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  1. @jwcpsc

    Writing Assignment: Nonhuman Perspectives

    “Why do they keep calling me Little Buddy? That’s not my name.” “I know squirrel, people are weird.” “Why do they keep trying to touch me and feed me? I don’t want your weird food and I don’t like being touched.” “Why do humans do that? We were surviving just fine before they came and… Continue reading Writing Assignment: Nonhuman Perspectives
  2. @jwcpsc

    Writing Assignment: Nonconformity

    One thing that has always caused me stress is my gender identity. Society has this idea of the male/female assumption where looking at people’s features, they must fall into one of those two categories. Nobody seems to think that people may fall out of the cisgendered spectrum which is annoying as well as offensive to… Continue reading Writing Assignment: Nonconformity
  3. @KHavertDs106

    Barbara June’s Story

    Barbara June was once a young girl who was raised in a little rural town. All her life she had stars in her eyes and her heart set on running away to Hollywood. When Barbara June turned seventeen her and her childhood sweetheart, William ‘Slick’ Richards ran away together. Slick would do anything for Barbara.Read more "Barbara June’s Story"
  4. @KHavertDs106

    Phillis Flea & Bruno Bernese

    It was a typical day just like any other for Phillis and all the other fleas. Phillis had an abundance of fresh Bruno blood and had eggs latched onto hairs everywhere the eye could see. Phillis was so excited for the eggs to finally hatch soon in order to cause mass havoc on Bruno’s skin.Read more "Phillis Flea & Bruno Bernese"
  5. @KHavertDs106

    Poem of Emotions

    Welcome to my crazy ride I really hope you can tell i’ve tried. Somedays I am overwhelmed And damn does it feel like hell. I push and push and push Until I feel my chest go smush. My thoughts go a thousand miles per hour but somehow I just get sadder. Taking a break wouldRead more "Poem of Emotions"
  6. @eafinto

    An Adventure to Remember

    **Submission for Elizabeth Finto and Taylor Malone – The three elements we used were writing, design, and photography. **Disclaimer: Dr. Kenneth L. Davis is a real person at Mount Sinai Hospital – we used his name, but not his occupation. The picture is not actually him, and I’m sure he is a wonderful doctor and […]
  7. @eafinto

    The Land of the… Survivors?

    I created an accurate as fictionally possible depiction of “The Land” in California by Edan Lepucki. Of course, as the title explains, these characters are in California, however, they travel to a community/part of land that is called “The Land.” When you think of the word land, one may think about a plot of land where you can […]
  8. @eafinto

    Let’s See Some ID

    Frida Ellis’s medical ID can be found above. If anyone sees her, please call: (804)-555-8156 Frida is pregnant and needs medical attention. Thank you. BEHIND THE SCENES: I knew I wanted to create an ID card for Frida, from the novel California by Edan Lepucki. I also wanted to find a picture that would best illustrate […]
  9. @eafinto

    Frida’s Apocalypse Bucket List

    Figure every last thing out about Micah and the Group Figure out why the Millers committed suicide Live long enough to watch baby grow up Find our old house/neighborhood after this is over Eat pizza at least one more time Frida’s bucket list was found today inside her journal, and I felt like the bucket […]
  10. @eafinto

    The Backstory on August

    August, A.K.A. Frida and Cal’s ‘trading partner,’ has even more to his story than we could have ever imagined. He has always been someone who listens to other peoples’ problems before he explains his own story. August grew up in a family in which everyone did everything for themselves. He basically taught himself everything he […]

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