1. @grace_long88

    Week Fourteen Summary


    This semester I have learned a lot about using different forms of media to tell a story. Now when I see pictures and watch movies, I see them in a different way. I am thinking about the photographer/videographer and trying to see the message they are trying to tell. I …

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    Final Project


    Recently I have been thinking a lot about my college experience. I am so happy I came to Mary Washington and had so many great classes and met so many good people. I am also thankful for how much I have changed throughout college. Looking back, I am nothing like …

  3. @grace_long88

    Message To Share


    These past couple of weeks we have been thinking about what our final project will be, with the prompt “What is the message you want to share with the world?”. This is a very hard decision to make because I feel like I have many stories and messages to tell …

  4. @grace_long88

    Open House


    Come join us for this Open House. It is in a great neighborhood and won’t be on the market long.

    For this assignment, my remix was to make a terrible event poster. I chose to make an Open House poster. For it I selected colors that did not go together …

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    Are you experiencing headaches, muscle aches, loss of apatite, etc.? Ask you doctor to take this medicine.

    For this remix assignment, I created a bad infomercial. I used my roommate as the subject and recorded a voice over in Audacity. I then but the videos and sound together using Slideshow …

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    Nursery Songs


    Have you ever noticed that Twinkle Twinkle, the ABC Song and Ba Ba Black Sheep all have the same toon? For this assignment I edited the three songs together to show their similarity.

    I was hard to find a all three songs with the same tempo so I had to …

  7. @grace_long88

    Happy Holidays


    Many people combine Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years or they celebrate them all in the same season so I decided to mash up these holidays in a gif. These are also three of my favorite holidays.

    I created a scene of a turkey celebrating Christmas in a snow globe on …

  8. @grace_long88

    Week Eleven Summary


    This week we continued working with telling a story through videos. I chose three different weekly assignments to get to my 10 stars. This first assignment I chose was to create a video of a vacation. I thought this assignment was perfect for me because I love filming vacations. …

  9. @grace_long88

    Falling Leaves


    For this assignment I tried to film a time-lapse of the leaves falling. I think it was a little too soon for this video and maybe one leaf actually fell. But I will definitely re-try this assignment once it gets a little colder.

    In the video I thought it was …

  10. @grace_long88

    Count Down To Christmas


    It’s November which means it’s Christmas time!! So for one of my assignments this week I chose to make a countdown to Christmas. It is composed of scenes from Christmas movies.

    This assignment ended up being a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I quickly realized I haven’t even seen …

  11. @grace_long88

    Life Is A Journey


    It is amazing how a video is able to capture a moment. I love to take videos when I am traveling or with friends and family so I can look back and remember how I was feeling and relive the moment.

    For this assignment I took videos my siblings and …

  12. @grace_long88

    Week Ten Summary


    This week we focused on videos. We started the week by learning about how to edit videos and what to look for in your clips. I created my video essay with the show Golden Girls. In the assignment I looked for what we learned from the tutorials. I liked …

  13. @grace_long88

    Day In My Life


    Here is a quick view at what a day in my life looks like. For this assignment I tried to get a clip every hour but I couldn’t get one every hour because of class or work meetings where I could not take my phone out. I also had a …

  14. @grace_long88

    What I Eat In A Day!


    For one of my video assignments I wanted to make a What I Eat In A Day. I love to make food and cook but unfortunately this week was pretty busy so I didn’t have a lot of interesting meal. So this is more of a busy, realistic representation of …

  15. @grace_long88

    Arrow Dancing


    Since everyone loved the video of Arrow last time I thought this was a perfect opportunity to bring him back. He is a crazy kid and loves to dance.

    I have millions of videos of Arrow so it was not hard to find the perfect one. I then used tiktok …

  16. @grace_long88

    Golden Girls


    My roommate and I are currently watching Golden Girls together and when I was learning about video editing I thought this would be a great show to use for my video essay. Also Bob Ross was from Florida and Golden Girls is set in Florida so it connected to the …

  17. @grace_long88

    More Project Ideas


    Reading through everyone’s project ideas was very inspirational. Everyone had great ideas and I am excited to see how they turn out. The first idea that really stood out to me was Carrie’s. She talked about how overcoming obstacles and achievements can tell a great story. I think this …

  18. @grace_long88

    Week Nine Summary


    This week we focused on looking ahead. I spent most of my week thinking about what I can do for the final project. This is a big assignment I am kind of nervous for it but I can up with a few ideas that I think would be fun …

  19. @grace_long88

    Happy Fall


    For my daily creates this week I wanted them to all represent Fall. Fall is my favorite season and it just started so I thought it would be perfect.

    I started the week by making a gif. I found a free image online that portrayed the calendar month of October. …

  20. @grace_long88

    The Final Count Down


    As we near the end of the semester, I am starting to think about what I can do for the final project.

    I really enjoyed giving advise to freshman in the radio show. I am about to graduate in December and I feel that I have learned a lot throughout …

  21. @grace_long88

    The Joy Of Music


    Tonight I listened to The Joy Of Music. I thought this group did an amazing job with their radio show. I love music as well, I always use it to brighten my mood or get me out of a weird head space. I really enjoyed listening to how they use …

  22. @grace_long88

    Take a Guess! (redone)


    I wanted to redo this assignment because I recently got a new phone with a better camera. The last time I did this assignment the photo was not good quality so I thought it would be fun to do it again with a better quality photo.

    So take a guess …

  23. @grace_long88

    Before & After (redone)


    My favorite season is Fall. I love the way the leaves change and the temperature is perfect outside. I also love wearing comfy jackets and sweatshirts. I think it is remarkable how different outside looks in different seasons. For my first rework I decided to try the Color Changer assignment …

  24. @grace_long88

    Week Eight Summary


    Because of Fall Break, I got an early start on this week’s assignments. I signed up to compile my groups segments together and make them all uniform. So I also knew I had to get ahead of my work so I would have time at the end of the week …

  25. @grace_long88

    Progress Report


    Because of Fall Break, I got an early start on this week’s assignments. I signed up to compile my groups segments together and make them all uniform. So I also knew I had to get ahead of my work so I would have time at the end of the week …

  26. @grace_long88

    Week Seven Summary


    This week we started making our radio shows. We formed into groups on Saturday and started talking about what we want to focus on in our show. My group, The Core, decided it would be fun to give advice to freshman at Mary Washington. We are going to talk about …

  27. @grace_long88

    The Core


    For this assignment I created a bumper for our radio show. I recorded myself introducing the show and our group. Then, I found some royalty free music and added it to the background. My group also decided we were going to put a bumper before each commercial so I told …

  28. @grace_long88

    Status Update


    You’re Listening to DS106 radio with The Core…

    Our radio show is giving advice to freshman at Mary Washington. We all remember freshman year as being very overwhelming and not easy to navigate. So we thought it would be helpful to give them some tips and tricks we have discovered …

  29. @grace_long88

    Music Lessons


    I played Clarinet and Bass Clarinet in middle school and my best friend played French Horn. So for this assignment I choose these three instruments to create music with.

    I haven’t read sheet music since middle school so I was a little rusty at first, but it came back just …

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