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  1. @Marie-Lynn

    Just a Splash of Color

    For this assignment, I wanted to incorporate something new into the old. The new being the assignment, “Splash The Color”, and the old being this photograph I took back in December 2017. A little story behind this image is that I was in Washington D.C. on a high school art trip. At the time I was taking two photography classes and thus had two assignments to complete. The two classes were Photojournalism and Commercial Photography. For Photojournalism I was supposed to do street photography, taking pictures of whatever I wanted. There was no minimum or maximum, as long as I had fifteen photos to share in class from the trip. For Commercial Photography I was required to use a Holga 120N medium format film camera. A medium format camera takes 120 film, which only allows you to take between 12 and 16 shots. Afterwards we were to take more photos with 35mm film in out normal cameras. This image actually shows the intersection of those two projects: a digital picture taken of a Holga film camera. The other camera you see in the picture belongs to a friend, but I did have my own film camera stored away in my bad at this time. The picture itself wasn’t that remarkable, however the bright color of the Holga inspired me to do this assignment. I used Pixlr once again for this assignment, mainly because I’m too cheap to pay for Photoshop. It doesn’t matter, since Pixlr does almost everything Photoshop does, or you can manipulate it to make it look like it does what Photoshop does. The process of creating this effect was simple. I opened the image in Pixlr’s photo editor, created a duplicate layer which I converted into black and white, then erased the area around the the camera so only the Holga would retain any semblance of color. The rest of the image stayed black and white since it was “masked” by the duplicate layer. I actually did this a few times with a few different images back in high school (but with Photoshop) so I’m thankful Pixlr operates in a similar way that allowed me to create this effect. I know the image isn’t perfect, since the depth of field is a little wonky. I know people don’t want excuses, but I was having a bit of a problem with my eyes back then. I’m right-eye dominant, but I’ve worn glasses since I was very young. Something happened with my vision that year, causing my right eye to progressively get worse, so many of my photos from back then have some focus issues. Since then I’ve taught myself how to shoot with both eyes, so my technique has improved quite a bit! Please let me know what you think in a comment down below!
  2. @samprice_ds106

    Splash the Color

    For this assignment our instructions were to remove all the color from a photo and then restore the color to one object. I decided to use a photo of me in front of a vibrant yellow door because I thought the pop of color from the door would make the contrast more visible. I used photo shop to first lay down a full color image of the photo. I then went in a laid a black and white image perfectly on top of it. I was then able to cut out the door part of the black and white image […]

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