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    LAST Weekly Summary


    For this project, I chose to focus on The Beast losing his powers and how he moved on with his life. We don’t normally see superheroes as everyday people, so I thought this was a cool perspective to take. I had decided to use audio, design, and video to put …

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    Saving The Beast, Part 2


    The Beast realized his powers were gone. He documented when he first realized his powers no longer existed and his feelings about becoming a “normal” kid in a journal entry titled Is this the end?


    Flash forward ten years and The Beast is now “just” a man campaigning against …

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    Anti-Bullying Campaign


    After he lost his powers, The Beast grew up to become an anti-bullying advocate and used his platform as a former superhero to spread the message of “everyone can do something to prevent bullying.” This “poster” was created to be shared across social media as a message from The Beast. …

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    Is this the end?


    Dear Journal,


    The other day at school I overheard someone talking about how they were shoved up against the lockers, so I planned on being there at the same time the next day. I showed up to confront the bullies expecting everything to be normal. But when I had …

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    When reflecting on this course and thinking of the advice I would give to future ds 106ers, I think it would come down to time management. Assignments may seem simple when you first read them, but once you start them, issues begin to develop and the assignment can become way …

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    Saving The Beast, Part 1


    For my final project, I will be working on my own to show in three different forms of media how the character “The Beast” will cope with losing his powers and how he will learn he can continue to fight against bullies and bullying in schools as a “regular kid.”…

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    Weekly Summary: Week Twelve


    This week I was tasked with completing 12 stars of MashUp assignments. So, first up for 4.5 stars was the “Close Up” assignment that challenged me to take a close up picture of someone and put it on a new background. Check out the new Mt. Rushmore (renamed to Eastrush

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    A Spooky Christmas in the Spring


    For my second remix assignment I made my Holiday MashUp assignment into a scarier version. Since it was light and fun, I thought the opposite would be scary or spooky. I used Canva to take my original Holiday Mashup and add a ghost and scary skeleton/bones on the ground.

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    Where’s Waldo?


    For my first remixed assignment I used one of my very first ds106 projects for the semester and hid Waldo into it. I used Canva to layer the two images one on top of the other. Can you find Waldo?

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    A pen is a pen, unless….


    For the “Photo through Different Lenses” assignment I was tasked with taking an everyday item and photographing it in unexpected ways. I chose a pen, because that was closest. I felt I was most creative near the middle of this- after I did the obvious and before I started becoming …

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    Favorite Sports Teams MashUp


    For my last mashup assignment this week, I took a couple of my boyfriend’s favorite teams and put them together. I used the L.A. Rams, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Boston Red Sox. I was trying to also incorporate the San Antonio Spurs, but they weren’t fitting in a way that made …

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    Holiday MashUp


    For my next mashup assignment I created a “Holiday MashUp.” My three holidays I chose were Christmas, Easter, and Independence Day. Christmas is my absolute most favorite holiday. EVER. I’m so excited to start decorating, but haven’t been able to start yes because I’ve been so busy with school! I …

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    My first mash up assignment I tackled this week was “I’m Ready for My Close Up.” I took a picture of my oldest and cropped it, used a filter, and adjusted the brightness to make it match the stone of Mt. Rushmore in the photo. I used Canva to put …

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    Insta Madame Polygraph


    For my second assignment I chose to complete a “Finsta.” To be honest, I didn’t know what a “finsta” was so I had to google it. Once I realized what a finsta was, I decided to make an account for my fictitious superhero, Madame Polygraph. I’ve embedded her first post …

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    Pictionary 2.0


    For one of my web assignments I chose the assignments “Google Draw Something.” I had never heard of this before and it was fun! My 10 year old watched me complete this and was eager to try himself! For some reason I couldn’t share my results on twitter, so I …

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    Everyday, without fail


    For this video assignment, I was tasked with making a video of myself doing something I do every day. The hardest part was deciding what I should choose to film. Most things that are “daily tasks” are trivial and boring to watch, however other options aren’t literally daily things. There …

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    Final Crisis


    I’m a little lost as to what we should do for our final project. When I think of superheroes, I think of DC Comics versus Marvel. Maybe we could divide the class superheroes into two different superhero “clubs” and have them face the same villain or disaster. Then we could …

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    Summary: Week 11


    This week was more fun than last week. I enjoyed putting my videos together and it came easier to me than it did last week. This week’s challenge was time management. As the semester progresses I find it difficult to remember this course until mid-week then I scramble to complete …

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    Dear Amanda


    For one of my assignment bank assignments this week I chose to complete “Sixteen Year Old Me” where I gave advice to the 16 year old me. I did modify the assignment somewhat by choosing to give advice to my 17 year old self. That year in my life was …

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    Summary: Week 10


    Holy moly! What a week! This week was super busy for ds106 assignments. But, one must carry on…and that we did.


    First up, the daily creates! I always forget about these until the last 48 hours. Luckily, only two were required this week!


    @ds106dc #tdc2115 I’m the worst …

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    I’ll Have Eight Egg Whites


    For my life hack video I chose to show how you can quickly and easily separate an egg yolk from the egg white. I was inspired by my boyfriend’s recent request for egg whites and the grocery budget. Egg whites in a carton are much more expensive than whole eggs, …

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    Your move, chief


    The first task this week was to do a video essay of a scene of my choice. One of my favorite movies is “Good Will Hunting,” so I decided to roll with this option. In the movie Robin Williams plays a psychologist who is trying to help a brilliant young …

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    One of The Greats


    For the second video assignment I chose to do a “highlight reel” of one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams. I thought the toughest part of this assignment was selecting only a couple scenes. Robin Williams has done so much great work it was hard to condense it down to …

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    Taurean Christian Easter


    For five stars worth of credit I completed an assignment that required me to make a video of someone special to me. I chose my oldest son Taurean as the feature for this project. I went through some photos I had digital copies of and used Windows Movie Maker to …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 8


    This week has proved to be a challenge. I think the biggest challenge was trying to coordinate, collaborate, and work with a few people I didn’t know, all online. For the most part this worked great. We cut our deadline pretty close, but the final product turned out pretty good. …

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    Radio Show, Part 2


    During this final week the radio show has proved to be a little challenging. It was difficult to get everyone on the same page because it took a few days to get everyone on the same page. That being said, our group came up with some great segments. It was …

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    It’s Friday night…want to go out?


    For my second audio assignment I had a phone conversation with myself. I used Audacity to record my conversation and change the pitch on “one of the people” in the conversation. My biggest challenge was keeping the pitch change consistent throughout the track.

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    Radio Show: Week One


    This week’s planning of the radio show was kicked off on Tuesday, when I sent an e-mail to the group. Ashley responded with a Google doc link to be used for collaborating and brainstorming. On Wednesday morning I went into the Google doc and started putting together the ideas from …

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    Spooky Halloween Track


    For four and a half stars of audio assignments I created a spooky Halloween track. I first tried to “set the stage” by having spooky music play in the background and a thunderstorm starting. I used footsteps to introduce someone to the story. The heavy steps walking with purpose were …

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