1. @ashstvnz

    Final Presentation – Impress Me!


    It’s hard to believe we are at the end of the semester. I feel I’ve learned so much in this class and truly had fun learning all of it. I have a way better grasp on Photoshop than I did in August, and even this final project had me learning …

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    Week 6 Summary


    Design Week couldn’t have fallen on a better week for me! After learning some more about design such as what to look for, gain inspiration from, and include in my own work, I was ready to go out and identify some design techniques.

    I happened to be going out of …

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    Week 7 Daily Create


    For this Daily Create, we were to take a close-up picture of something in our environment. I decided to take a photo of my dog’s fur. She has varied coloring throughout the year, but right now she is primarily tan, white, and black. She squirmed plenty, so I was …

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    Week 7 Summary


    Most of my posts this week are strictly bland, text posts and for that I apologize.

    Due to some complications in our group being able to brainstorm our show together (among others of my own), some of this week is still in progress. I know what I am going to …

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    Vault 106 Logo


    Originally, I was going to create a logo which could be put on a bumper sticker as well. Instead, I wound up creating a more square logo and I liked how it came out for both a logo and for a square shaped sticker. It reminds me of the band …

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    Audio Assignments (placeholder)


    I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I have not been able to complete the audio assignments for this week. Both will be used in our radio project and so I wasn’t able to finish these without knowing for sure what we would be doing.

    I plan to do one assignment worth

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    Birth of Vault 106


    We have been discussing how to go about the radio show project over the past several days. I think there was a lot of confusion on how to get started at first, so the group didn’t fully come together until Friday evening.

    Over the next couple of days we chose …

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    Moon VHS


    For today’s design assignment, I chose to create a VHS design for a movie released after 2005. The idea was to make it look like it was manufactured in the 80’s.

    I’m still not sure I hit the 80s mark, but I don’t think it looks modern either. I chose …

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    Design Blitz!


    Over the weekend my boyfriend and I visited Colorado Springs and were able to find a great many examples of design. I took lots of pictures but narrowed it down to the photos and concepts below.

    Space Floor indicator at Kinship Landing hotel

    The hotel we stayed in had a …

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    You’re Invited!


    Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite sitcoms and so when I was trying to think of a fictional couple to create a wedding invitation for, Leslie and Ben came to mind. This design assignment is worth 3 stars and asks you to create a wedding invitation as if …

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    Bark This Way


    I love correcting records, so this ds106 design assignment felt like it was right up my alley. For this 3 1/2 star assignment I needed to pick out some photos, personal or found photos, to use to create a “rad” collage for fictional album art.

    After digging through the cobwebs …

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    Week 5 Summary

    Image Found Here

    This week was all about audio!

    My first ds106 audio assignment involved reordering a musical I know. The idea was to either completely reverse the order from end to beginning, or to mix the songs around in an order of your choosing. I kind of did both. …

  13. @ashstvnz

    Yappy Little Trees

    Not quite like this, but close enough.

    Bob Ross might be famous for his happy trees, but as this episode of Radiolab will tell you, the real things are more yappy than happy.

    First I just wanna say that I had no idea fungi and trees worked together to …

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    Week 5 Daily Creates


    Today’s Daily Create asked us to replace the word “love” with Monty Python. I felt Rihanna’s We Found Love In A Hopeless Place was a great mashup for the peasant scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I used an online meme creator to complete this one.

    Over …

  15. @ashstvnz

    One Wicked Remix


    For this #ds106 Listening Assignment you are supposed to reverse a musical. The question is whether you can change the narrative by doing so. I didn’t think the story would necessarily change that match from simply reversing the order of the songs, at least not for my chosen musical, Wicked. …

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    Shooting Desk Toys


    I wasn’t able to go anywhere particularly interesting to take some pictures, but rather than use photos from previous trips, I decided to try out some of the composition tips right in my office. . . with desk toys!

    I have several different desk toys and decorations to keep me …

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    Week 4 Summary


    It’s digital photography week! I have to say I was excited when I read the week’s topic. I have always had some interest in photography (haven’t we all?), but it usually was something I did with friends when I was younger or since did on my own. I definitely enjoyed …

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    Week 4 Daily Creates


    For International Dot day, I used one of the cupcakes I’d made the day before! I considered trying to use food dye in some manner to create dots, maybe even a tie dye dot effect, however I knew this would take me longer than it should (not to mention, I’d …

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    Something Unexpected


    This evening I found myself wandering around looking at everything I passed by wondering how each object might look super close up. I was trying to find just the right object (or animal, but my dog’s a bit squirmy) to take a very close-up photo which could trick an audience. …

  20. @ashstvnz

    Jim Richardson


    Today I tried to pick just a few of Jim Richardson’s photographs which I liked the best. It wasn’t easy to narrow down my choices, but I feel these each exemplify different compositional techniques. Each of these is taken from the Small World Gallery website and is linked in the …

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    Week 3 Summary


    This week we focused on the storytelling side of digital media for our main projects, and kept things spicy with some more Daily Creates throughout the week.

    Watching Kurt Vonnegut define a story’s shape was both entertaining and enlightening. I doubt I’ve ever thought of a story in graph form …

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    Week 3 Daily Creates


    This time around I did what we were supposed to do and went with whatever the Daily Create was posted for each day that I completed one. From now on, I’ll stick to this process. I definitely see the benefit of viewing what others create in real time, rather than …

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    The Wordy Foodie


    Ok. I will preface this post by saying that often when I study or do homework in general, I like to listen to various classical piano playlists on Spotify. There’s a reason that what I wrote has the tone it does and it’s no accident, though I didn’t totally realize …

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    Haiku of Champions


    The moon in the sky

    Shining bright on the water

    Flowers bend to wind

    And here I will sit

    Ponder with me if you please

    Not the sparkling stars,

    flying comets, or

    your existential questions.

    Instead let us ask

    What we yearn to know.

    Is this “haiku” enough yet?

    The …

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