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    my final project


    The story I wanted to share with the world was about living in the present moment. I as well as many people through the pandemic have been through many changes and transitions in the past few years, many of which I did not expect. It taught me to cherish the …

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    final project!


    This semester really flew by! We are already at the final project.

    The story I want to share with the world is about living in the present moment. I as well as many people through the pandemic have been through many changes and transitions in the past few years, many …

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    This assignment said to post a GIF of cows (any kind).

    The remix said to:

    “Redo an assignment with a darkness theme of anguished youth- use black colors and metal sounds.”

    I like using Giphy.com for GIF assignments.

    For this one, I struggled to find one that works, before I …

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    the music of gifs


    The assignment I followed said to post a gif that suggests music or dancing in some way.

    Remix: “Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically.”

    I used Giphy to complete this assignment.

    I immediately thought of …

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    is this the right movie?


    Create a poster or ad for an upcoming movie. Let the ad’s theme and movie contradict themselves. For instance, you can have your movie be about kids playing on a Summer day, but your ad shows a spooky side to the plot. A good “everything is not what it seems” …

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    similar songs


    Mashup two (or more!) songs that are similar to each other, by either the same or different artist(s). Do your best to show the similarities—edit parts of the songs next to each other. If it’s possible to do this without making it sound terrible, try to overlay the songs at …

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    time lapse


    I did the time lapse video assignment. This assignment says to create a time lapse from one single location so you can see how the location changes over time.

    I wanted to create a time lapse outside while the sun was going down so that the video would hopefully …

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    I did the Make a Video Assignment this week. This assignment says to record yourself reading out loud and set it to a related video. You can basically take it wherever you want to – you can use a clip from a movie, tv show, poem, etc.

    I went through …

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    week ten summary!


    This week was busy! I did a video essay on a movie scene to incorporate some elements we learned this week. For my ten stars of video assignments, I made a video poem where I read a poem over a movie scene, and worked this assignment in a different way …

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    project ideas round two


    I really liked Kendra’s idea of making a podcast about the different areas of creativity you can develop in ds106. I think it would be interesting to talk through some of the skills learned and medias we used in class, and this would be a great way to share with …

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    For this assignment, I combined this Software Angel assignment:

    “For this assignment, you have to pay it forward SOFTWARE EDITION. In this class, we’ve had to use a lot of softwares to complete many assignments, so pick one that you love using and make a quick video for it. This …

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    video poem


    Have a favorite poem? Record yourself reading out loud and set it to a related video (favorite episode clips or movie clips, animate something, the choice is yours!)


    For this assignment, I chose the poem, “I am too alone” by Rainer Rilke which I found through a novel I …

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    video essay


    Here is my video essay! I used a scene from the Titanic. I used screencast-o-matic.com to make this video, which is free and not too complicated to learn how to use. It was interesting to try to find some of the techniques in this scene. …

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    final project ideas


    I was not expecting it to be so hard to brainstorm ideas. There are so many directions we could take the project! An idea I’ve been thinking about that keeps with our Bob Ross theme is maybe recreating one of his paintings following one of his videos. I want it …

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    radio show reflections


    Yesterday I listened to The Undergraduate Monster Wash radio show on ds106 radio. I really enjoyed this show! The group used consistent sound effects and background music throughout to really set the scene and add a spooky theme to the stories they were telling. The voice acting in each story …

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    reworked assignments


    This week, I looked through some of my old assignments to see which ones I wanted to rework. The first one I picked was my contradiction creation assignment. I really liked this assignment the first time around and wanted to add to it. It was about creating a graphic that …

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    week eight summary


    This week has been short but definitely very busy. My group met on zoom Wednesday after Fall break to record our radio show. Zoom was definitely a struggle to have all everyone’s audio come through clearly, but we did the best we could since we were not able to meet …

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    update on our radio show progress!


    For this week, my group just met today to record our radio show. We had our script ready, with each of us taking two roles. We each read through the script to make sure we knew when our parts came in. Also, for a few of us, our characters would …

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    radio show progress


    This week, my group, formed and started talking on our Discord server. I joined the group a little late, and got caught up about the idea for our project: to recreate an old episode of the Roy Rogers Show. We started working on a google doc to keep track of …

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    radio show logo!


    I made a logo for my group’s radio show! I used Canva to make it, by picking a logo template that I thought would fit our theme.

    First, I looked up pictures of advertisements for the actual Roy Rogers Show to get ideas for the design and color scheme.

    Since …

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    For this assignment, I made a radio commercial for my ds106 radio show group. We are recreating an old radio drama script from the Roy Rodger’s Show, and we thought it would be fitting to make a commercial for one of the Roy Rodger’s show’s actual sponsors. So, I looked …

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    design blitz


    I thought it would be a challenge to try to find these design elements in one area, so most of these pictures were taken in Curitiba!

    Minimalism/Use of Space

    The design here is very minimal, with very few objects crowding the space. I think it accomplishes what it needs to …

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    design thoughts


    This article really got me thinking about how much of what I see on a day to day basis has been designed by someone, like street signs, posters, food packaging, etc. It’s something that can easily be overlooked. People put their creativity and effort into designing these common things around …

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