charisma than someone may initially assume to do the job correctly and do it well. There’s a lot of nuance to both what people speak about and how they speak and it’s a …

  5. @katiereif6

    Radio Show Ideas


    I’ve had a couple ideas, I don’t know how good any of them are.

    A radio show from the perspective of a post-apocalyptic world, except they’re more or less unaware that they’re in a post-apocalyptic world. Like, 10 years ago, COVID would have been seen as an apocalypse, what with…
  6. @MeMcMe3

    Radio Show Ideas


    It has never really crossed my mind to have anything to do with a radio show, really in any capacity. If I were to do a radio show, it would be mainly music. I don’t listen to radio shows often, especially political ones. Therefore, I’m really not sure what direction …

  7. @JHolburd

    Radio Show Idea–The Voice


    Thinking out loud here. Really. If we are going to be recording our voices in the future, those voices are one of the tools to effectively communicate to our audience. I think it would be cool to do a radio show about how we use our voices effectively to get …

  8. @ammmybrookeee

    Let’s talk…


    I brainstormed quite a few ideas in my head for what my radio show could be. My favorite would be simply talking about my life and my experiences (podcast style), answering questions about myself, etc…

    My other idea would be to have a radio show where I talk about a …

  9. @amick_hailey

    Podcast Topics and Ideas


    Podcast 1: We all have different reasons for enjoying music but why do we love music so much?

    Podcast 2: Musical genre? Heavy-metal? Yeah, most people might not like heavy metal but why?

    Podcast 3:Where did Jazz come from and how has it evolved into today’s music!?

    Podcast 4: What is …

  10. @aislingberri

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are a few radio show ideas that I think could be quite useful!

    I think we should have some sort of storytelling show, but more in a gossip-y sense. If we all shared some kind of chisme (tea) for a good 20-30 minutes for a radio show, I’m sure…
  11. @Bendire Thrasher

    Coroner’s Tale


    {TW: mentions of blood, dead body, and a coroner} 

    So I was thinking about what environments tend to have recordings, and I thought about the coroner’s office. My only knowledge of such things comes from movies or tv or books, but there seems to be a consensus. When doctors or …

  12. @wade_764

    I Hear a Storm a Comin’


    Brainstorming has always been something a bit challenging for me. I think of projects I would like to complete but often find I set the bar too high none the less I would like to try a few different ideas. Keeping in touch with this class’s theme, “The Joy of,” …

  13. @ChianeseCecilia

    Just Thinking


    Some ideas I have for the radio show:

    Advice on college life for incoming freshman (how to stay positive) Talking about things in life that make us the happiest include ideas/activities others can try…
  14. @CeliaSdigitally

    DS106 Radio Show Ideas… Bob Ross


    This one took me a while… coming up with radio show ideas was definitely not easy. All of the ideas that I was thinking of somehow did not relate to the course and would work better on a radio show with a different theme.

    That being said, the idea that …

  15. @WorldEmpress1

    The Show Must Go On


    When it comes to radio show ideas, I think it’s difficult to brainstorm since we are forming groups and I don’t really want to be too set on an idea. I think group work is always worse when everyone is set on a different idea beforehand and has a …

  16. @OliviaF98845588

    Radio Show Ideas


    One of my favorite podcast shows is Dissect, where each season features one album, and every episode is a song off of the album. The host spends each 40 minute episode dissecting each song, lyric by lyric. If I were to host a radio show, I would definitely make it …

  17. @skyler0455

    radio show ideas


    I think we could do a radio show listening to one of Bob Ross’s videos, and commenting on how his inspiration guides our class and contributes to our theme. Or, the whole show could just be a conversation about his ideas relating to class, citing some of his videos. A …

  18. @HumIsDum

    Radio Show Brainblast


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    In the coming weeks, members of this DS106 class will be placed into groups to create a 20-30 minute radio show. This show must be a narrative that ties into our course’s themes in some way. It’s a good idea beforehand to brainstorm some possibilities for this …

  19. @haylie5800

    What is your radio show?


    Some thoughts that came to mind were cooking, creativity, faith, or something related to college life. I think all these topics could be something we could talk for a good bit on. Cooking and creativity would relate to the “Joy of ds106” because it allows us to get use our …

  20. @1kid3pets1hub

    Radio Show Brainstorming? Okay, I can do that


    As our radio show will have 20 to 30 minutes to talk about one thing, and it should relate to our course theme, I am thinking how much fun a craft activity or cooking show might be. It doesn’t have to be very complicated, but I think that creating something, …

  21. @Egon2688



    A few ideas for Radio Shows-

    Can cover culture- heritage, traditions, and art. Local culture, foreign culture, traditions, and cultural attitudes. Definitely will need music with the session but also could discuss music in our generation and others. Can also talk about movies and shows Restaurants within the are who…
  22. @jwcpsc

    Radio Show Ideas


    I think a radio show where people talk about their hobbies and compare them to each others would be interesting. Listening to everyone’s favorite pastimes is a good way to find out more about other people as well as seeing if there are anything in common. It’s also a …

  23. @ekardos106

    Radio Show Ideas


    The idea of doing a radio show is a little intimidating, but brainstorming different ideas has been pretty fun.

    The first thing I automatically thought of is having an advice session. We could get people to submit questions, and then give advice. I like to think that I am a …

  24. @kjax18271

    Ideas for a Radio Show I Guess?


    I have never done anything like this, so the idea of creating a 20-30 minute radio show intimidates me. I don’t know where to even start. I need to pick a topic that I am at least interested in, if not passionate about that way I can talk about it …

  25. @KHavertDs106

    Brain Spill


    Radio Show Ideas:

    Retold Customer Service Stories – write a script and act out different customer service stories. stories can be found online or from personal experience. Art Advice Line – kinda like a relationship advice talk show but artists call in with questions like “what medium is best to…
  26. @eendip

    The Pandemic Pod


    I think a cool idea for a ds106 radio show would be centered around talking about students going back to school or people going back to work during the pandemic. Not more so about the politics – whether it’s a good idea or not for health reasons, but more so …

  27. @mgedney

    ds106 radio show ideas


    Coming up with an idea for a radio show is a little difficult because the topics are limitless. Since my list was pretty long, I just included my top three:

    ·  conspiracy theories: After listening to “Moon Graffiti”, I thought talking about other conspiracy theories would be super interesting. There are limitless …

  28. @grace_long88

    My Radio Show

    Dad’s Radio by Alan Levine

    If I have the right co-host I can honestly talk about anything for hours. But I have been thinking about what I would want to talk about on my radio show and I came up with a few ideas.

    Conspiracy Theories: I love talking about …

  29. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Ideas

    The Impact of Social Media On People:

    This can go for people who use social media heavily, in a negative or positive way. The good side is that it allows some people to form better communication skills, learning, networking, express themselves and forms of creativity. This is how some people …

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