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    DS106 Advice


    The biggest advice I can give for this class is time management. The class is super fun especially the assignments, however if you don’t manage your time correctly, you won’t be able to enjoy the process behind creating those assignments. Also, enjoy the assignments, even if you have an hour …

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    Final Project


    Pt. 1 – For the first part of my final project I interviewed some of my friends. I did this because a lot of my projects throughout the semester included my friends. This is also part of my/our story theme as it pertains to me. Much of my identity and …

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    Final Project Update


    The three different media’s I will be using for my final are video (YouTube), sounds (Soundcloud), and visual (Instagram).

    Video – many of my projects throughout the semester have been about my friends. So I am doing a huge mashup of all of my friends time throughout the year. I …

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    Weekly Summary 12


    Mashup week was a fun one. I was able to get a little better at video editing along with design. I did a total of nine and a half stars along with two remixes. I came up with one of the remixes and applied it on one of my older …

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    The picture you are seeing in the background is second lieutenant Caron Nazario. He was a victim of racial profiling by the Windsor P.D. this past December. During what seemed like a regular traffic stop, the officers came out og their car guns drawn demanding Nazario to step out of …

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    Remix It: Sports Poster


    I did my own remix on one of my older assignments. I just thought it’d be goofy to make the poster I made completely country themed. It came out pretty good. It did take a while, but I enjoyed making it and had some fun as well.

    I basically just …

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    Live vs. Studio: Feeling Whitney


    I used a live performance of Post Malone singing Feeling Whitney and the version you hear on the radio. I made tried to make the transition of one version to other smooth and I think I nailed it pretty well. I kept the videos so you could see the live …

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    Remix It: Jump Shrimp


    For my first assignments remixed I got Jump Shrimp. It said that I needed to create an oxymoron to an assignment I have already created. So, I chose the funniest one, BUG EYES. The opposite of big goofy looking eyes would be tiny eyes. That exactly what I did in …

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    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    The Shining and ET don’t really make sense together. So, put them in the same picture. BTW, I am not the best at photoshop, but I think it came out ok, and only ok. This took me a while to make with many YouTube tutorials being part of the process. …

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    Weekly Summary 11


    I am finally out of isolation. I was moving out last night which is why I am doing my summary a day late.

    This week you really wanted us to focus on the storytelling aspect of our videos. I’m not gonna lie to you this was kinda tough for me. …

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    Final Project Idea


    For my final project, I wanna do something somewhat big. I would love to make a mini movie with a script and everything. This project is probably gonna be one of the hardest and longest projects I will every do, but I am actually excited about it. I still don’t …

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    Of Most Importance


    I am pretty happy with how this video turned out. There was hardly any editing done, but the simplicity of it makes it my favorite. It included Jamie O’Brien, one of my favorite athletes and two very influential people in my life. There are three more components to the video, …

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    What I (Jake) Eat in a Day


    I texted my friend asking him to record what he eats throughout his day. That was it, I put no context behind it. For some reason he agreed and that’s why you’re reading this. The reason I didn’t personally do what I ate throughout my day is because its exact …

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    Weekly Summary 10


    If I were describe this week in three words I would pick, isolation is lonely.

    My first completed assignment this week was my video essay. I analyzed the wedding scene from Crazy Rich Asians and was pretty fond of how it came out. I then proceeded to walk around the …

  15. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Every Hour Vlog


    Because of isolation I was unable to make this video. The video would consist of me sitting at a desk doing work. For this reason, I called upon a friend, Pierre. I reached out to him one night and asked him to record 4 seconds of whatever he wants throughout …

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    Sports Highlight


    This assignment was probably my favorite assignment so far. These are some of my highlights during my senior year playing for SOCA. You however, have no idea who they are though. Anyways, I would’ve made one for my time here on the team at UMW, but we haven’t had a …

  17. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    High School Montage


    I had to post this on twitter because I used videos recorded on snapchat. However, due to isolation this was the perfect video assignment to do. I also had to due something for my high school memories right? I mean personally high school for me sucked until senior year. I …

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    Video Essay: CRA Wedding Scene


    If you have been keeping up with my blogs since the beginning of this class, you would know that my favorite movie of all time is Crazy Rich Asians. So, for that reason I am doing my video essay on the best scene in that movie, the wedding scene. For …

  19. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Looking Ahead


    Whether you’re trying to be comedic or emotional when creating, the most important thing is to be your self. Even if what you’re creating a fictional video, adding in little touches of yourself in there will make it true to you. For me personally, as an athlete, creating a video …

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    Broadcast Reflection


    I listened to the Wednesday broadcast. The first radio show I listened to was A Day in a Pandemic and was also involved in the tweeting a little during it. I think they did a good job, the only thing I noticed that could have been fixed was a staticy …

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    Weekly Summary 8


    This week was probably the most stressful week I have had at UMW so far. I had two midterm essays, an exam for accounting, this radio show, and a midterm exam. On top of that, I had practice everyday. Anyways here are my final results for this week.

    First, I …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    For week 2 of the radio show we all began recording our parts to the show. These parts consisted of bumpers, commercials, and our personal segments. For me, I used Audacity, Voice Memo, and even iMovie to create my different parts. However, if I am honest, I didn’t pull my …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    This week, I am finally out of quarantine, let’s go. Feeling good, writing this while I listen to Six Speed, an absolute banger. Anyways, for this week I joined a group for my radio show project and got started on it a little bit. I talk more about my groups …

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    Radio Show Progress & Design Project


    Messy March is the name of the radio show Jae, Maddison, Jasmine, and I producing. The concept of our show is Pop Culture in month of March were we discuss all aspects of it including, practices, believes, and trends. The biggest topic within our show is how in 2021 with …

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    Old Poem Same Feeling


    Samuel L. Jackson did a poem on Jimmy Fallon about a popular sitcom called “Boy Meets World.” It is pretty funny, if you’ve seen the show so I combined it with a sad country song instrumental, Drunk Love.

    I used some random site to mash these two up, I honestly …

  26. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Going Halfsies: Left Behind


    One of my favorite covers of this song was done by the author himself, Hunter Price. Before, he even released Left Behind he sang it in an audition for Americas got talent. I tried to mix that audition with now final production of the song. So here it is.

    I …

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    Weekly Summary


    Well this week has been some cheeks. I’ve spent this whole week isolated due to a virus named Corona. Anyways, I was able to get everything done which is always a thumbs up. I also learned how strange white people are when it comes to food. Anyways, here’s what I …

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    Event Poster


    14 Stories is an alternative band located in Charlottesville, VA. I know the lead singer, not personally, but he played soccer for the same club team as me and I am pretty sure I played against him in high school. That’s pretty much my only “connection” to this band. Besides …

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