1. @madelinek106

    A Suspensful Sound Effect Story


    I wanted to create a somewhat scary story for my sound. Here it is:

    Imagine you are just getting home from work on a rainy spring day. The birds are chirping, but the thunder and rain have made it very dark outside. You open your creaky door and notice a …

  2. @madelinek106

    Interview? Podcast? Music? Radio Show Ideas


    I’m really excited to make a radio show! I think our theme is very broad so there can be a lot of paths one could take with it. One idea could be an interview of group members to talk about “their story/experience” with COVID and ways of coping (in terms …

  3. @madelinek106

    Pickled Peppers!


    I decided that the “Tongue Twister” assignment looked fun so I gave it a shot!

    I found a list of tongue twisters online and picked the “Peter Piper” tongue twister:

    “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked, If Peter Piper picked …

  4. @madelinek106

    Grease Inspired Radio Bumper


    You know the morning announcement scene in Grease?

    If not take a look:

    The xylophone tune for the morning announcements inspired my radio bumper for the ds106 radio show!

    Sadly, I don’t own an xylophone so I used my uke instead!

    Hope you like it!…

  5. @madelinek106

    Say “Cheese”… Week 4 Reflection


    Well week 4 was one of my busiest weeks yet! I took a different approach to this class than I usually do this week because of the visual assignments aspect. This weekend I looked over and planned for the assignments I would do. Then, at the beginning of the week …

  6. @madelinek106

    Sunday Afternoons and Squirrels: A Daily Create Journal


    This week I had a lot of fun tweeting visual daily creates!This week I had a lot of fun tweeting visual daily creates!

    My favorite daily create-tweet involved altering a famous painting. I decided to alter “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat. This painting …

  7. @madelinek106

    Selfies and Cameras: Photo reflection


    I take photos almost everyday. I take quick pictures on snapchat that are usually quick selfies or pictures of my dog that I send to my friends. 

    I also like taking pictures of nature and I have recently gotten into shooting photos on 35 millimeter film. My dad is a …

  8. @madelinek106

    Tomato, Tomato: Describing my lunch (3.5 stars)


    The perfect combo: cheese and tomato. 

    What food comes to mind when you hear these two ingredients? Pizza? Pasta? Perhaps a calzone?

    The options are limitless because this ingredient combination might be the best of all time.

    Today for lunch, I had Panera’s grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    I taste …

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