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  1. @eggstve


    Ages into the future is a land inhabited by a wide variety of strange fauna and broken monuments. Tucked in a cave is a family of rock like beings, hundreds of smaller ones working under a monolithic queen. It tells one small rock in particular to follow their dreams, and they do. And as Rudy […]
  2. @Katie___Donovan

    Audio Story

    I don’t listen to podcasts and audiobooks very often. I always forget how entertaining they can be. For this assignment, I listened to From Tree to Shining Tree. I think that the background sound effects, noises, and music adds a lot to the story. The music helps set the mood. Sound effects creates the tone.Continue reading "Audio Story"
  3. @eendip

    Spooky Soundtrack

    Nothing better than listening to a spooky soundtrack during the Halloween season! I did the Spooky Sounds audio assignment where you put together different spooky sounds to make one ultimate ghoulish nightmare of a soundtrack. I used Audacity and got my sounds from I layered them in Audacity so that they all play at...
  4. @eendip

    ds106 Live Listening Session

    Unfortunately, I missed out on the live listening sessions earlier this week. From the comments I’ve seen in the Discord, the audio was definitely dynamic and the ambiance of sounds told a story. I saw people describe the sounds as ominous and mysterious. One person even mentioned how the sounds moved directionally and created depth....

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