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    Weekly Summary 14


    For the final project, I decided to focus my project on creating an event that introduces a new super villain. So, I used Pinterest to plan the event as my website element. I also used a design element, seen through my poster advertisement. Then, I posted 2 audio elements which …

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    Captain Cruelty Introduction


    My name is Courtney Owen and I am the creator of Safety Stan and his arch nemesis. In order to introduce Safety Stan’s nemesis to the world, I am hosting an event at the West Hollywood Conference Center at 7 PM on July 19, 2021 during DS106 Con. Here are …

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    Final Crisis assignment


    For my final project, I am working alone and I’ve decided to create an event in which I am introducing a new villain as the nemesis of Safety Stan.

    I will be planning the event through a web based assignment and Pinterest board. I’ve also decided that I will do …

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    Weekly Summary 12


    This week was all about remixing and mashups. I spent a lot of time combining different techniques with one another and enjoyed my time doing that. Below you can find the assignments I completed.

    Here are my remixes:

    Remix 1

    Remix 2

    Here are my mashups (12 stars):

    Mashup 1

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    Mashup 3


    For this mashup, I did the This Doesn’t Belong Here mashup. I decided to use a still from the movie Captain Phillips and the movie ET because I thought it’d be weird. So here’s my final product:

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    Mashup 2


    For my 2nd mashup, I did the Your Favorite Teams Mashup and used the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens because they’re my 2 favorite teams. I used the Ravens’ mascot, Poe, and decided to put the Oriole Bird on the front of his jersey so I could incorporate the mascot more …

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    Mashup 1


    I decided to do the holiday mashup because it’s almost Christmas and I’m really excited. So for this mashup, I included the 3 holidays – Easter, Christmas, and the 4th of July because the mashup includes my 2 favorite things – Jesus and America. I really enjoyed this assignment.…

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    Remix 2


    For the 2nd remix, I did the Pop Star Out of Place assignment and remixed it. I decided to use the set of Happy Days as the place that the pop star would be out of place in and Harry Styles as my pop star because he was the first …

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    Remix 1


    This week, the class focused on remixes and mashups. This is my first remix. I was told to make a collage of things that help me relax while also using this as an opportunity to advertise DS106.

    So,  I picked 4 pictures – one of my computer in Starbucks with …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    This week there was a focus on web editing and assignments. I was worried about how difficult the week would be, so as usual… I put it off. However, I found out that I really enjoyed the week in and of itself. You can find my assignments from the week …

  11. @courtkneelane

    Nominating Art for the Cover of DS106


    I decided that I wanted to nominate some art for the cover of the DS106 Page. So, I nominated one of my assignments and an assignment from Courtney Hardy as well. All semester, I’ve been super impressed by the art that she has created and I think that DS106 admins …

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    Google Draw Something


    I did the Google Draw Something assignment for 2.5 Stars. The assignment was really fun, but pretty difficult. It was a quick assignment to do and I did it like it was a game, but it was hard to draw things because I don’t have much artistic ability.

    Once pictures …

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    Distress Signal Review


    Unfortunately, during the original streaming of the radio shows on Monday and Tuesday I was unavailable to listen. However, Professor Bond allowed me to listen to the show by sending me a link and allowed me to still be able to do the review. So, I listened to Distress Signal …

  14. @courtkneelane

    Create Finsta Gram


    There’s a lot of dogsta grams, so I thought, why not make another? Especially because I love my dog so much. So, I created a dogstagram and you can find the instagram @MandyDogstagram.

    Here are some photos of the dogstagram:

    This picture is the first post from my dog, Mandy.…

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    Web Storytelling


    This week, I was given the task of creating a story by editing a web page’s original content. I decided to use a website that sells street signs as the site I would modify. I decided to use that site because I was having a hard time using Amazon and …

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    Weekly Summary Week 8


    This week was a lot of work and I did so much in 3 days. My radio show group didn’t want to work during the break, which I appreciate because I didn’t either. So, we ended up spending a lot of time communicating through GroupMe.

    Here’s my process report from …

  17. @courtkneelane

    Radio Show Completion Report


    My group worked diligently this week in order to complete our Radio Show Assignment. We didn’t want to spend our long weekend working on the assignment, so we did most of the work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    I wrote the script for our show on Wednesday and Megan and …

  18. @courtkneelane

    Radio Show Process Week 8


    This week was long and we did a lot of work to get our radio show finished for the week. Since it was fall break, we didn’t do a lot of communicating during the break and saved most of the work until Wednesday, Thursday and today.

    I was put in …

  19. @courtkneelane

    Weekly Summary 7


    This week the class spent a majority of the time collaborating and thinking about how we’d tackle our radio shows. I am in a group with 3 other people and we have been collaborating through google docs and groupme. We came up with some awesome ideas that you can find …

  20. @courtkneelane

    Reverse Audio Quiz


    For this 3.5 star assignment, I did the Reverse Audio Quiz assignment. I did this assignment because I thought it’d be interesting to have a segment of our radio show where it’s like a game during the show and people must guess what superhero theme song we are playing backwards.…

  21. @courtkneelane

    Character Bird Calls


    The Character Bird Call Assignment is worth 3.5 stars. I decided to do this assignment because I thought it could be a good way to introduce the character we’re going to use in our radio show, Jane Smith.

    I decided to use these horn like sounds as a call because …

  22. @courtkneelane

    Dramatic Reading Remix


    This assignment was worth 4.5 Stars. I used the song “My Adidas” by Run-D.M.C because I thought it fit well with the idea that Jane Smith, the character we will be using for our radio hour has super speed.

    I chose a song related to something we could advertise that …

  23. @courtkneelane

    Radio Show Design Assignment


    I decided to create this advertisement for our radio show because I believe that we are planning to use Megan’s character as our interviewee. She has super speed and telepathy. However, she’s also just an average teen who tends to spend time hanging out with friends, eating pizza, and going …

  24. @courtkneelane

    Radio Show Process


    This week has been interesting, I have had the opportunity to work with people that I’ve never spoken to before and will be able to further collaborate and get to know them. On Monday, I thought that I was in a group because there is more than one Courtney in …

  25. @courtkneelane

    Design Blitz Analysis


    During this Design Blitz, I waited until the last minute and was traveling through the airport, so I decided to get most of my sign designs for this assignment at the airport. You can find all my signs and analyses below:

    For this photo, I thought that the airplane was…
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    Analysis of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s Analyses


    I really like the way Otsmane-Elhaou analyzes and writes about the pieces of comic he analyzes. For the piece on the Jessica Jones comic, I found it interesting how he talked about how to stop time in movies, books, and comics then goes into focusing on comics. The idea that …

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    Week 6 Summary


    This week was design week, I was in the design group, so I helped in coming up with some of the assignments and ideas for what the assignments would entail. We came up with the idea of doing a superhero style tattoo assignment and I’m glad we did because it’s …

  28. @courtkneelane

    Superhero Tattoo


    My superhero, Safety Stan, is known to be the best crossing guard around. He can teleport to and fro to help his community cross the street. He loves his stop sign and enjoys helping others.

    For this assignment, I gave Safety Stan a tattoo on his bicep of a stop …

  29. @courtkneelane

    Eat More Spinach


    I completed the Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character assignment because I thought it’d be interesting to create an ad after analyzing billboards. I decided to use Popeye as my example because the only way my parents could get me to eat spinach when I was little was by reminding me …

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