1. @Hannah Woehrle

    Final Project


    For my final project, I created a Facebook page for my character Darla, and a LinkedIn for her Sidekick alter-ego Little Rascal.

    The Facebook includes basic information I filled in, pictures I took of my friends modeling as Darla and her sister Eloise, select pictures from the finsta I made …

  2. @Hannah Woehrle

    “The Imitation Game” Movie Review


    Well guys, it happened. I finally found a Benedict Cumberbatch movie that I don’t totally hate.

    It’s hard for me to admit, considering his brooding, loner, tortured genius characters are typically so obnoxious, but in this case, he made an incredibly convincing Alan Turing.

    The 2014 film, directed by Morten …

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    Advice for Future DS106 Students


    DS106 is an interesting course, and it can be a lot of fun if you approach it the right way, but it’s not an exaggeration when they say the work load it heavy. The work isn’t particularly difficult, but it is time consuming.

    The biggest piece of advice I have …

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    Progress Report/Week 13


    I decided very quickly that I wanted to work alone on the final project. With all of the hubbub of the end of the semester and looming finals, the logistics of group work seemed like more stress than they’re worth.

    I looked over some of the ideas for final projects, …

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    Week 12


    I’m so tired.

    This week, for god knows what reason, I decided to do all of my assignments before doing any of the blog posts. Experimentation I guess?

    I started out with the “One Movie Watches Another” assignment, which was 3.5 stars.

    Then I did the “Audio

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    For my final mashup assignment this week, I did the “What Color is Your World?” assignment. I chose the color blue, because that’s my character Little Rascal’s favorite color.

    I took pictures throughout the day (at work ,at lunch, at home) of blue objects and uploaded them into a video. …

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    Inappropriate Laughter


    For my third assignment, I did the “Inappropriate Laughter” assignment. I had to find a dramatic scene, and the saddest movie scene I could think of was from “My Girl”.  I was able to find the “He can’t see without his glasses” scene on youtube, and I found a good …

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    Pills for the Mad Hatter


    For my second mashup assignment, I did the “Audio & Music Video Mashup” assignment.

    The first thing I did was check out some Melanie Martinez music videos, because her videos are always visually engaging. The “Mad Hatter” video is particularly dynamic, especially because the theme of insanity can work with …

  9. @Hannah Woehrle

    Lucy Haleception


    For my first mashup assignment, I did the “One Movie Watches Another” assignment. I’ve been binge-watching “Pretty Little Liars” as of late, so the first thing that came to mind was the plethora of scenes from the show where Aria is watching Film Noir, which she loves. I found a …

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    Where’s Waldo?


    For my second remix assignment, I remixed the “Event Advertisement” assignment. I was tasked with “Where’s Waldo?”-ing it.

    I took Chris’s Lemonade Stand Flyer, and added Waldo to it. This was fairly easy; I found a transparent PNG of Waldo, and added it to Chris’s original in Canva.

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    Country Boys


    For my first remix assignment, I “country-fied” one of the “We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch” assignments. I took Courtney’s “The Real Life Hardy Boys“, and gave each of her boys a cowboy hat.

    The end result looks like:

    I think it’s pretty cute. It was easy to …

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    Not Your Average Tutorial


    For my final assignment this week, I did the “Life Hacks” assignment. I knew I needed something else to connect to my superhero character, and I got the idea to do a tutorial parody. My tutorial teaches my viewers how to protect themselves against mind-reading.

    I incorporated some affectations that …

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    Where My Shoes Take Me


    For my second video assignment this week, I did the “Where do your shoes take you?” assignment. I thought it’d be simple, just film my feet while walking to class and add some music.

    You can view my finished product here:

    This was more work than I expected. I ended …

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    Movie Intro


    For my first video project this week, I did the “Create An Intro to a Movie” assignment. I figured it’d be easy to link this one to my superhero character. I created the intro to a fictional movie about my character, Little Rascal, and her sister, the Archer of Justice.…

  15. @Hannah Woehrle

    Final Project Ideas


    It’s hard to say exactly what our final project should look like. I don’t know what the goal is for it. However, I imagine it should incorporate most if not all of the different types of storytelling we’ve studied.

    Perhaps we should be tasked with making social media profiles for …

  16. @Hannah Woehrle

    Photos through different lenses


    I was intimidated by this assignment at first, mostly because I wasn’t sure what the subject of my pictures should be. However, I got excited when I came up with the idea to use my glasses. I have multiple pairs (both sunglasses and regular glasses), and I think using an …

  17. @Hannah Woehrle

    Quick Draw


    This was actually a lot of fun. It reminded me of a game I play with my friends on girls’ nights, which is why I picked it.

    I did it twice, because I couldn’t figure out how to share it in a tweet the first time. (Turns out there was …

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    When I came across the “Create Finsta Instagram” assignment,  I was hesitant at first. I don’t have a finsta, and honestly I think they’re dumb. However, I realized that if anyone was justified in having a finsta, it’s someone with a secret identity, who wants to be able to address …

  19. @Hannah Woehrle

    Radio Review


    Tuesday night, after our “30 Minutes with Hannah Woehrle” aired,  I tuned into “Distress Signal”. Honestly it was phenomenally done. Their audio was crisp and clear, their concept was clever and well executed, they did a good job of tying in their superhero characters, and they even linked it to …

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    Storytelling Within the Web


    When I read the description for this assignment, I knew I wanted to do a parody of a political article, because there’s just so much there to work with. So, I went straight to the Washington Post.

    After a bit of browsing, I found the article “DeVos rescinds 72 guidance …

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    Week 8


    Oy vey. Group work is always hard, but in an online class, it’s even more complicated. Thankfully we were all willing to do the work that needed to be done to finish in time.

    We started the week by divided our responsibilities. Eric volunteered to do the editing, Courtney volunteered …

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    Week 7


    This week has been pretty frustrating. I’m not usually the type to struggle with group work, but group work for an online class presents unique challenges.

    We haven’t made as much progress as I’d like, and I think that’s probably because we’re not working at the same time. We contribute …

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    Radio Show Poster


    Designing this poster was difficult, because we don’t have that much to work with in terms of a subject for our radio show. Our star is yet to be identified, much less named (the program doesn’t have a name yet either), so my design had to be rather vague.

    This …

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    French Joke


    For my third audio assignment, I did the “Make ’em Laugh” assignment. In all honesty, I needed something that wouldn’t be too time consuming, as I didn’t have a ton of time left. I did a bit of internet browsing, and found a funny joke in French.

    It translates to …

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    For my second audio assignment this week, I did the the “Fictional Radio Ad” assignment, to contribute content to our radio show. This ad, set in a superhero infested universe, advertises “Supersurance” – insurance to cover superhero related damages.

    I wrote a small script for this, and recorded it myself …

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    Listen to this Photograph


    For my first audio assignment of the week, I did the “Make your own Mixtape” Assignment. I wasn’t yet ready to make something that could be applied to the radio show, so I went with something more personal.

    I’d had the idea in the back of my head for awhile …

  27. @Hannah Woehrle

    Week 6


    And the design week comes to a close. I actually really enjoyed this week, it was more up my alley than some of the stuff we’ve done.

    I started the week by Reflecting on Design, looking at Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s videos.

    Then I tackled the “Super Tattoo” assignment, …

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