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    Final Project!


    Equality for the LGBTQ+ community has always been crucial to me because my brother came out as gay when I was super young. I always cared deeply about the community and advocated for them in any way I could, even when I was young, but having someone so close to …

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    Weekly Summary #12


    My most favored assignment to complete this week was “Mashup.” I had never explored the mashup assignment bank before this week, and I can say that it is my favorite section in the bank that I have done so far! There are a bunch of assignments that allowed me to …

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    Mashup Assignment: “Mashup”


    For the “Mashup” assignment, I mashed up music videos of Ariana Grande, who is one of my favorite personalities. I thought about mashing up all of the videos together and then putting only one of her songs over it, but instead, I didn’t add any extra audio and let each …

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    Animoji Karaoke Remix


    The “Animoji Karaoke” assignment instructs you to “create yourself using Apple’s Animoji and sing or lip sing to your favorite song! Save the video and upload it to your blog. Make sure to include 1) Why do you think your character looks like you? 2) Why did you chose this …

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    Weekly Summary #11


    This week was one of my favorites because I got to channel my inner YouTuber completing the video assignments. I have always found joy in filming and editing videos, which is why I was super happy this week to explore more of the assignments in the video bank. There were …

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    Weekly Summary #10


    I loved week ten because we got to analyze movies for various reasons that did not focus on the acting aspect. When I watch movies, I usually think about the actors and how good/consistent their acting skills are throughout the film. My favorite assignment that I completed this week was …

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    Daily Create #2


    The new DS106 phone can embed all of your assignments exactly how you want them to be embedded! All you have to do is pick up the phone and say “embed” and it knows exactly what you are talking about!

    — Emma (@aliboo1432) March 25, 2022

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    Video Assignment: 3 Stars


    The “Create a Commercial” assignment in the bank instructed someone to “create a promotional commercial for an event or product that is coming out in the future.” My futuristic product of choice was a hand sanitizer that eliminates COVID. It doesn’t really make sense…but it’s for the future..right? I used …

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    Video Essay


    I decided to do my video essay on a scene from “The Grinch,” a live-action movie. I picked a scene from this movie because it has always been one of my favorite movies, and it the editing, costume, set, different designs, colors, etc., have always been so interesting to me. …

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    Project Ideas 2


    Project Ideas

    Reading through these final project ideas made me realize how the aspect of actually telling a story comes into play when initially I was writing an overall “idea” and the message I wanted to project. One idea that I loved about this idea was incorporating political figures because, …

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    Weekly Summary #9


    This week was one of my favorites because we finally heard each other’s radio shows! It was so cool to see how different groups approached the radio show, and I loved listening to all of the complex works and various elements they incorporated into the shows! My favorite assignment was …

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    Connected Daily Creates


    There was a woman who loved poetry. Her name was Emily. Emily was extremely lonely; she spent a life building walls, wondering, and writing poetry. One of her favorite quotes that she ever read was “The end of one journey is the beginning of the next,” because she had a …

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    Sunday Radio Show Reflection


    The radio show that I listened to and will be discussing is “Death of a Painter.” The first aspect of this podcast that stood out to me was the impressive audio editing and different sound effects that emphasized the scary mood of the show. The audio sounded super high-tech, and …

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    Project Ideas!


    I brainstormed what to do for this multimedia project and what story I wanted to tell. One thing that has always been one of my favorite parts about everything in life is music. Music tells stories in ways that cannot be expressed otherwise. Music is so personal, beautiful, creative, and …

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    Weekly Summary: 8


    This week was pretty much all about finishing the radio show. I had a fun time figuring out how to edit an entire show and all of the different software created for specific projects like this one. My favorite assignment that I completed this week was the radio show promo …

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