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  1. @ArthurDrag1

    DS106 Final

    Here is my final project! I decided to create a video story with a focus on sound design that’s broken up with photography/graphic design. I accomplished this through film and some stills that I FINALLY GOT BACK YESTERDAY. All of them are pretty environments that I’ve edited to be distorted through photoshop. The data-moshed video … Continue reading DS106 Final
  2. @ArthurDrag1

    Auditory Hell [Remixed]: Pollack Style

    Please wear headphones with the volume at max for best effect (ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THIS) I like noise. I like making noise music. When the remix came about and asked that I “score” a Pollack painting, it made TOO MUCH sense. I really like how the end product came out, and I just thoroughly … Continue reading Auditory Hell [Remixed]: Pollack Style
  3. @ArthurDrag1

    AMV Assignment

    I think I was crying laughing the whole time I made this. I made a version of this earlier last year, but I edited it more for this assignment and uploaded it over the original file, hence the 11 months ago upload time. This started as a joke for a Fredericksburg band that I’m friends … Continue reading AMV Assignment
  4. @ArthurDrag1

    Radio Listen – Myths, Legends And Character Conversations

    I thought that this podcast was very interesting! Our group did a therapy session, so I in my head I couldn’t think of something that any other group would do, but these back to back individual stories are fantastic. I really like the way the whole thing flows and how in depth each person gets … Continue reading Radio Listen – Myths, Legends And Character Conversations

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