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  1. @madelinek106

    Imagine x Yellow : Final Project

    My final project is done! Thanks to my amazing group we were able to complete a great final project that we all are proud of! This post will be a detailed walk through and reflection of each step we took along the way to make our final project. I will be embedding and linking my previous posts that […]
  2. @madelinek106

    SIGNED COPY!!! : Final Project Designs

    For my final project I am telling “our story through the pandemic” with Rosemary and Maddy. We are making a cover of a mashup of Imagine by John Lennon  and Yellow by Coldplay. We are aiming to tell our story as college students and our journey through the pandemic. For more explanation and details read my “Final Project […]
  3. @madelinek106

    weekly summary 11

    This week went by so slow for me! I don’t know about anyone else – but I am so happy it’s Friday! This week I spent most of my time working on my 10 star “Draw My Life” video for my dog. It was a lot of work but I am happy how it turned out.  I explained […]
  4. @madelinek106

    Draw My Life :Biscuit

    This week I was assigned to tell a story through a video. I had so many ideas and wanted to connect the story I told this week to the stories and videos I told last week. You can see what I completed last week in my blog post “Princess Bride and Video Assignments Week 10 Summary” .  I […]
  5. @madelinek106

    daily creates week 11

    I love Crape Myrtles — not sure if they count as tree or bush! But they are my fav! can’t wait until they start blooming! #ds106— Madeline (@madelinek106) April 5, 2021 Plant reflection
  6. @madelinek106

    Final Project Ideas 2

    Project Ideas 2 Post I have been more about my final project. In this post I will expand on my previous post with my initial ideas. My favorite idea is a music video/ music theme final project. As I said in my first post I really like making music with different instruments. I have incorporated music in almost […]
  7. @madelinek106

    Radio Listen Reflection : Childhood Stories

    On Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to listen to my radio show “Stories of Our Stories: A Walk Down Memory Lane” and “Operation Childhood Radio Show”. I had so much fun during the entire process and liked tweeting along with classmates!  I liked that both radio shows were childhood themed and it was cool to hear the […]
  8. @madelinek106

    Daily Create Story Week 9

    For week 9 , I had to create a story for the three daily create assignments I completed. This was challenging becasue they were very random assignments. My story is … interesting.. Spring has sprung! The changing seasons made the magical dolphins happy and jump with joy out of the water! They were so excited because this spring […]

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