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  1. @Conner44769274

    Project Ideas 2!

    As finals rapidly approach, we are tasked with thinking about ideas for our final projects in DS106. You may recall my initial thoughts and how I was really at a loss on what to do. I am still not super confident in any of my ideas, but I’ve had much longer to think about it. […]
  2. @jclark22umw

    Project Inspiration


    I have a few ideas for a final project. I think Conner had a great idea, creating a tutorial of an important hobby/craft is definitely interesting. Rosemary had some great inspiration to! I think I may try to create a crash course style video on my majors, and why I think they’re interesting. However, I […]

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  3. @jclark22umw

    A Look at Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith


    For my film review, I chose to analyze a scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. This movie follows Anakin Skywalkers turn to the dark side. The change in lighting and color palette throughout the course of the movie helps capture the twisted mood the film makers were trying to accomplish. Once I had […]

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  4. @Conner44769274

    Project Ideas

    In the coming weeks, we are moving away from radio and onto video. I really enjoy video editing (even though I haven’t done it too much) so I’m really excited to start thinking about this project! I had a really hard time coming up with ideas though, because I think I’m getting a little burnt […]
  5. @Conner44769274

    Radio Show Reflection

    This week all of our radio shows were broadcasted on DS106 Radio! It’s cool to hear something you created on an actual radio station. I loved hearing everyone else’s shows too, everyone did such a great job! I wasn’t able to tune in each day to listen, but I listened to the three that were […]
  6. @jclark22umw

    Radio Show Week 1: The Search for Inspiration


    My group for the radio show project consists of myself, Madeline, Maddy (Dede), and Rosemary. We are doing a show on childhood memories. Once we had established our group, we made a group chat and had a zoom meeting on Sunday afternoon to divvy out jobs and discuss ideas for our individual segments of the […]

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  7. @jclark22umw

    Design blitz


    I’m immunodeficient, so I didn’t go out and take pictures this week. In fact, I didn’t leave my house at all. However, I did research and looked for examples of different designs. Sign 1 makes good use of balance. Because everything revolves around the circular shape, the eye naturally follows. Dominance is also used. The […]

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  8. @Conner44769274


    Much like our photoblitzer a few weeks ago, we were tasked with creating a designblitz this week! The goal was to find pieces of design that demonstrates different design principals. I found all of these in my home since we’re still in a pandemic. I realized that vinyl records actually demonstrate a lot of these […]
  9. @Conner44769274

    Thoughts on Design

    Like sound last week, design is something I have very little experience in. Design is so important and it was interesting to learn more about it from the videos and readings. I really enjoyed watching the video on the design of movie posters. I actually recently took a trip to Books-a-Million with some friends and […]
  10. @jclark22umw

    Design Reflection


    While reading “A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design” the following quote stuck with me… “It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed,” Bill Moggridge I know this was the first line of the article, but it made me think. The […]

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  11. @jclark22umw

    Live Tweet Along


    On Wednesday night I slid in bed and tuned into DS106 radio. The broadcast they shared was about different natural relationships between large trees, springtails, and fungus. It sounds weird, I know. However, I was very drawn into this science lesson. The use of sound effects was excellent, and I really enjoyed how the creator […]

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  12. @Conner44769274

    Radio Show Ideas

    Here are a few ideas for the radio show assignment! I’m not really tied down to anything, so this is not a comprehensive list. I’m excited to work with some of you to create the “our” portion of Y(our) story! 1. A movie/show/whatever review I love talking with my friends about something we’ve all watched […]
  13. @Conner44769274

    DS106Radio Tweet Along

    On Monday night our class listen to a audio drama called I Saw Myself Running. Since we’re focusing on audio and sound this week, it was interesting to listen to something where that was truly at the forefront. I listen to podcasts a lot, but I don’t really focus much on the sound and instead […]
  14. @jclark22umw

    Audio Reflection


    In the podcast episode “Moon Graffiti” I found the sounds used powerful and chilling. The story created is a solemn one, but the performances of the voice actors sold it. Furthermore, the realistic sounds used when the shuttle crashed made me jump a bit, and the radio sounds created a more authentic experience. When Edward […]

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  15. @jclark22umw

    What Makes a Good Photo?


    The reading this week was insightful, and it encouraged me to look at past photos with a more creative eye. It also gave me a good amount of inspiration for this week’s photo assignments. A few of these tips I already use in common photo taking practice. Upon reading more about each, I already play […]

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  16. @Conner44769274

    What Makes A “Good” Photograph?

    After reading the Telling Stories in Photos article and reflecting on my own photography journey and experience, it’s time to dig even deeper. I will be analyzing five different photographs and looking at different elements and storytelling methods in them. I will be looking specifically at elements like contrast, lighting, perspective, balance, and several others. […]
  17. @jclark22umw

    My Life with Photos


    At my house we have a special shelf. This shelf houses hundreds of precious memories with carefully handwritten messages. Some photos dating back to my parents in high school! My mom is a champion scrapbooker. Growing up, she had a room dedicated to the storage of her supplies and photos with a table and chair […]

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  18. @Conner44769274

    Photographs and Y(Our) Story

    This week we are focusing entirely on photography! Photography is something I have very little experience in, however it’s something I’ve always wanted to get better at. Since it’s so easy to take photos nowadays with phones, I take them all the time, but its never been anything I’m particularly proud of. I like taking […]
  19. @jclark22umw

    Inconceivable: A story analysis


    The Princess Bride is a movie from 1987 based off the book written by William Goldman. Growing up, the movie was one of my favorites. The fairytale-esque comedy portraying a village-boy-turned-pirate finding and rescuing his one true love. A princess whose heart has become cold opening up to love again after finding the return of […]

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  20. @jclark22umw

    More thematic thoughts…


    After another week of pondering and reading through classmates’ posts, I think the general consensus is sharing what others find interesting about us, or maybe finding that out through this course. Our uniqueness is displayed by our experiences and personality quirks. I enjoyed Madeline’s thoughts on the theme, she examined a more specific approach that […]

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