1. @aliboo1432

    Promo Poster


    I loved creating this promotional poster for the radio show because it allowed me to create an image in my head of what I saw for the radio show in real life! I downloaded the photos from Google, and then on my iPhone, I used the app Collageable and added …

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    Radio Show


    Here is our finalized radio show about Bob Ross’s effects throughout different periods and modern culture! We had a great time hearing the input other people had to say and how he has been incorporated into their lives. The radio show was edited on the Anchor app, a podcast software …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    My group and I have made progress this week and have decided who will complete each task in the radio show. I will be working on the editing while my other two partners plan the commentary incorporated into the show. We are collecting several different audios from various people, and …

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    Weekly Summary #7


    This week got me very excited because my group and I decided what we wanted to do with our radio show. We had the idea of asking individuals a series of questions that correlate to how Bob Ross has impacted their life/society. This week’s daily creates were super simple and …

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    “Cover It Up”


    The “Cover It Up” audio assignment is to play a song that you enjoy on an instrument and try to tweak/change it a little. I chose “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, and I played it on the Ukulele. Now I am in no way, shape, or form expertise at playing …

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    “Call Me, Beep Me”


    The “Call Me, Beep Me” assignment is an audio assignment that instructs you to pick a character from something that you have watched before and record audio as if you are that individual making a phone call. I decided that instead of an actual character, I would make a …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    My group’s radio show is about getting different people’s input about Bob Ross by having them answer a series of questions. An idea that I had for promotion we could use for the show was creating a logo that is a Bob Ross collage with a broad question in the …

  8. @aliboo1432

    Radio Show Progress


    My group and I brainstormed ideas for our radio show, and we decided that we were going to create a podcast asking different people a variety of questions about Bob Ross. I thought this was a great idea because it goes along with our class theme and allows people to …

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    Weekly Summary #6


    This week was one of my favorite weeks because I gained a lot more knowledge about the process of designing. One of the assignments that taught me the most this week was the first one, where we read and reflected. Listening to the videos and reading the article taught me …

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    Event Poster

    The “Event Poster” assignment was a design assignment where you create a poster about an event, and the event can be actual or made up. I designed my poster on PicMonkey, by choosing a template and customizing the text. The template reminded me of springtime, so I decided to create…
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    Typography: This little book has flashcards about women’s strength, power, and resilience. The typography designed for this specific book was minimalistic because it is organized and represents the simpleness of the book.  Symbols: My friend had a gift that her close friend gave her that represents a symbol. The symbol…
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    Read & Reflect


    It is crazy to think about how much design is in our world. Design is in absolutely everything. The computer I am typing on, the desk I am sitting at, the building I am currently in, etc. Humans tend not to process how much work and designing make everything. 

    Kidd …

  13. @aliboo1432

    Sports Poster


    The design assignment, “Sports Poster,” was a fun assignment to pick a sports team that you enjoy and make a poster about it. When I saw this assignment, I knew I wanted to make a poster about the UVA men’s basketball team from 2019 because that entire tournament was …

  14. @aliboo1432

    Weekly Summary #5


    This week allowed me to navigate through the world of audio. I love to listen to podcasts. I tried making one a while back and had a lot of fun editing different audios and seeing how good of quality I could get the sound to be. This week I was …

  15. @aliboo1432

    DS106 Radio


    I listened to the broadcasting on Wednesday, and it gave me even more perspective about how different audios can tell stories. I loved everyone’s input that was going on in the discord discussion. One thing somebody said was, “it’s easy to overlook the power of sound in movies; our attention …

  16. @aliboo1432

    Radio Show Ideas


    An idea that I thought would be interesting to discuss in a radio show would be the reality of a college student. Since there will be several college students listening to the radio show, it would be relatable and entertaining for everyone listening. People can talk about stories, stuff they …

  17. @aliboo1432

    Humming Away


    The “Humming Away” assignment was very relevant to me because I always have some song stuck in my head. I was humming the song “I Don’t Wanna Be You Anymore” by Billie Eilish for this audio. It is a super catchy song and has been stuck in my head today. …

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    80’S Product Radio Commercial


    Whenever I think of a signature product from the 80S, my mind goes to hairspray! The teased, voluminous hair was a signature hairstyle during this time, which is why I decided to make the product in my radio commercial about hairspray. For this assignment, the first thing I did was …

  19. @aliboo1432

    Sound Effects Story


    For the “Sound Effects Story” I used the software that we were provided within the weekly assignments tab for week five. I have never thought about creating a story only using audio before, and this was a great way for me to do that and try something that I have …

  20. @aliboo1432

    Radio Bumper

    I enjoyed doing this assignment because I have had experience with audacity before. I wanted to pick up a new hobby during the pandemic and decided to start a podcast a little while back. I posted a couple of episodes and enjoyed creating different audios and editing them. It is…
  21. @aliboo1432

    Audio Reflection


    The sounds at the beginning of the audio create a bad feeling. The buzzing sound from one of the space machines indicates a frantic state, reflected in how you feel as you listen to the audio. You can also tell what is going on in the audio based on the …

  22. @aliboo1432

    Weekly Summary Four


    This week introduced me to many different aspects of the digital world that I wasn’t strong in. I got to create things where I learned a lot about photoshop, photography, and storytelling. This week inspired me to think more deeply about photography and the different elements in one singular photograph …

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