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  1. @eendip

    Weekly Summary

    This week I continued with doing 3 video assignments from the assignment bank. I did a video poem, a vacation video, and a chipmunk-style video. I also did 3 daily creates this week. These assignments have helped me get into the creative mindset as I prepare to do the final project. I worked a great...
  2. @eendip

    Chipmunk Style – The Big Bang Theory

    I did the Chipmunk Style 3 1/2 star video assignment on an episode of The Big Bang Theory. It’s season 10, episode 7, “The Veracity Elasticity.” Although mistakingly, I cited it as season 1 instead of 10 prior to exporting the video file. I did this assignment using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and Adobe Premiere...
  3. @mto_morgan

    Week 11 Summary

    Wow what a week. I loved working on assignments outside of the assignment bank because I was able to work on topics that interest me. I do like doing the assignments from the assignment bank as well, but it was refreshing being able to work on some different stuff this week. Here are my daily creates: All of my assignments […]
  4. @mto_morgan

    Rocket League Montage

    So this is another assignment this week that I decided to make that is not listed on the assignment bank. This video is a clip montage from some of my gameplay in a popular game called, Rocket League. I lost a lot of clips this year, but still had enough to make a nice video out of. The clips I […]
  5. @mto_morgan

    My Puppies

    For this week I decided to do a couple assignments of my own. This assignment is essentially a time line of all the puppies that have joined the family over the past 3 years. For this assignment I used lightworks for the video editing and the content I have acquired over the years. I have two female and two male […]
  6. @mto_morgan

    Project Ideas Part 2

    Okay, so this time I have come up with a completely different idea. I want to create an interactive timeline that could involve a couple different things. 1.) I could do a timeline showing videos and telling stories from growing up 2.) I could do a timeline of my work this semester in this course. I am not really sure […]
  7. @V20Kai

    And here ends another week

    Personally, this week has been a little tamer than last week, which served as a little breather for me. I started my week off with my first daily create, which asked us to show the first five songs that plays on shuffle, and I can’t deny how extremely exposed I felt to show my k-pop […]
  8. @V20Kai

    Project Ideas (again 2.0)

    While looking through everyone’s ideas for the final project, there were a number of ideas that I thought I could bounce off of. Though to be honest, I’m still pretty solid on my own project ideas. The idea of working in a group would be a great way to maintain that connectedness while we’re all […]
  9. @camowalker22

    Week 11: Weekly Summary

    This week was a very creative week, making the video compilations of my favorite villain, The Joker from The Dark Night, being able to kind of tell his story from that movie was very enjoyable. Making the musicless music video was odd but funny when you play it back and its just someone dancing with…
  10. @camowalker22

    Think Ahead: Project Ideas

    I really like my original ideas but some more ideas for a project would be: 80’s crime scene Some type of storytelling Compare 80’s video game consoles to the ones from today Re-enact scenes out of an 80’s TV show like Full House Name that 80’s Movie Name that 80’s Song Do an 80’s photoshoot…

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