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    Final Project Progress Report:


    For the final project Lauren Talbert and I are working together and will be going over the progression and impact of video games from the 80’s. Personally, I am kind of tired of talking about the Coronavirus so I didn’t want to use that theme. So far we have thought …

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    Remix Assignments


    Tattoos that Describe you x Dr. Suess Quote:

    This is a tattoo that I have known that I want fro a while. When I hit the remix button it told me to ass a Dr. Suess quote along with it. Although I will probably not get the quote tattooed on …

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    Week 12 Assignment Bank:


    This Doesn’t Belong Here:

    For this assignment I was asked to take two iconic movie scenes or images and combine them in an unnatural way that makes you think – yeah, that doesn’t belong there. I chose the iconic scene from Titanic, and the Millennium falcon from star wars to …

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    Ferris Bueller Video Essay


    For my video essay I decided to do Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I chose this movie not only because I love this movie, but also my family had watched it like two days before we got this assignment. After watching the various directing technique videos I learned a lot about …

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    Radio Show Week 2:


    Considering everything that has happened this week- aka the entire world going into complete shock and buy abnormal amounts of toilet paper, and getting back into the swing of things after spring break, this week has been nothing less than extremely stressful. Despite all of these obstacles our group has …

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    Soundboard Conversation:


    This assignment asked us to browse the soundboard website and find a movie character that we liked and to create a conversation using those movie lines. It was kind of difficult to find a character whose lines were only them (and not with other characters) and that they had lines …

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    Guess the Song Assignment:


    This audio assignment had to do with stripping the lyrics to one of our favorite songs and seeing if the rest of the class can still tell what it is. To do this assignment I downloaded the song for free at https://www.mp3juices.cc and then used Audacity to strip the lyrics …

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    80’s Karaoke Poster:


    For this assignment I decided to use Canva to make a Karaoke night poster that I would see on a college campus like ours. The bright colors not only represent the 80’s but would also be to catch a student’s eye while they are quickly walking through campus. I incorporated …

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    Lyric Typography Poster


    I chose this song because it is not only my favorite song, but gives also gives a really inspiring message. Seeing this song is such a moving moment which is why it means so much to me. I also decided to choose this song because it has a lot of …

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    “A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design” Response


    “It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed-that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed,” This quote to start out the article really open my mind to the fact that yes, everything we look at was once designed. The apple logo, a bumper sticker, …

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    Truthful Movie Poster:


    For the truthful movie poster I decided to incorporate our course theme of the 80’s and use one of my favorite 80’s movies The Breakfast Club. The assignment asked me to edit the title of the movie to a more truthful title or more explained title. I changed this one …

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    Laptop Lingo:


    For this assignment I used three photos from unsplash.com and photoshop. I knew I wanted to create a pretty collage of nature photos so I chose these three. I selected around the edge of the case and apple logo and then erased the image in select inverse and lowered the …

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    Wedding Invitation Assignment:


    For my first design assignment this week I chose the wedding invite option. I chose this one for two reasons. The first being that wedding invitations are very much my aesthetic, and two because I was actually asked to design the facebook invites for family friends who are getting married …

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