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  1. @danielleerika4

    Daily Creates for Week 8!

    This week (fortunately) we were asked to only produce two daily creates. Thank the Lord because this week was very heavy with projects, studying, exams, and presentations. Day 1. Today we worked on a “scribble monster”! I cannot draw very well so to me this is scribbling! Day 2. Thank you for reading my blog! […]
  2. @danielleerika4

    Week 2 Radio Show Progress

    This week was a blast. We loved compiling everything together and learning how to do that by utilizing audacity! For this week everyone submitted their segments, bumpers, and commercials either to sound cloud and to the google drive folder or emailed them to me. I utilized a website to convert the files to MP3 format […]
  3. @danielleerika4

    Tell A Story!

    For 3 stars! This is the story I made up for my character Lily. I gave her a 5 year old son, the experienced trauma and recovered from it. Yet at the end of the story they experience another trauma. Read or listen to it and see. Below is my audio file: Below is my […]
  4. @danielleerika4

    Week 7 Daily Creates

    This week we were advised to complete 3 daily creates. Day 1: Today we were asked to Reward ourselves something. It was fitting because I actually got awarded the MVP of my rugby match. Day 2: Today we learned about visualization of vocabularies so I chose to clarify the slang terms of 2019. Day 3: […]
  5. @danielleerika4

    Design Blitz

    For this project I chose; color, metaphors/symbols, minimalism, and dominant. Color: For this part of the blitz, I wanted to find palette and try to create a small variation in colors. This was a project I did last fall semester in one of my art classes, so creating a color palette online was so much […]
  6. @danielleerika4

    Design Thoughts

    The Vignelli Canon By: Massimo Vignelli: Below are some quotes I enjoyed while reading this text. “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best” “It is up to the brain to use the proper formula to achieve the desired result” “It is my hope that this book may provide […]

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