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    This week my group and I finished our final project. We worked together to show the world our take on today’s songs and their 80s counterparts. Many songs included Calvin Harris, Rihanna, and many more. We broke down each song and discusses the differences between the two time periods. We …

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    Hello everyone, The final weeks are upon us. This week we are tasked with grouping together to create our final media project. This time, instead of creating a masterpiece on one social media platform, we must adapt it to multiple different social media platforms for the viewer. This means that …

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    I, unfortunately, was not able to participate this week. I’ve been working crazy 80+ hour weeks lately and I think all of the exhaustion and stress is catching up to me. However, I was able to finish some assignments. I feel bad. But, here it goes. I started out my …

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    Week 11 – Daily Creates


    This week I only did one daily create. I started a business and am now working two full time jobs because of school going online and life has been crazy because of it. #tdc3009 #ds106 My favorite memories are times when I would play with my neighborhood friends when I …

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    Two tests, three group projects, two labs, many many zoom classes later, it’s Friday. Finally, this week has come to an end. It is crazy to think that we only have about a month left. These weeks are starting to go by faster and faster, even with an isolated global …

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    Project Ideas: Part 2


    I would really love to use what we have learned during this class to dive deeper into what I’ve been doing outside of this class. I started a business I am very passionate about, in something that not a lot of people know about. Hemp. It’s a substance that not …

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    Video Show Progress.


    It is completed. The same group of individuals that I was apart of to create our radio show, has come together to finish up a video project. This video was based from 2020-2021 showcasing interviews of survivors that experienced the global COVID-19 pandemic and lived to tell about it. It …

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    Weekly Summary – Week 10


    Hey, everyone. This week my group and I set ourselves up to create a video next week. We will be going for a post-COVID-19 documentary feel with a touch of comedy. I am working with the same group that completed the radio show some weeks back and I have absolutely …

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    Video Project Progress


    Hey, everyone. The group that I was a part of for the radio show that we did a couple of weeks ago is back at it again! We decided as a collective to band together once again to form a video. Our topic is going to be post-COVID-19. We will …

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    Daily Creates – Week 10


    Unfortunately, It seems that I will always have a ton of work to do each week. It is quite overwhelming. I was able to do Friday’s daily create which asked us to share the first 5 songs that appear when shuffling out music library. #tdc2997 #ds106American Money – BørnsPeta – …

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    Week 9


    With classes being converted to online, it has been quite a difficult week for professors and students to adjust. thankfully, this class does not have to think about that. The week surely was not easy. After being kicked out of housing and classes being reverted to online, it has been …

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    Mickey Mouse Wants YOU to Buy Flowers.


    I redid the assignment I did a couple of weeks ago that featured Garfield and a subway mashup. I decided to stay within our theme here so I decided to use an 80s cartoon character. I went with Mickey Mouse. He was huge back then and still is today. I …

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    Are we there yet? Version 2.0


    I decided to redo the image of myself and anna inside the resistance base. Here is that original photo: Also here is that post if you wanted to take a look at it: Here is the new photo of Anna and me with Obama. We were invited to the White …

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    Daily Creates – Week 9


    In case it’s a surprise, this was a difficult week for life in general. First, COVID-19, then I had to move home, plus a billion things to do for school. I was only able to get around to completing two daily creates this week. They were quite easy and I …

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    Radio Show Listen


    This week was the best by far. I had a great listen on a couple of the radio shows and I think the one that I have the most to say about is Around the World: 80s style. You can give that a listen here: Fashion around the world, in …

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    Video Ideas


    Since I figured it might be impossible to go outside and take a video about a certain topic, I was only able to figure out one video idea that I think would be pretty cool. As a group or as an individual, we would be given the opportunity to dissect …

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    Week 8


    With COVID-19 and school moving to online classes, this was quite a hectic week. But, I always say that so at this point it was just a normal week. The upside was that we didn’t have classes, which really made the week a lot more manageable. I’m not really sure …

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    Daily Creates – Week 8


    The first daily create I made this week took place on a Monday. It was quite a fun one because we were tasked to create some “Bull shit”. I mean, not literal bull shit, but instead using a bull shit generator to make a random quote. We were then tasked …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Finishing up the radio show this week was a blast. We had a lot of time to complete it and in the end, I think we came up with something that we are all happy with. Lewis, as the host of the show, did a fantastic job introducing all of …

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    Week 7 is a Wrap!


    This week was by far, the worst school week of my life. The amount of work that I had to complete was almost unbearable. The one thing that keeps me sane is graduation around the corner. Alright, done complaining. This week we had to work with our group on our …

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    If Hell Were a Sound


    I was tasked to create a hellish sound full of the worst possible sounds I could think of. At first, I thought this might be difficult. I usually don’t have sounds that I hate. In fact, I love the sound of nails on a chalkboard. But, not all sounds sound …

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    A Collection of my Favorite Sounds


    Music bytes that were used: 1. https://freemusicarchive.org/music/8bit_Betty/too_bleep_to_bloop/hc152_04_spooky_loop_by_8bit_betty 2. https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Thee_Open_Sex/Live_on_WFMUs_Airborne_Event_-_April_1_2013/Thee_Open_Sex_-_04_-_Drippin_Down 3. https://files.freemusicarchive.org/storage-freemusicarchive-org/music/Music_for_Video/Komiku/THE_GIRL_WITH_THE_BASEBALL_BAT/Komiku_-_08_-_Final_Fight.mp3 4. https://files.freemusicarchive.org/storage-freemusicarchive-org/music/no_curator/Audiobinger/Audiobinger_-_Singles/Audiobinger_-_Cooling.mp3 5. https://files.freemusicarchive.org/storage-freemusicarchive-org/music/Music_for_Video/Frederic_Lardon_feat_Laura_Palme/Jazz__la_cool_pour_les_vacances_dans_le_dni_de_la_chaleur_de_lt/Frederic_Lardon_feat_Laura_Palme_-_03_-_Dans_la_chambre_dHenri.mp3 I loved the first sound I put on just because it felt so weird. It had a bunch of different things going on while still having a sick beat to it. This is the kind …

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    Daily Creates – Week 7


    The daily creates were super fun this week. I worked hard on em too! I am so glad that these were our options. The first daily create tasked us to create an abbreviation of our initials. My initials are KJO. I came up with the tweet below: (KJO) Knighting Jubilant …

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    Social Media: An 80s Rewrite – Progress


    This week, we were assigned to groups to begin planning and completing the first stages of our radio show. Ours will be focusing on what we think social media would be like, had it existed in the 80s. We will talk about how it would have affected different aspects of …

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    Radio Show: Bumpington


    For this post, I’ve decided to make this one of my audio assignments while also using it as a radio show promo assignment for the upcoming radio shows. What a busy week I’ve had so far… Regardless, I was still able to get around to my radio show bumper for …

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    Week 6 in the Books!


    Finally putting this week to a close. On top of all of these assignments I had to complete, I also had 2 tests. I have 2 more next week :(. Regardless, I think I enjoy the design assignments a lot more than the others. They are a lot easier to …

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    My Motivational Poster


    Baby Yoda is so wise! The image of baby Yoda was taken from the Disney hit “Mandalorian”. The quote below is exactly what he said during the star wars series. It really means a lot to me, because that one small statement actually does motivate quite a bit. Do not …

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    Garfield says, “Eat Fresh”.


    I chose Garfield because he is an 80s cartoon and to satisfy our 80s requirements. And also because this picture was just too perfect. He’s got a huge sub, and Subway is a great advertisement, its perfect! I hope you enjoyed it! I enjoyed making it.…

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    Come with me if you want to live!


    “Come with me if you want to live” became an iconic phrase of the Terminator series. Terminator was released in the 80s and became one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. One of the most famous movie quotes originated from the series and is exactly why I …

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