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  1. @aliboo1432

    Daily Create #2

    The new DS106 phone can embed all of your assignments exactly how you want them to be embedded! All you have to do is pick up the phone and say “embed” and it knows exactly what you are talking about!— Emma (@aliboo1432) March 25, 2022
  2. @aliboo1432

    Video Essay

    I decided to do my video essay on a scene from “The Grinch,” a live-action movie. I picked a scene from this movie because it has always been one of my favorite movies, and it the editing, costume, set, different designs, colors, etc., have always been so interesting to me. I narrated my video using… Continue reading Video Essay
  3. @aliboo1432

    Weekly Summary #9

    This week was one of my favorites because we finally heard each other’s radio shows! It was so cool to see how different groups approached the radio show, and I loved listening to all of the complex works and various elements they incorporated into the shows! My favorite assignment was combining the daily creates into… Continue reading Weekly Summary #9
  4. @aliboo1432


    #1 Original “Body Image Book Cover Design”: Revised Version: #2 Original “Sports Poster” Revised Version: I decided to re-edit my sports poster because there was only one photograph of the win, so I decided to add more! It gives a better dynamic and creates more of a powerful feeling on the poster. I kept it… Continue reading ds106rework
  5. @aliboo1432

    Promo Poster

    I loved creating this promotional poster for the radio show because it allowed me to create an image in my head of what I saw for the radio show in real life! I downloaded the photos from Google, and then on my iPhone, I used the app Collageable and added them all together. After that,… Continue reading Promo Poster
  6. @aliboo1432

    Radio Show

    Here is our finalized radio show about Bob Ross’s effects throughout different periods and modern culture! We had a great time hearing the input other people had to say and how he has been incorporated into their lives. The radio show was edited on the Anchor app, a podcast software linked with Spotify. After the… Continue reading Radio Show
  7. @aliboo1432

    Radio Show Week 2

    My group and I have made progress this week and have decided who will complete each task in the radio show. I will be working on the editing while my other two partners plan the commentary incorporated into the show. We are collecting several different audios from various people, and I am planning on putting… Continue reading Radio Show Week 2
  8. @aliboo1432

    Daily Creates: Week 7

  9. @aliboo1432


    Typography: This little book has flashcards about women’s strength, power, and resilience. The typography designed for this specific book was minimalistic because it is organized and represents the simpleness of the book.  Symbols: My friend...

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