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    Final 80’s Celebrity Analysis


    Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my final project for this course. For this assignment I chose to analyze a list of 80’s celebrities as listed below. These individuals come from a variety of spheres. Including, acting, singing, and dancing.

    Example of the format of iMovie.

    Work in progress

    I …

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    Health Communication Podcast!


    For this assignment I chose to do a creative project and utilize my media production techniques to engage our listeners with the information utilizing social media.

    For this project, I utilized a variety of media editing tools. Such as, Audacity, many google searches, google drive and sound cloud. As seen …

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    80’s Celebrity Analysis Week 1


    For this final project, unfortunately I was not able to organize a group project with everything going on. That being said, I decided to pursue an individual project in which I utilized Design, Video and Audio programs. All concepts that we learned this semester. I am so excited for you …

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    Here are my two chosen remixing projects!

    For this project I utilized google search and audacity.
    First I chose the assignment, pressed remix and then went on my google search.

    30 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

    Then, I chose the commercial to do, recorded myself and implemented some sound effects to …

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    Mashing Friends and Emojis


    For 4 stars I mashed my best friend Theophilus Felder to the smirking emoji.

    Theo loves to make this face at me so I was ecstatic to even capture the moment.

    For this project I used a picture I had taken on homecoming of me and Theo, while he was …

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    Mash Thyself Project!


    For 3 1/2 stars, I mashed up some of my previous works!

    For this project I worked with audacity and sound cloud, I downloaded 3 of my previous projects and edited/ overlay-ed them with one another.

    I love audacity it is an efficient way to edit your audio/ export your …

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    For this assignment (5 stars!) I worked with an iPhone 11 Max Pro, animoji app, YouTube and my email.

    Initially I recorded my animoji on my phone in a texting conversation which I sent to myself. I downloaded the video to my camera roll, then I emailed it to myself.…

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    Mashups and Remixes


    Let’s have fun with the assignments this week and connect as many as humanly possible to our theme.

    Mashups – Do 10 stars of mashup assignments. Don’t like the assignments? Make up your own!

    Do 2 Remixes – Choose two assignments from any category and use the Remix It …

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    Step by Step


    ” This week’s main focus will be on mashups and remixes, but we also need to make tutorials. You may have noticed these in the Assignment Bank. Some assignments have them, some don’t. Was there an assignment that gave you trouble this semester? Something that you had to work to …

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    Final Stretch


    After reading Dr.Bond’s comments on everyone else’s final projects for the course I went in and did some research to think about my final project.

    I have some ideas I want to do more thinking and discussion of. I do not want to push myself too much because of the …

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    Danielle takes on the video show


    “All your video work should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and you need to write a post for each completed assignment in which you embed your video. We’d like to know the why’s and how’s of your productions. What might you do differently if you did it again? What …

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    Self Video Essay


    This assignment is a slight variation on the classic ds106 Video Essay assignment in the Assignment Bank. For this class, you need only analyze one scene, although you’re welcome to do more. In particular, your analysis should reflect what you learned by reading Ebert’s essay and watching the Tony Zhou …

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    Video Assignment Week 1


    Video Assignments: Two options

    Choice One

    Complete at least 10 stars of video assignments this week. If you choose this option, you will receive a second set of video assignments to complete next week.

    Choice Two

    For those of you who really enjoyed creating the radio shows, you have the …

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    Weekly Summary Week 10


    Here are the posts I worked on this week! I loved this weeks assignments, it was very engaging and intriguing to work on and learn about.

    This is where I learned about the video essay project!

    Video Essay

    Below is my final blog post for this week’s video assignment!


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    Revamping my Projects Week 9


    ” This week, you should pick two assignments you’ve already completed and significantly revise them, improve upon them, or remix them with something else. This is an opportunity to spend more time on something you might have rushed through before or to bring a new twist to an assignment you’ve …

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    Twitter feed of Broadcasted Radio-shows!


    This was probably my favorite assignment for this week. I loved listening to multiple radio show projects and seeing what topics other groups decided to focus on.

    For this assignment; I listened to the radio-shows this Monday night.

    First I listened to my groups radio show and it sounded amazing. …

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    Classmates and Comments Week 8


    For this week I chose 2 posts to review!

    “Week 8: Radio show”

    Between the transitions, edits, vocals, sound effects, bumpers, commercials and even the clarity in the project. I recognized one of my classmates voices Lauren Perez because we have another class together and we have similar friend groups …

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