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    Final Project


    A radio communication was intercepted in HQ stating that the rest of the agents were kidnapped and are being held somewhere far away. Its all up to agent 14 to find them and bring them back safely. There wasn’t much information, other than some catch phrase saying “Get Dirty, Go …

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    Final Project Week 1 update


    I plan on using video, pictures and writing to tell my story. I dont have the exact plot down but i think it would be fun to use the visual part of my project to shocase the places that take place through the story and keep the story going using …

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    Week 11 summary


    #ds106 #videoassignments #videoassignments Where do you want to go? 4 stars pic.twitter.com/Y5fWGv5wpv

    — Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) April 5, 2019

    1 star pic.twitter.com/KYFf4PLa98

    — Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) April 5, 2019

    #ds106 #videoassignments #videoassignments2409
    Favorite moments in college 2 stars pic.twitter.com/trZVbursQd

    — Michael Brown (@Michael48861254) April 5, 2019


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    This week hank and I did most of our collaborating in the first few days of the week. We pretty much had our main ideas down since last week, so we just had to come up with some questions. So we came up with 22 trivia questions from 4 spy …

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    I tried to choose bright colors fro my promo poster, to grab the readers attention. But other than that i was straight with the point, i didnt want to add too much “flare” to distract the reader, but i did try to fine some fun pictures to add that were …

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    Week 7 Audio Assignments


    All The Relaxation 2.5 http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/all-the-relaxation/

    Create a Place 4 http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-place/ Emotions Through Sound 4 http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/emotions-through-sound/https://soundcloud.com/michael-brown-732410127/relaxing-sounds (i had uploaded this to sound cloud and was immediately copyright claimed, i obtained all my audio from freesounds.org so i am disputing it, for now, here is the mp3

    It had taken me …

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     Many of the design assignments challenge you to design objects like posters, postcards, or book covers. Consider – What makes a poster look like a poster? What makes a book cover look like a book cover? It takes more than just putting words together with a photo. What distinguishes …

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    I chose this as my typography picture. I believe the sign for alvey hall displays typography.


    I chose the pillars infront of the HCC for Dominance. I believe the large pillars in the front, that are much taller than any other aspect of the building shows dominance. The…
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    Bumper Sticker

    This assignment seemed fun to edit in my software. I chose to do this as my bumper sticker because i feel like some people need to read this especially here in fredericksburg.…
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    This assignment seemed interesting to me with the challenge of showing off a word using a font. I chose shadow since i could show a double of the word as if it were casting a shadow…

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    Cartoon The Head!


    I chose this assignment because i thought it would be quick and fun, hence the 1.5 stars. I chose ben 10 to use as my cartoon since it was one of the first search results for cartoon, then i chose to edit his head on our one and only tpain. …

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    One Story / Four Icons


    I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun. I couldn’t really think of a movie to choose since I haven’t watched one in a while. So I went with a classic. I tried not to make mine too hard.…

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    Reverse Audio Quiz


    Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See who can figure it out …

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    The Daily Remix


    ” Take at least 3 household sounds (things you hear everyday during your commute, work day, school day, etc.) and take them out of context. Mash them up, combine them, remix them any way you want, as long as the final product does not resemble the things the sounds came …

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    Favorite Sounds


    ” To complete this assignment, pick 4-5 sounds that you enjoy hearing! Then, compile them into an audio file, and share! “

    I enjoyed this assignment, but it took me a while to find sounds that were on this website that i enjoyed. I tried to tie some of my …

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    Sound effects story


    I enjoyed doing this assignment, i had a slight issue when downloading LAME. But after contacting Professor Bonds I was able to get this completed. This is my first time using Audio software, however i understood how it works because I’ve seen other people use it. I couldn’t really think …

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    Weekly Assignment #4


    This week I enjoyed the visual aspect of the assignments. I loved how many different approaches there are. My favorite assignment was the pixel art I did, I think my tree turned out pretty good and that usually isn’t the case when it comes to my art. I also enjoyed …

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