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    Final Project!! (Week Fourteen)


    It has been a week! I just when I though my weeks couldn’t get any busier, the final week of classes hit!! Most of my classes had project based finals that were due this week so the good news is I am almost done with classes, bad news is this …

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    Week Thirteen!


    Well, the time has come. We are officially rolling into the final week of classes. How did that happen!?!

    Now that we are nearing the end, the DS106 students are hard at work piecing together their final endeavors. For me, I have decided to dive into the the AIDs Epidemic …

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    Week Twelve


    It’s time to buckle up as the craziness has only just begun! This week was a little slower in my academic world, which was much appreciated – especially as we move into the final weeks of classes (SAY WHAT!?!)! I can’t believe our semester is almost over. It has been …

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    A Journey Through Auditory Bootcamp!


    For my first remix of the week I revisited my Auditory Hell assignment. The remix was to “Bootcamp it” and redo the assignment with a military flare.

    For this assignment I utilized GarageBand. I found my original auditory hell file and added to it. I looked to the USMC’s version …

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    Laugh Track Beetlejuice!


    For my last regular mashup assignment of the week I decided to tackle the Inappropriate Laughter assignment. For this assignment I relied heavily on iMovie, FreeSound.org, and Movie Clips.

    First, I had to choose a movie clip. I went with Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, a film first released in 1988. It’s …

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    Garbage Patch Kids!


    My second assignment of the week was inspired by my first assignment, but this time follows the Logo Switch Up assignment rules.

    While looking for inspiration for my first assignment, I stumbled upon the logos for Cabbage Patch Kids and Garbage Pail Kids. I knew it would be a …

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    For my first assignment this week I took a little spin off the Consumer Mashup assignment. I wanted keep with the 1980’s theme so I looked up the most popular 1980’s brands for inspiration.

    I decided to focus on food and began to look into Pepsi and Coca-Cola products …

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    More Thoughts!


    I can’t believe we are already talking about the final project! I feel like we just started not too long ago. Suffice to say it’s been an interesting semester!

    In looking ahead I am still fumbling around with ideas, but I still like the two I had last time focusing …

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    Week Eleven


    It’s been another long week with online classes and quarantined lifestyle!! Luckily, this week I was able to devote Friday to creating DS106 videos and I actually had a really good time!

    I continued with the individual Video Bank Assignments. I really wanted to learn more about tools within iMovie …

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    Week Ten!


    It’s been a week!! I am still not adjusted to this whole online everything situation we found ourselves in! I’m not sure I’ll ever be fully adjusted. Nonetheless, the show must go on. This week was video week!! I actually had a lot fun and really enjoyed completing the assignments …

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    Every Frames a Painting Star Wars!


    I knew film editing was not joke, but man! I have no clue how much work goes into each frame and the amount of attention to detail. For my analysis I chose the “I am Your Father” scene from Star Wars. I chose it because 1. it’s the 80’s 2. …

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    Coronavirus Supercut


    For my second Video Assignment Bank I chose the Supercut It assignment. I again used iMovie to cut the clips and mash them together.

    Given the current crisis the matter everyone has been talking about has been the spread of the Coronovirus and its prevention. I first went to YouTube …

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    Daily Creates Connection


    This week our Daily Creates had a bit of an extra challenge attached to it – we needed to create a connection between all three – perhaps a story. My first daily create was Wednesday, which has us create a Holi inspired art design using a Google Easter egg (it …

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    Radio Shows Review


    This week’s radio shows were great and I has a lot of fun tuning in. Since I ended up listening to everyone’s show, I figured I place my overall comments here. Everyone did a great job and it sounded like we all had a little fun in creating each of …

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    Week Eight


    *Warning Longer Post, my Apologies!*

    Welp, this has been a week! Coming off of Spring Break, a time change, and now classes moving to online. It’s been odd that’s for sure! It’s a little more comforting to know that everyone seems to be in the same boat though.

    Sterling was …

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    Radio Show Week One Summary!


    It’s radio week!! Lots of fun things are happening in the ds106 world. This week Kaitlyn and I joined forces with Allison and Sterling to create our radio show group. So far we’ve nailed down our topic, brainstormed information to talk about, and set up a time to meet and …

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    Around the World….


    Welcome to our radio show!! I am super excited to explore some cool (and very different) cultures and how they experienced the 1980’s.

    For my promo, I utilized photoshop and Canva. I have come to love Canva!! There is so much you can do on it and can personalize every …

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    Week Six!


    Week six is now done! This week was ‘design week.’ It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed being able to continue to work with expanding my familiarity with Photoshop for my Assignment Back projects. I learned a lot about graphic design, which was also a lot of fun. …

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    Graphic Design


    When I first read the Chip Kidd piece I was reminded of my high school Humanities course and where we talked extensively about style and design, especially in regards to art. We even took a trip to the Virginia Fine Arts Museum (if you haven’t been, I highly recommend!).

    I …

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    This week we were asked to complete a DesignBlitz were we took pictures of different design concepts we found in our everyday lives. I decided to complete the challenge in non other than Target (where I spend way too much time ). It didn’t take much time to see design …

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    Four Icons, One Movie


    For my fourth Assignment Bank project I completed the  Four Icons/ One Story assignment, as suggested to us.

    This was a little trickier than I thought. I picked a movie (it’s from the 80’s) and then began the search for Clip Art. It was a challenge to find which icons …

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    Word Cloud


    For my second Assignment Bank project, I chose DS106 Word Cloud. This assignment asks creators to create a word cloud design that encapsulates what we’ve learned in DS106. I used WordArt to complete the design.

    The assignment is ideally done during the conclusion of the course, but I figured …

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