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  1. @jwcpsc

    Audio Assignment: Make Your Own Radio Commercial

    I kind of remixed this assignment into fitting to our radio show assignment. Instead of advertising a product I wanted to create a radio commercial that related to the theme of our radio show. I decided to create a commercial that had a person stepping away from their phone and outside where they interacted with …
  2. @MasonOberle

    Specter Halloween Commercial


    When my group met to discuss our radio show, I volunteered to create a commercial for a “Spirit Halloween” type store. Honestly, I volunteered to do this because I think the idea of a store that is open for one month only to vanish until next year is really funny. As a result, the script […]

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  3. @sunglasses260

    Glo-Ink: New Technology for Books Everywhere

    This week I created a radio commercial for our radio show! When you are driving in the car and a radio commercial comes on you might start to tune the radio out. But, if you were the person selling what the commercial was offering would you want people tuning it out or listening intently? Well, […]
  4. @madelinek106

    “Red Dressss” Shine Like The Stars: Commercial

    I completed the “Make Your Own Radio Commercial” assignment in order to prepare for the radio show. My group is doing a childhood stories radio show. For our commercials some of us are doing nostalgic things (toys) from our childhood that correspond with our stories. My story is all about going to concerts (Jonas Brothers,, Aly&AJ,, other old […]
  5. @shleighduque

    Communication & Digital Studies Ad

    We needed at least three commercials for our radio show, so I took on another for this week just before my group recorded and assembled ours. Since I graduate this semester, I’ve been thinking (and stressing) a lot about potential career opportunities, and reflecting on the different ways that being a UMW student has helped me develop skills an … Continue reading Communication & Digital Studies Ad
  6. @PamlanyeJordan

    Distress Signal Radio Commercial

    The last stars for my audio assignments this week was put towards my radio show commercial. I picked the audio assignment make your own radio commercial  which was worth 3 1/2 stars. To complete this assignment I wrote up a script for my commercial idea and one that is specific to my radio show group! After … Continue reading Distress Signal Radio Commercial
  7. @LilahKBB

    KLLM Commercial: Are you scared yet?

    I made this commercial for the radio show KLLM which we named because it is each of the people’s first initial in the group. I wanted to make a commercial that could be realistic on an actual radio show and something that is pertaining to events that are going to happen. So I thought it …

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