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  1. @SushiSupport

    Audio Assignment: Reverse It

    The Audio Assignment Reverse It Asks that you take a soundtrack form a musical and rearrange the tracks in order to create a whole new story. Many musicals begin and end in similar places musically, with the finale being a reprisal of some of the main beginning numbers of the Musical, and the case is… Continue reading Audio Assignment: Reverse It
  2. @hnystro2CPSC106

    Burlesque Soundtrack Reordered

    For this assignment, I decided to reorder five songs from the Burlesque soundtrack to reflect one woman’s journey towards embracing her womanhood – including an internal battle over appreciating and expressing her sexuality, finding a sense of empowerment in her femininity, further exploring her own personal style and manner of expressing herself, and finding a …

    Continue reading "Burlesque Soundtrack Reordered"

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