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  1. @KellyPratt27125

    Audio Summary

    Audio Week Assignments: Audio Summary What did you learn? I learned about some sound techniques such as using sound effects, layering, and music. I also learned about storytelling. The Ira Glass videos were quite informative regarding how to tell a story. It’s the most natural thing in the world to speak a story, but writing […]
  2. @KellyPratt27125

    All The Relaxation

    Prompt: I’m sure you’ve listened to those longs videos of relaxing sounds that can be played for 10+ hours. Now it’s your turn to give it a try! Create something relaxing, with layered sounds, and some spontaneous sounds! It doesn’t have to be 10+ hours long, but something that could be on repeat for that […]
  3. @CeliaSdigitally

    All The Relaxation…

    Relaxation music comes in all forms. There is some really bad relaxation music and some that work really well. In this assignment, I am combining all of my favorite relaxation sounds into one to make the ultimate relaxation audio. I like the idea of using various sounds to create an overlay that is peaceful. While … Continue reading All The Relaxation…
  4. @jclark22umw

    Breathe in, breathe out


    For one of my assignments this week, I chose to make a relaxing white noise sound that you can play on loop. Birds or crickets are my preferred white noise, so that’s what I used. I used BBC’s sound effects archive to download my sounds. I chose one long, repetitive sound to be my base. […]

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  5. @Maeve_ds106

    Relaxing Sounds v. Auditory Hell

    For my second Audio Bank assignment, I chose All the Relaxation. This assignment asked the creator to create a collaboration of sounds that could be looped to create a relaxing background noise. I used for my sounds and Garage Band to complete the assignment. In my last assignment I focused on layering sounds, for […]
  6. @megds106

    Imagine You’re On the Beach…

    Close your eyes…and listen to this 2.5 star audio assignment. My inspiration for this was spa-style massage music. I can think of no more relaxing place than the beach. This was pretty simple to make. I used to find ambient sounds and music that would fit together. To me, the most relaxing instrument is …

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  7. @Michael48861254

    Week 7 Audio Assignments

    All The Relaxation 2.5 Create a Place 4 Emotions Through Sound 4 It had taken me a while to find audio assignments that i had...

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