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    The Amusement Park!!


    For my last audio assignment bank, I had to do Sound Effects Story, which has a value of 3 stars. I had to tell a story using nothing but sound effects. My story is about a trip to the amusement park. I started the story with you walking into the …

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    Do You Hear The Beach?


    Another audio assignment bank I did was Create a Place, which has 4 stars. I had to create a place using just sounds. I chose to create the beach. I first thought of what sounds I hear when I am at the beach. I thought of the waves, the palm …

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    Satisfying Sounds


    For this audio assignment bank, I did A Collection Of Your Favorite Sounds, which had a 2 star value. I picked 5 of my favorite sounds that I enjoy hearing, and compiled them into an audio file and uploaded it on Soundcloud! First, I went on a couple different apps …

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    Woke Up Like This Remix!!


    For my first audio assignment bank, I chose to do Rap Remix, which has a value of 3 stars. I had to take a popular rap song and rewrite the lyrics so that people living in a post-apocalyptic world could relate to it. I chose the song “Wokeuplikethis*” by Playboi …

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    Visual Storytelling


    I would say I take a lot of photos of myself (selfies) and things that are worth having a picture of for memories or that are funny. I will take pictures outside if I see something that I think is beautiful for example, the snow, flowers or plants, the sky, …

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    Poetry Poster


    For my last visual assignment bank, I chose Poetry Art, which has a value of 3.5 stars. I had to use one of my favorite poems and create a poster to go with it. I used a poem from Atticus Poetry because I think it is a beautiful poem and …

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    Daily Creates #3


    This week, we had to do 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Saturday, and it was to create a card or note to get you out of daily create trouble. I created a card on Canva, and it says I cannot do the daily create …

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    My Lil Kitties


    For my next visual assignment bank, I chose Your Love For Your Pet (Or Any Other Animal That You Love), which had a value of 3 stars. I had to make a collage with photos of my pets to show how cute/funny they are. I have a LOT of photos …

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    Breaking News: Beyoncé In Walmart?!


    For my second visual assignment bank, I chose to do Pop Star Out Of Place, which had 3.5 stars. I had to take a picture of a pop star and put them in a place you most likely would not see them. I was thinking for a little who and …

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    Self Collage


    For my first visual assignment bank, I chose You In Collage Form, which had 2 stars. I had to create a collage with images and words that describe me or mean something to me. Below is my self collage. I tried to make my collage aesthetically pleasing and pretty, so …

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    A Week In My Life #3


    This week’s assignments were pretty good. I did 4 writing assignments from ds106’s assignment bank. Each assignment has a star value rating the difficulty of it, and we had to reach 12 stars. The first one was To My Mom. I had to write a letter to my mom …

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    Daily Creates #2


    This week, we had to do 3 daily creates. So far, I have done 2. The first one I did was on Monday and it was to show everyone what your view is from outside your window. I posted 2 pictures with the first being everything covered in snow from …

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    Bucket List!!

    Run a marathon Travel the world (different countries/travel all 50 states) Learn self defense Buy a house Create a small business Make a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes Running a marathon is on my bucket list because I think it is a huge accomplishment. I like to stay…
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    The Zoo


    It was the big debut of the Atlanta Zoo opening up. Everything was organized perfectly, the zookeepers were ready, and the animals were excited. There were hundreds of people in the zoo ready to see the animals. But sadly, it was a harsh fail. The monkeys somehow escaped by using …

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    Dear Future Self


    Dear Olivia,

    First of all, I hope you are healthy and happy now. Life has been pretty rough for you ever since you were 12. A lot can happen and change in 10 years, so I am hoping in these next 10 years, you are doing good. I hope you …

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    Dear Mom


    Dear Mom, 

    Words cannot express how much I love you. I know it was an extremely hard time for you when I was in middle/high school and I know I was a total jerk to you during those times, but now I have come to learn and appreciate you so …

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    A Week In My Life #2


    I had a lot of fun with this week in Digital Storytelling. I did 4 daily creates this week, and posted a blog about them in detail here. The first daily create I did was making an invitation poster to the TDC party. The next daily create I did …

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    Daily Creates


    So far, I have completed 3 out of 4 daily creates. The first one I did was on Sunday and it was to create an invitation card/poster to the TDC-party. As you can see here, this is what my party poster looks like. I created my poster using Canva. …

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    Love Island GIFS


    For my second assignment bank, I chose to do one under the section AnimatedGIF Assignments. I thought to do the 2 star assignment that was TV Show GIFS. I created 5 GIFS from my favorite TV show Love Island. Love Island is a reality TV show in the UK, Australia …

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    The Kardashians Are Eyeing Me


    Big, anime eyes on people look very funny because of the proportions on the face. Usually big eyes are used in anime or princess characters, but for this assignment, I chose to give big bug eyes to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It is crazy how …

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    Weekly Summary


    This was a good first week for Digital Storytelling. I filled out the form to upload my blog to our class website. I also introduced myself on a variety of platforms such as Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram. I posted a blog about introductions here. I also wrote another blog …

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    What’s the Story/Theme?


    I think it would be very interesting if we had a theme relating to pop culture. Specifically with art or fashion. There are so many different types of art and fashion and I think it would be really cool to explore them in this class. Here are some examples on …

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    Hello everyone! My name is Olivia Moore and I am taking Digital Storytelling. This is where I will post blog posts for this class. For this assignment, I introduced myself on other media platforms which you can see below!

    Hi! I'm Olivia M. and I am taking #ds106 . A …

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