1. @danielleerika4

    Weekly Report: Week 1


    Week 1 was full of surprises.

    This class has already been keeping me busy. Thankfully I had most of the accounts already created and I had been comfortable using them. Apparently, I thought I didn’t have a sound cloud account until I opened the page and began to set up …

  2. @danielleerika4

    Introduction to DS 106!


    Hello All! Happy Sunday. Welcome to my blog. My name is Danielle Erika Beard. I like to go by Danielle or Danielle Erika (hence why all my social media accounts say Danielle Erika).
    I am thrilled to be in this course and to develop these skills. I took DGST 101 …

  3. @danielleerika4

    Mediated Metacognitive Meditation

    1. Iteration:

    For this assignment I chose to work on is Module 2. AKA the Digital Culture project. When I did this initially I had signed up for my own channel but hadn’t looked into anything further. So I did some research on how to promote and develop your own …

  4. @danielleerika4

    Week 5 Day 1 Progress


    Good evening everyone and thank you for reading my blog today. I wanted to provide an update as to where I am in the final week of our class. Today our professor asked us to accomplish a few things this week so I began with the smaller tasks. These tasks …

  5. @danielleerika4

    Module 3 Phase 3


    Hello all and Good evening.

    For this week I chose “Text Analysis” to work on for the Digital Methodology Modules project. Also referred to as Module 3. I cannot believe we are already on Module 3! I loved doing this module. For a few reasons, I love to read, I …

  6. @danielleerika4

    Making the World a Better Place: Group Module

    Are Children Reading Less? Most; but not all children. From an article written in 1998 it was found that “Children in low-income families lack essential one-on-one reading time. The average child growing up in a middle class family has been exposed to 1,000 to 7,000 hours of one-on-one picture book…
  7. @danielleerika4

    Module 3 Phase 1


    Hello all and happy Monday! This week we have been assigned to choose a Digital Methodology Module, and I selected “Text Analysis”.

    I chose this topic because I love to read. I have enjoyed reading novels since I was in elementary school. I’ve read a wide variety from Nancy Drew, …

  8. @danielleerika4

    Making the World a Better Place Reflection

    Choice of question: Our choice of question was: Are children reading less? For this project I found there is a lot of misinformation on the web where people are arguing for both sides inside of their own papers. There is also a large lack of information from recent studies as…
  9. @danielleerika4

    Week 3 Participation and Reflection Report


    This week has been very difficult for me in a time management stance. This was probably my biggest task. Mainly meeting online with my group to discuss things and clarify miscommunications was something that felt impossible to accomplish. All in all we worked well together, we did not (or at-least …

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