1. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    DS106 Advice


    The biggest advice I can give for this class is time management. The class is super fun especially the assignments, however if you don’t manage your time correctly, you won’t be able to enjoy the process behind creating those assignments. Also, enjoy the assignments, even if you have an hour …

  2. @lshaikh26



    If you like to blog and love to work with different digital tools, then do not hesitate to take this class. But if you think it is an easy ‘A’ then you are not right. You will have to do a lot of work and learn so many new things …

  3. @TristenStevens3

    Advice for DS106


    To all of the upcoming students that want to take part in this super ds106 class, I have some advice for you. First, enjoy yourself and the assignments.  These assignments that you are tasked with are based off of your own ideas. You should always talk about stuff you love. …

  4. @KaseyMayer

    So You’re Thinking of Taking DS106?


    The benefit of taking online classes is that you can generally work them around your schedule. This is especially true for a class like this one where everyone has the same standard due date each week. If you have a lot of free time in the beginning of one week …

  5. @shleighduque

    DS106 Advice


    So… you wanna be a ds106er? Let me tell you what it takes.

    First and foremost, you will need to commit to what you signed up for. The workload may be intimidating, and there may be weeks that leave you feeling exhausted, but you just have to make the effort. …

  6. @LilahKBB

    WEEK 14: Advice


    I have enjoyed creating all different kinds of media this semester for this class. I especially enjoyed the audio week because I’m very into experimenting and listening to new music from around the world. Starting off this semester I dedicated a lot of time to each assignment but as time …

  7. @Hannah Woehrle

    Advice for Future DS106 Students


    DS106 is an interesting course, and it can be a lot of fun if you approach it the right way, but it’s not an exaggeration when they say the work load it heavy. The work isn’t particularly difficult, but it is time consuming.

    The biggest piece of advice I have …

  8. @Ms_AmandaP



    When reflecting on this course and thinking of the advice I would give to future ds 106ers, I think it would come down to time management. Assignments may seem simple when you first read them, but once you start them, issues begin to develop and the assignment can become way …

  9. @OliviaBreler

    Advice from someone who knows better…


    Don’t drop this class because you get scared from all the warnings about the workload!

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty heavy workload for a 100-level class, but if you just plan a little bit and you stick with it, it’s going to be the best online class …

  10. @girlycurlyfries

    here’s some advice


    The beginning of this class was definitely overwhelming. For one, this was my first go at an online course. Understanding the necessary requirements, and needed accounts via many readings is what began the worries. But during the course of understanding the structure and how to complete a weeks worth of …

  11. @melseykooring

    DS106 Advice (Week Fourteen):


    DS106 Advice

    Ah, so you are a new member of the ds106 community? Well get ready for one hell of a ride! This course contains a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. However, those blood, sweat, and tears are accompanied with many personal accomplishments and newly learned abilities. If you …

  12. @PamlanyeJordan

    DS106 Advice Post


    Before taking this class you need to understand that although it is an online class and it has a lot of fun and creative components it is extremely time consuming. You must dedicate around 4-6 hours a week to completing the various assignments due at the end of every week. …

  13. @courthardy2018

    A Tip of Advice…


    Hello, future ds106 students! Before I go into any advice I have to offer you all, I just want to say that you should not drop this course. At first, it may seem like a lot but as someone who took this course on top of their research seminar, I …

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