1. @mto_morgan

    Final Project


    Wow what a ride. We are actually done with this course. It’s a sad day.

    For my final project I made a timeline including all of my work from this semester.

    I used ReactJS to make the application and I used my AWS server to host it. The timeline I …

  2. @mto_morgan

    Final Project Progress


    This week I have just come up with a plan to finish up my work over the weekend and into the next week.

    My final project is going to be an interactive timeline on my AWS server that will include content from my work done this semester in this course.…

  3. @mto_morgan

    Week 11 Summary


    Wow what a week. I loved working on assignments outside of the assignment bank because I was able to work on topics that interest me. I do like doing the assignments from the assignment bank as well, but it was refreshing being able to work on some different stuff this …

  4. @mto_morgan

    Rocket League Montage


    So this is another assignment this week that I decided to make that is not listed on the assignment bank. This video is a clip montage from some of my gameplay in a popular game called, Rocket League. I lost a lot of clips this year, but still had enough …

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    My Puppies


    For this week I decided to do a couple assignments of my own. This assignment is essentially a time line of all the puppies that have joined the family over the past 3 years.

    For this assignment I used lightworks for the video editing and the content I have acquired …

  6. @mto_morgan

    Project Ideas Part 2


    Okay, so this time I have come up with a completely different idea.

    I want to create an interactive timeline that could involve a couple different things.

    1.) I could do a timeline showing videos and telling stories from growing up

    2.) I could do a timeline of my work …

  7. @mto_morgan

    Week 10 Summary


    What a fun week. This was my first intro to video editing and I had a blast. My favorite assignment had to be the sports mashup video. I have always been interested in sports and to make a video of it was a lot of fun.

    Here are my daily …

  8. @mto_morgan

    Vince Carter


    This assignment was to make a sports mash up that means something. This mashup I made is compiled of my 5 favorite dunks from Vince Carter in his NBA playing days. He was my favorite player and he came out of my favorite college, UNC. This guy was a pleasure …

  9. @mto_morgan

    I’m a goofy goober!


    This assignment was to dub a serious movie scene with some more comedic audio. I found this to be a funny assignment as I turned a serious scene from the movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody” into something a little less serious.


  10. @mto_morgan

    Tutorial for my Mom


    So, my mom is always asking simple computer questions as she does not use them much. Just the other day, she asked me how to change her background. I showed her, but I still created this small tutorial for her. Enjoy!

    Thanks for watching!…

  11. @mto_morgan

    Week 9 Summary


    An interesting week this was. I was able to connect some of my daily creates and make a fun story out of it, I was able to revamp an old project, and more!

    Check out my daily creates story here.

    All of my posts for the week can be found …

  12. @mto_morgan

    The Wandering Pups


    I don’t know how, but these pups have wandered far from home. They have actually left Earth! I haven’t the slightest idea as to how they can breathe out there, but we learn something new every day. They seem pretty comfy!

    I would say it seems lonely out there, but …

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    Revisiting My Old Work


    For this assignment I have decided to revisit my program I created to essentially work as an electronic diary.

    Find the original assignment here.

    As you can see, the original assignment was very barebones and not very easy to use.

    This time around, I have created a user interface …

  14. @mto_morgan

    Moving Forward


    So I have never been into video editing, but I think it would be fun to make a video of Lego characters moving and telling a story with the scene in the background. This could be done by building a set out of Legos and doing something similar to the …

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    Week 8 Summary


    Nothing much to say for this week other than it was a lot of fun compiling our radio show!

    I basically handled the interview section of the show while the rest of the group had their own specific tasks.

    Here are my daily creates for this week:

    #tdc3354 My response …

  16. @mto_morgan

    Radio Show Progress


    We are now officially done with the radio show!

    Check it out here:

    I worked on the interview portion of the show. Last week we compiled most of the audio needed to complete the show this week. This week we essentially completed the show by adding everything together and adding …

  17. @mto_morgan

    Week 7 Summary


    So for this week we all pitched in and recorded enough audio combined to make a radio show.

    For my assignments I made a commercial for a made up company called, “Mart’s Auto Parts” and I also made 5 questions and interviewed one of my peers. I used audacity a …

  18. @mto_morgan



    For this assignment I interviewed a peer and recorded the answers. We will be using these for our radio show next week!

    The questions are:

    What would you say is your biggest achievement to date? What are you so passionate about that you would have a hard time living without…
  19. @mto_morgan

    Commercial for our Radio Show


    I have made a small commercial for a store called, “Mart’s Auto Parts Store.” Obviously I made this up but I tried to have fun with it.

    The background sounds and music I got off of freesounds.org and they worked out pretty well!

    For this assignment I used audacity to …

  20. @mto_morgan

    Radio Show Progress


    So for starters, I will lay out our plan.

    This week, we plan to have everyone do their own share of work with each of us making a short commercial and also each person asking and answering five interview questions. These answers will be broadcasted on the show.

    Next, we …

  21. @mto_morgan

    DS106 Radio!


    Come join us and hear some of our stories. They may be funny or sad, but I promise you will not be disappointed.

    We plan to tell some engaging stories from our lives and maybe add some sound effects when needed. It will be a fun way to hear some …

  22. @mto_morgan

    Week 6 Summary


    I have never seen design like I have this week it is a lot of fun viewing everything from a different perspective. I have been wanting to get into design more and maybe start trying my own digital drawing or graphic design.

    Below are my daily creates for the week:…

  23. @mto_morgan

    Design Blitz


    Due to covid, I have to quarantine so I had to take photos of things around my house. There are great designs anywhere though!

    First lets start with a design that is minimalistic.

    Above are my skis. As you can see the design is pretty minimal, but the spacing and …

  24. @mto_morgan

    My Invitation to You


    I am always down to go backpacking. I have always wanted to go into the Canadian Rockies and explore a bit. I have really only hiked in Colorado and all over the East Coast. I drove up to Mt Washington in NH which is considered a place with some gnarly …

  25. @mto_morgan



    This poster I made speaks to me as I have taken a strange route to get to where I am at. I was always into sports and more physical tolling things growing up and I think that has helped me stay mentally strong. One thing I was never involved in …

  26. @mto_morgan

    A Little About Me


    For this assignment I had to make a business card that resembles myself and the kind of things I love to do.

    As you can tell, I love to hike, ski, write software, and game. Those are definitely my four favorite things in the world to do. This is my …

  27. @mto_morgan

    My Castle


    This assignment was a lot of fun because there is a new game I have been playing called Valheim. It is basically like Minecraft where you can build, survive, and craft things.

    Above is the picture of the castle I made. It took quite a bit of materials and is …

  28. @mto_morgan

    Week 5 Summary


    This was quite a fun week. Between all of the assignments and daily creates, it adds up to a lot of fun. What I liked about this week was I got to experience something I have never experienced before in audio editing.

    My daily creates are below:

    @ds106dc #tdc3331 #ds106

ds106 in[SPIRE]