1. @Carrie F.

    Week 10


    Honestly this week has been a struggle. I was not really able to post and complete all of the assignments that were assigned this week. I had a lot of stress on my plate this week and hope that everything does get better! I was able to complete a couple …

  2. @Carrie F.

    Final Summary


    For this final project, I have decided to take the time to reflect on my progress throughout this course. I decided I would show most of my reflection by using my designing , audio skills and my writing skills to demonstrate my growth. In this final project, I have posted …

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    Interview and the Transcription

    Interview with the New and Improved Carrington!

    Transcript for Interview:

    Welcome to the evening edition of The Reflected Self. We are pleased to  have with us the newly  transformed Carrington F. Carrington is in the final week of Digital Storytelling  and cannot say enough about the growth she has experienced …

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    I shift

    I shimmer

    I change.

    I twist

    I twinkle

    I turn.

    My glimmer brings light to your eyes

    My sparkle fills you with hope

    Do not remember the flaws that are me, world.

    Please remember how I made you feel.…

  5. @Carrie F.

    Progress Report


    This week for my final project, I have really taken the time to think about the direction I wanted to take for my project. Since I was thinking about creating a project based on overcoming obstacles, I was thinking of creating almost like a documentary, or like progress I have …

  6. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    This week has just reminded me of how close we are to the end! I feel that many of my professors are just now starting to hand out and assign their final projects! It is a bit overwhelming but I am trying to manage! For this week I was able …

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    For this assignment, I remixed my Care Bear mashup! The remix asked that I change the mood of my last mashup. By doing so, I changed the happy care bear mood to a sad and scared one! I used Pixlr again for this assignment because I find it quite simple …

  8. @Carrie F.

    Mix it up!


    So I remixed the Holiday Mashup assignment! For my remix, I had to add in a sidekick! So for my holiday remix mashup, I added in Santa’s favorite helper and guider of his sleigh! If you don’t who I am talking about, I am talking about Rudolph the red nose …

  9. @Carrie F.

    Care Bears?!


    For this assignment I was tasked with taking an actor’s face and putting or superimposing the landscape over the face or however you want to call it. The first thing I thought of was that meme that I always saw with James Van Der Beek’s face. Basically he was about …

  10. @Carrie F.

    Holiday Mashup


    For this assignment, I was tasked with combining three of my favorite holidays onto one photo. My favorite holiday would definitely have to be Christmas, and my family still likes to convince the kids that Santa is real…..lol . So, I decided it would be easiest to find a picture …

  11. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    Hey guys! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week I had a lot on my plate. I had to complete a couple other projects from my other classes at the beginning of this week, so I did not really have too much time to really complete some of …

  12. @Carrie F.

    My Night Routine!


    So, for this Assignment, I was tasked with recording my night time routine! It is weird to have the camera on you as you are completing your routine, I do not understand how these Youtubers do it. However, I must say that I did enjoy creating and editing the video. …

  13. @Carrie F.

    How to be a Healthier you


    In this assignment, I believe it stated to give tips on anything you want to. So, I decided I would take the tips that my mom has taught me while I was growing up. To this day, I still follow these tips that she has taught me. I mean these …

  14. @Carrie F.

    What do YOU do on an everyday basis?


    This assignment, I had to record myself performing an activity that I do on an everyday basis. I had to record myself for 8 seconds, so I decided to record myself texting. I mean I am not going to lie and say that I do not text on an everyday …

  15. @Carrie F.

    Dear 16 Year Old Me


    For this assignment, I was tasked with giving advice to my 16 year old self. When I was 16, I was in the beginning of my senior year of high school. I remember during this time, I was struggling (mentally). I was also so worried about what others thought of …

  16. @Carrie F.

    Makeup Tips and Tricks!


    I decided to tackle the “Teach me Something” Assignment from the Video Bank. I decided that I would give my tips and tricks for makeup, that seem to work for me when I decide to put it on. Now, I am no expert when it comes to makeup, just letting …

  17. @Carrie F.



    Hello folks! For my first video assignment, I had decided to complete the “Get to Know Me” Assignment. For this assignment, I had recorded myself on my computer and uploaded it to iMovie where I would then add in background music and finally upload to Youtube. I had my close …

  18. @Carrie F.

    Weekly Summary


    This week was relatively light for me all around. I did not have too much work to complete this week. I also had the opportunity to listen to a radio show and reflect in a blog which can be seen below as well! I was able to complete my three …

  19. @Carrie F.

    Dear Carrie Take 2!


    For my second rework assignment, I had decided to take one of the writing assignments that I had completed in the beginning of the semester. I believe for this assignment I had to wrote a letter to myself in the future. So, I figured that now that I know how …

  20. @Carrie F.

    Mommy Dearest Take 2!


    I have decided to revise my “Mommy Dearest” post. I decided to take the letter I had written to my mom and paste onto a background that I had found soothing/easy/appealing to the eyes. I felt that at first the original post was a little boring or dull without a …

  21. @Carrie F.

    Project Idea


    Happiness can be the result of success experienced from overcoming a single challenge or a collection of challenges, either great or small. Like the landscape artistry of Bob Ross, each painting is a process, a journey. The journey begins with the first stroke on the canvas and continues as anticipation …

  22. @Carrie F.

    Reflection on Radio Show


    I was able to join the DS106 Radio on Wednesday night! The show I had listened to was “The Roy Rogers Show – “The Missing Painter”. ” Overall the show was interesting. Really and truly, the only critiques I have are that the show could have used some transitions from …

  23. @Carrie F.

    Radio Show Progress


    This week, my radio show group had divided up the main points that we wanted to discuss for our individual recordings for our radio show. I had volunteered to discuss how the impacts of social media during the pandemic. I had researched some points and wrote a script for my …

  24. @Carrie F.

    Where does the Time Go??


    This week has been pretty hectic/busy for me. I was able to join a group and discuss ideas for a radio show topic called “The Tea on Social Media.” My group and I shared a Google Doc amongst each other and we created a group chat. There has been a …

  25. @Carrie F.

    Tea on Social Media Commercial


    I attempted the Product Commercial assignment. For this assignment, I decided to do a commercial on an event called sip and create. If you take a listen I even attempted to include our ds106 theme in with my project group’s topic. I had a pretty fun time creating this commercial, …

  26. @Carrie F.

    Tea on Social Media Bumper


    I chose the “create your ds106 radio bumper” audio assignment. I created this bumper to give my group another bumper choice to select. I decided to choose a chill loop from the freesound and then recorded my voice over the loop. Let me know what you think!…

  27. @Carrie F.

    Tea on Social Media Poster


    I decided to create my own version of a poster for my radio show group. I used Canva to create my poster. I thought it would be clever since the title of our show is “The Tea on Social Media,” to stick a photo of a phone with a picture …

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