1. @kjax18271

    Project Update/Weekly Summary: 13


    This week I finalized what my final project will entail. I started taking forward facing photos of a certain tree on college avenue. The idea is to capture how the tree changes throughout the fall season. However, beside the photos of the tree, I wasn’t really sure what else I …

  2. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 12


    For this week, I had to frontload all of my assignments during the beginning of the week because this week was extremely busy in terms of school work load wise for all of my classes. I knew that if I wanted to get everything done, I would have to do …

  3. @kjax18271

    Remix 2


    For my second remix, I chose another visual assignment. This one’s goal was to reimagine what a scene would look like outside of a road sign. I chose the falling rocks sign and drew a skier escaping an avalanche. When I hit the remix button, it said to create the …

  4. @kjax18271

    Remix 1


    When I first read about the remix assignments, I was a little confused. I explored the assignment bank and clicked a random assignment and hit the remix button to see what happened. Once I got a feel for how it worked, I emailed Dr. Bond to make sure that we …

  5. @kjax18271

    Wait What


    The goal of this assignment was to mash up two iconic movie scenes to make them flow together and look like part of the same frame. I started out by doing a google search of iconic movie scenes. I chose an iconic scene from The Shining and Home Alone. I …

  6. @kjax18271

    Emoji Friends


    For my first mash up of the week. I decided to do a friend and emoji mash up. As I was scrolling through the assignment bank, this one looked pretty fun. I asked three of my friends if they would be willing to help me with this assignment. I let …

  7. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 11


    Another week of video assignments. I did three more video assignments this week. I spent some time at the beginning of the week scrolling through the assignment bank to see what assignments I wanted to do. For my first assignment, I created a video of me doing one of my …

  8. @kjax18271

    That’s My Life


    For my final video assignment, I made a video log of my day. I have seen these online and always thought they looked fun, so I decided to make one myself. The first clip is me getting out of my bed in the morning. Then it’s breakfast time and reading …

  9. @kjax18271

    What’s Most Important


    For my second video assignment for the week, I decided to make a video of a few things and people that are most important to me. I started out by decided which five things I wanted to talk about. I chose three of my favorite people, my favorite place, and …

  10. @kjax18271

    Da Skillzzz


    For my first video assignment this week. I decided to show off some of my skills. I am an artist and one of my recent favorite mediums is chalk and my particular favorite subject is, mandalas. During my freshman year at UMW I drew around 30 of these around campus. …

  11. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 10


    My first post of the week was expressing how I think a few of my classmates’ end projects could be expanded/improved. I think this was a good assignment to do because it helps you and your classmates to build ideas for their project and receive feedback on what they think …

  12. @kjax18271

    My Meals of the Day


    For my final video assignment, I decided to make a video of all my meals for the day. I recorded each video using Snapchat and then uploaded them to iMovie. I added background music and uploaded it to YouTube. It was actually pretty fun to make, and every time I …

  13. @kjax18271

    Inception Inspection


    For this assignment, I decided to do a voice-over analysis of a scene from one of my favorite movies, Inception. This scene is extremely unique in its ideas and composition. I thought it would be a perfect movie clip to analyze. I started out by finding the scene I wanted …

  14. @kjax18271

    Stop Motion


    For my second video assignment, I created a stop motion video. I had no idea how to make one, but I always thought they were really cool. I did a google search on how to do one. I decided that I would just try it out on iMovie, but first …

  15. @kjax18271

    Best of Fall 2021 So Far


    Soooo this took a lot longer than expected. As I was looking through the video assignments from the assignment bank, this one caught my attention. I actually know the creator of this assignment. The assignment was to create a video of all your favorite moments in college. I chose to …

  16. @kjax18271

    Here’s a Second Thought


    After looking through my classmates’ project ideas, one of them that stood out to me was Erica’s Way of Thinking. I love the idea of using music in a final project. I did not even think of that idea. She has a good baseline idea that she wants to …

  17. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 9


    I was grateful for the relaxed assignment list this week. It helped me really focus in on the content and quality of my assignments. However, I went a little out of order in terms of assignment completion this week. I began the week by choosing which assignments I wanted to …

  18. @kjax18271

    Here’s a Thought


    Peculiar Vantage Points

    Some of my favorite assignments have been from the visual assignment week involving photography, so naturally, the first idea of an end project that came to mind involved photography. My idea is to create series of images that shows what goes on throughout the day by taking …

  19. @kjax18271

    Tuning in to ds106


    I listened in during Monday night’s broadcast because I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday night. The first show broadcasted was actually my group’s show so it was fun to listen to it put together on the ds106 radio. I loved reading my classmates’ comments on our show. Several people …

  20. @kjax18271

    A Little Improvement


    For my first assignment revision, I decided to remake my poster advertising our radio show. I had made my first poster before we had decided on the name and the slogan for our show, so I wanted to create an updated version of our poster. I went onto Mark Maker …

  21. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 8


    This week was all about making each of our segments and putting on the finalizations of our radio show.

    On Monday of this week, I recorded my segment of our radio show The Core. My goal for my segment was to be at least four minutes long. I was worried …

  22. @kjax18271

    Final Touch Ups


    On Monday of this week, I recorded my segment of our radio show The Core. My goal for my segment was to be at least four minutes long. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make my segment long enough, but I actually went over my goal. I …

  23. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 7


    Throughout the week, I began working on our radio show midterm assignment. I created a commercial and bumper to include in our radio show using Audacity. This time creating them was a little easier. The audio assignment week allowed me to begin to play with Audacity, so this week came …

  24. @kjax18271

    Radio in the Works


    On Monday, we finalized our group for the radio show.

    Haylie Stevenson Kylie Jackson Grace Long Macey Lynch Meredith Migliaccio

    We decided to do a radio show dedicated to giving friendly advice to our fellow freshmen. Letting them know things we wish we would have known as freshmen that would …

  25. @kjax18271

    Radio Bumper


    I made a radio bumper for our show. I gave it a country feel to it by talking in an accent and giving it some guitar strums for the background. I started out by recording part of a song with guitar in the beginning. I edited it in Audacity by …

  26. @kjax18271

    Coming Soon!


    I made a poster to advertise our radio show! It is light and simple and gets my point across without being overly crowded or busy. First, I went onto Mark Maker which is a logo generating site that I used to make my website logo for a Daily Create back …

  27. @kjax18271

    Radio Commercial


    For my first assignment of the week, I made a radio commercial to include in our radio show. In the track, I advertise a booklet of all the Freshman tips we are presenting on our radio show. I thought it was fitting and realistic. Even though the radio show isn’t …

  28. @kjax18271

    Weekly Summary: 6


    This week was focused on design. I have taken several art classes in the past where we talk about different design principles, so this topic was relatively familiar to me. Overall, this week wasn’t too challenging, nothing compared to last week.

    The week started off by reviewing some resources about …

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