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  1. @Tillysisland

    Week 11 Summary

    This week contained a lot of learning from a lot of different sources. With another round of peer teaching, I found it to be very enjoyable once again. Being at a table with some very interesting, respectful, and engaged students helped to create a lovely experience. Starting off the week,
  2. @Tillysisland

    Week 10 Summary

    AI and Ethics The following is a response to this given prompt: Using your experience with the simulations — and taking for granted that we all hopefully agree that AI should behave ethically when possible — how do you think designers of AI should account for potential ethical decisions? 1.
  3. @Tillysisland

    Week 9 – Self-Ev(AI)uation

    Artificial Intelligence This week, we dug a bit deeper into AI and how it looks in the real world compared to how it appears in fictional media. It feels very fitting to be touching on this subject at this time as just the other weekend I watched Free Guy with
  4. @Tillysisland

    Week 7

    To begin the week, we took a look at Colab, learning a bit more Python to create a Magic 8 Ball. Ultimately, the code is quite simplistic and understandable, but the real fun comes with inserting custom responses. For my 8 Ball, I’ll admit I approached it a bit immaturely
  5. @Tillysisland

    The Soft Truth About A Radical Week

    The readings and activities for class this week were very interesting and engaging, covering a wide variety of genres and topics. We read a short story called “The Soft Truth” this week, a story that fits into the “algowave” genre of writing. In the story, the main character works for
  6. @Tillysisland

    Week 5 – Algorithms and Bias

    While I may have had a poor understanding of what he was trying to say, I feel like I was able to make a real connection to Rushkoff’s SXSW talk. By referring to things like government and religion as programs, touching on the fact that we build new programs on
  7. @Tillysisland

    Week 4 in Retrospect

    This week was unlike most weeks in a semester, as the majority of it was spent on peer teaching. Initially, I’ll admit that I was nervous about the idea, but after looking more into it, and now in hindsight, I think it was an extremely productive experience. Firstly, teaching to
  8. @Tillysisland

    Week 3 Wrap-Up

    Week 3! This was a fun week, diving deeper into older systems such as Geocities and HyperCard stacks. Some of the “plots of land” that people created were fascinating, many of them serving as time capsules for a specific person, place, or thing. While listening to the Geocities episode of
  9. @Tillysisland

    Stick to the Meta – Week 2

    Before anything, I wanted to open with my script/storyboard for a 30-second commercial advertising a UMW education that has been reimagined for the Metaverse. *Commercial opens, pitch black**An image appears in a manner similar to that of turning on an old TV*“Huh?”*The camera is clearly meant to appear as a
  10. @Tillysisland

    Week 1 – Looking Back

    Week 1 served to be a great introduction to things, not only in terms of expectations regarding assignments and effort, but also simply getting to know Professor Whalen and beginning to loosely connect with other students. Even with something as simple as sharing our Wordle scores, I feel instantly more
  11. @tweetingfortheend

    Learning to Code

    I loved doing the learn to code assignment! This was super fun for me because not only did I get to use a learn to code activity that was a game, it also it Frozen themed! For this assignment I used Studio Code’s Frozen game. The link is: So, my first reaction to this was...

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