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  1. @wade_764

    Wooohoooo!!! I finished the week!

    This week was fun, and I think the essential key to success is to do assignments you like! My daily creates are linked below. My favorite one was about connecting peace, love, and Kaleidoscopes visually. As for the favorite post I made, that had to be this one, with a close runner-up was the song I made. Once I have a better grasp of Logic Pro, I’m sure I will be able to make something much more impressive. I also really enjoyed the ds106radio shows, and I was able to link the radio to my site as well! I went…
  2. @wade_764

    This was cool and not as hard as I had anticipated!

    So when I first saw this assignment, I had to do a double-take. You want me to do what? After looking at it again, I realized this isn’t that bad. I started looking at Freesound and realized that I had to sign up to download the file. READ THIS! Open the web developer tools; this can be accomplished by pressing f12 or key combination ctrl shift i. You want to look for a tab that says something like network. Open the developer tools window and reload the page with the audio clip. You will see a bunch of things pop…
  3. @wade_764

    The organ is a challenging instrument!

    This assignment is one that I have made up myself! I have been learning to play the piano and church organ since returning to college full time in my spare time! I think this is a fantastic hobby for several reasons. I am learning a skill and putting my extra time into something that I can, in turn, make art that is meaningful to me. The other reason is that learning to play any instrument is essential because it keeps alive the memories and talent of previous generations. I wanted to share these videos that I recorded this past weekend…
  4. @wade_764

    I Hear a Storm a Comin’

    Brainstorming has always been something a bit challenging for me. I think of projects I would like to complete but often find I set the bar too high none the less I would like to try a few different ideas. Keeping in touch with this class’s theme, “The Joy of,” I want to consider some radio drama that makes people happy. I also think that I could somehow incorporate some original music into this story. I think what I am most excited about with this project is the chance to work in groups because that might make for some more…
  5. @wade_764

    What’s all this #ds106radio chatter?

    What a cool concept, radio for the people by the people! I had a lot of fun listening in the last couple of nights. The biggest thing that I take away from these discussions on Discord is how the added sound effects to the narration bring to life so many emotions. The first night discussed this topic and included segments from radio broadcasts of days old. I was able to find a good copy on YouTube of one of the featured stories. The next night covered more on sound editing and effect but featured more contemporary topics. Overall I thought…
  6. @wade_764

    Boom Goes the Dynamite

    Jad Abumrad made many excellent points when talking about the advantages of audio compared to visual art. I connected with the statement he made, “[Talking about audio storytelling] In a sense, I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paintbrush you are!” This statement exemplifies what I think is so creative about storytelling and music. Not only that, but if you listen to a live performance, no one take is identical. I like to compare audio to photography because it captures a precise moment in time that is unique and will never come around again (unless I finish my time-traveling…
  7. @wade_764

    Good Morning @ds106 !!!

    So it should be very apparent where I drew my inspiration for this assignment. If it is not, please watch this movie, Good Morning, Vietnam! I had fun making this intro, although to say it put me outside my comfort would be an understatement.I hope that this brought some laughter and helped to add some extra enthusiasm to the listening audience!This week ought to be a lot of fun! Here is the actual quote from the movie as well. “Good morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll. Time to rock it from the delta to the DMZ! Is…

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