1. @ari_squared

    Weekly Summary: Week 14


    Byte Me: Premiere

    This week was focused on completing my final project: Byte Me. In the premiere post I touch on how it doesn’t look like the trailers I mirrored my project idea off of. Even though I may feel this way, I am surprised still at how well it …

  2. @ari_squared

    Magnum P(roject) I(deas)


    After completing the radio show project, I have a better understanding of the type of project ideas I should be creating. We used design, audio, and storytelling skills which we learned about in the weeks leading up to the project. So when I think about what a future video or …

  3. @ari_squared

    Weekly Summary: Week 8


    Last year due to Covid-19 I had to move off campus unexpectedly. I set up a lease, that unfortunately ended this week… in the middle of the semester. So this whole week was spent frantically doing work and moving. Due to this my comments suffered this week and I …

  4. @ari_squared

    [Insert Title Here]


    This week in #ds106 it is our first week of working on our Radio Shows! Last week I reached out on Twitter by tweeting out for group members, I was hoping anyone who followed me from the class or who was viewing the #ds106 tag on twitter would respond. …

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