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  1. @mgedney

    my final ds106 story

    As the semester winds to an end, so does my final ds106 project. As I mentioned in my progress post, Walker and I created a video explaining how this class compares to and has expanded our utilization of social media platforms. We included segments on Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and
  2. @grace_long88

    Week Nine Summary

    This week we focused on looking ahead. I spent most of my week thinking about what I can do for the final project. This is a big assignment I am kind of nervous for it but I can up with a few ideas that I think would be fun to
  3. @skyler0455

    Week One Summary

    This week, I learned how to do many new things in digital media that I had not done before. I was able to learn how to set up a blog for the first time, and learn how to use WordPress. At first, I was a little nervous having never used WordPress before, but the supporting […]
  4. @skyler0455

    Course Goals

    I initially added this course to fulfill the Digital Intensive Gen Ed requirement, but now I am excited about what I will be learning and gaining from taking this class. I was not expecting to take this kind of class, as I did not have much experience with producing digital media before this week. Already, […]
  5. @skyler0455

    The Joy of DS106

    Bob Ross – Storm’s A Comin (Season 26 Episode 11) Although I had heard of Bob Ross, I had never actually watched one of his videos until today. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked watching the tutorial. His voice was surprisingly very calming as he easily walked us through how to achieve […]
  6. @skyler0455

    About Me!

    I love listening to podcasts, and one of my current favorites is “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain”. I usually listen on Spotify, but I put some of her older episodes in this SoundCloud playlist! This summer I took my dog, Nala, hiking with me a lot. She likes going on any kind of walk and […]
  7. @jasmxlon

    Midweek 1: Hump Day

    Featured Image: Created by me/Inspired by Daily Create on 6/26/2018 Welcome to my Blog! The following are the links to all of my accounts: For this course I have created a Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud , and YouTube accounts. Process I have prior experience with Domain of One’s Own since it is a very common tool used in classes at Mary …

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  8. @Sam_ara106

    Entering the Apocalypse

    I should start off by admitting that this course is not at all what I expected it to be. I imagined the square story boards from my high school programming class, and lectures to listen to once a week about how to, quite literally, create a story. Even though this class is not what I…
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