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  1. @radicalaurenn

    “No-one Puts Baby in a Corner”

    This post is for the writing assignment, Write a Movie Review. The movie I chose to review for this assignment is Dirty Dancing (1987). The 1980s theme is perfect for this writing assignment because so many amazing movies came out during the decade. It just so happens that some of my favorite movies came out … Continue reading "“No-one Puts Baby in a Corner”"
  2. @jollykyles

    6 Underground – A Netflix Original Review

    WARNING: There are spoilers. I suggest that you watch the movie, then compare with my review. If you are someone who is into fast cars, live-action stunts, guns and chaos, this movie may be for you. 6 Underground, a movie directed by the famous movie director, Michael Bay, is probably my favorite Netflix original of … Continue reading "6 Underground – A Netflix Original Review"

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