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  1. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 13 Summary

    One of the topics that stood out to me in Week 13 was the question, “Does artificial intelligence help or harm human relationships?” At first, one of my thoughts was that AI has few benefits in helping human relationships aside from a situation where an individual obtains proper advice from AI software. After the discussion,...
  2. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 10 Summary

    Impressions of AI: Sophia, one of the most influential AI characters, was created by Hanson Robotics in 2016. When Hanson Robotics first developed Sophia in 2016, I remember its impact on myself and many individuals around me. Sophia is incredibly human-like; from what I remember, it was one of the first robots with these modern...
  3. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 9 Summary

    Week 9 has seen the mid-term evaluation and the introduction of our next “node” on artificial intelligence. In this week’s summary, write about how you approached the self-evaluation, reflect on what you’ve noticed about artificial intelligence in fiction and film and how that compares with what you’ve learned about the realities of AI. Consider how...
  4. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 6 Summary

    “The Soft Truth,” by Leigh Alexander, is a short story that emphasizes the intersectionality between our existence and technological algorithms. There is a controversy where Alexander discusses her other persona, whom I interpreted as the version of herself who is consumed by algorithms and has made life-changing mistakes because of her digital footprint. My theory...
  5. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 5 Summary

    During my first year of college, I took an introductory computer science course, which presented me with the complexities of coding. Learning about coding has made me more aware and significantly improved my digital literacy. Learning about the intricacies of creating any software has made me more interested in creating digital technologies instead of just...
  6. @aliboo1432

    Week 4 Summary

    Week four of this course has been my favorite week from everything we have learned so far. When I was first introduced to my subdomain and HTML, I needed clarification and didn’t think I could make anything worthwhile about my website. After seeing my classmates make fan pages for their favorite shows, hobbies, or people,...
  7. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 2 Summary

    The term “metaverse” was something that I heard a couple of times before this course, but this week helped me expand my knowledge on the topic. While my table and I were discussing different software that fall into the category of metaverse, we stumbled upon an interesting conversation. Before discussing various parts of the metaverse,...
  8. @aliboo1432

    DGST 395: Week 1 Summary

    One of the critical topics we discussed during the introduction week to DGST 395 was digital fluency. Digital fluency is necessary for an individual looking to pursue a career in digital marketing, such as myself. One aspect of digital fluency that we discussed in class was AI. Truthfully, I cannot remember a time in the...
  9. @aliboo1432

    Daily Creates: Week #12


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