1. @V20Kai

    80s Video Game Music and Their Legacy Into Today


    During this time in COVID-19, what is one pastime that not only helps pass a significant amount of time, but also keeps you actively and mentally engaged while you can relax in your comfy couch or bed? Well, video games is one of them, and it’s definitely something that has …

  2. @V20Kai

    Preparing for the Big One


    This week I dug deep to start the groundwork of my final project. Since mine is about video games in the 80s, my first step was research, research, research! Well, I won’t deny that I got almost all of my information from Wikipedia, but I was able to find the …

  3. @V20Kai

    Mixing It Up


    This week’s assignments have been interesting, and it definitely had me think a little more outside the box. That said, the assignments I worked on were a joy to do. My first mashup assignment was (unsurprisingly) a video game cover mashup (3.5 stars). I wanted to go back to 80s …

  4. @V20Kai

    A letter to my mom in another language


    I was originally going to do a remix of The End is for Everything with the In Another Language remix card using my daily create story, but I forgot to click the remix it button a second time to get the tags I needed, and the same combination won’t respond …

  5. @V20Kai

    Venn Pop Culture, in the style of a kid’s aesthetic


    Considering that I did a character description of Zuko and a character evolution of Mulan, I found myself still on this side of nostalgia to create a venn pop culture for Zuko because he was the easiest to come up with characters similar to him (for me, at least). However, …

  6. @V20Kai

    Mulan: A Legend Spanning the Centuries


    If there is one well known legend that has been retold again and again, it is the legend of Mulan. What started as an anonymous ballad that appeared in 568 CE has undergone numerous renditions in the forms of plays, films, television shows, and literature. That’s why I thought doing …

  7. @V20Kai

    And here ends another week


    Personally, this week has been a little tamer than last week, which served as a little breather for me. I started my week off with my first daily create, which asked us to show the first five songs that plays on shuffle, and I can’t deny how extremely exposed I …

  8. @V20Kai

    Project Ideas (again 2.0)


    While looking through everyone’s ideas for the final project, there were a number of ideas that I thought I could bounce off of. Though to be honest, I’m still pretty solid on my own project ideas. The idea of working in a group would be a great way to maintain …

  9. @V20Kai

    The ABC’s of Zuko!


    When you hear the word “honor,” what person or character comes to mind? For me, it’s Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, my childhood show. For some reason, I’ve been going down memory lane a lot lately. As I was looking for another video assignment to do, I went along …

  10. @V20Kai

    Aaaaaaaand Action!


    Week 2 of quarantine and I’m still going strong! I know many other people are struggling with it, but thankfully this DS106 this week has been a great way to keep busy and get our creative juices flowing. Despite how easily my laptop dies editing videos, I do have to …

  11. @V20Kai

    Jeanie and the Boy


    After watching a few “Every Frame a Painting” videos, I have to say, I find them very insightful and addicting to watch! It made me see movie and show scenes differently. Especially as someone who likes to edit videos, they gave a lot of insight and advice into what makes …

  12. @V20Kai

    Simple, Everyday Makeup


    For my third and last video assignment for the week, I decided to do the Show Me How! assignment (3 stars), which prompts me to time lapse anything. One of the examples was how someone does their makeup, and I thought–since I already have to do a formal video for …

  13. @V20Kai

    Story Through Lyrics


    Recently, I watched a playthrough of NieR (2010), and the soundtrack is out of this world amazing! I especially love the ending credit song “Ashes of Dreams” because it captures the bittersweet and somber tone of the story.

    When I initially decided to do the lyric video assignment (4.5 stars), …

  14. @V20Kai

    Hectic is an Understatement


    How is everyone holding up? I’m a mess. Ever since we got the news that we would be continuing online classes until the end of the semester, my heart broke at the thought of all my “lasts” as a senior being taken away. Packing up and driving back home was …

  15. @V20Kai

    Let’s Get to Brainstorming (Again!)


    As far as brainstorming is concerned, there are a couple things I still want to pursue that were part of my brainstorming for radio show ideas:

    Video Games in the 80s:

    I’m still a bit hung up on this topic, and just like last time, there are three things I’d …

  16. @V20Kai

    Just Another Day…


    For the connected Daily Creates, I decided to use the two ones I made last week and one of this week. The reason for the ones I decided on is because I recently finished a post-apocalyptic / dystopian game called NieR:Automata, and as I’m listening to it’s amazing soundtrack, I …

  17. @V20Kai

    I’m Listening


    Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17, I was able to listen in on different groups’ radio shows on DS106 radio (sadly, I was preoccupied on Wednesday and couldn’t tune in that night). There were a few comments I made on some of the shows, but one that I want …

  18. @V20Kai

    It’s Been a Week


    It’s been a week, what with the coronavirus shutting down in-person classes and figuring out whether or not I would be able to stay on campus to get my internship hours for my major. Thankfully, I am able to stay on campus, but now my internship has been suspended. That …

  19. @V20Kai

    It’s Show Time!


    At long last, the radio show has been completed! Over the past few weeks my group and I discussed how we wanted to approach our radio show via our text group chat, and we eventually decided to meet in person to solidify what we wanted to do and do our …

  20. @V20Kai

    Before Break Begins


    This week was all about getting our radio show groups together and bringing in our ideas. However, before that, I did my daily creates. The first one I did asked us to say what kind of storm we would be and why, and I said that I would be a …

  21. @V20Kai

    Production Planning


    It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? At the start, I was so anxious about who I would form a group with, but thankfully, one of my friends reached out to me first. After that, another person asked if I wanted to join them to make a group of four, …

  22. @V20Kai

    Groovin’ to Japanese 80s Music


    For my second audio assignment, I made a mixtape for Japanese 80s music. This is also potential content for our “Around the World: 80s Style” radio show. I simply searched for music in the 80s and found the songs that were listed on my Google search on Spotify, and added …

  23. @V20Kai

    Around the World: 80s Style Bumper!


    Today I got to do a radio show bumper as my audio assignment to contribute to our radio show: “Around the World: 80s Style.” Because we’re essentially traveling around the world, I decided to make it sound like the listeners were in a plane, and I–the flight attendant–am announcing our …

  24. @V20Kai

    Tune in to “Around the World: 80s Style”


    Yesterday, I finally worked on a promo poster for my group’s radio show: “Around the World: 80s Style”. After seeing some amazing designs from other students, I decided to make this poster, I decided to using Canva. I picked one of the Save-the-Plant-type designs, and changed the colors to give …

  25. @V20Kai

    Designer Dilemma


    Week 6 was one of those weeks where, in hindsight it wasn’t that bad, but during the week it was a struggle. I started my week with a daily create where I drew (and colored via the photo editing app on my phone) a big hear hugging a little heart. …

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