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  1. @shleighduque

    Ceto Swims

    I was excited when I saw that we’d incorporate our recently-created characters in a visual assignment. I really loved the setting of Ceto’s entrance and decided to recreate it by adjusting the colors of an image that already existed. I figured the best way to approach this was through the Color Changer assignment. In the excerpt I wrote last week, … Continue reading Ceto Swims
  2. @Hannah Woehrle

    Color Changer – to the point where you can see my plaque

    The color changer prompt stood out to me because I have a hyper awareness of color. I’m not particularly artistic, but having purple hair does make me think a lot about the color palette of my pictures. I wanted to see if I could drastically change the color of my hair, but I quickly discovered …

    Continue reading "Color Changer – to the point where you can see my plaque"

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